Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
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Gold Scales, Pratt & Fox , 139 and 141 Main Street.

Whelan, Catharine, wid,James, , confectionery.
277 Morgan, r.residence same
Whelan, James, soldier , r.residence Lucy, nr.near Summit bet.between
Market and Clark av.avenue
Whelan, John(H. Grone & Co.company ) , r.residence 10th, bet.between
Market and Clark av.avenue
Whelan, Julia, wid.widow Charles, , r.residence ws.west side 12th, bet.between
O'Fallon and Cass av.avenue
Whelan, Martinmilk depot , 163 s.south 5th, r.residence same
Whelan, Michael, carpenter , r.residence 266 n.north 14th
Whelan, Patrick, lab.laborer r.residence Davis, bet.between 21st and 22d
Whelen, Joseph, lumbermeasurer , r.residence es.east side Bellefon-
taine rd.road bet.between Angelica and Bremen av.avenue
Whellin, Timothy, fireman , r.residence llth, bet.between Wash
and Carr
Wherry, John M.clerk , r.residence 253 s.south 7th
Wherry, Joseph A.clerk , r.residence 253 s.south 7th
Wherry, Margaret, widDr.Wherry, , r.residence 253 s 7th
Wherry, William M.Major U.s.south A.r.residence 253 s.south 7th
Whetley, John (col'dcolored ), barber , Walter West, r.residence
Whetmore, Diogenes(Whetmore & Bro.) , r.residence
Franklin av.avenue bet.between 23d and 24th
Whetmore, Thaddeus K.(Whetmore & Bro.) , r.residence
77 n.north 3d
Whetmore & Bro. (ThaddensK., and Diogenes
Whetmore, ). war claim agents , 77 n.north 3d
Whietkemper, Frederick, porter , Waters, Sim-
mons & Co.company bds.boards n.north 17th. cor.corner Biddle
Whigley, Bernard, shoemaker , r.residence 333 n.north 7th
Whitaker, Benjamin D.com. and forwdg.Mer.merchant
28 n.north Levee and 56 n.north Commercial, r.residence 17th,
nw.north-west cor.corner Orange
Whitaker, Edward, clerk , bds.boards 135 Chesnut
Whitaker, Robert, lawyer , 55 Chesnut, r.residence Arm-
strong av.avenue nr.near Lafayette Park
White, Albert, barber , r.residence al.alley bet.between llth and 15th,
Spruce and Poplar
White, Anastatia.wid.widow Stephen, , r.residence 115 Christy
White, Andrew J.saddler , r.residence es.east side 7th, bet.between Biddle
and O'Fallon
White, Ann (col'dcolored ), r.residence al.alley bet.between Pacific and At-
White, Anna, wid.widow Thomas, , confectionery , 99
Wash, r.residence same
White, Benjamin(White, Billingsley & Co.company ) ,r.residence
ws.west side High, nr.near Clark av.avenue
White, Billingsley & Co.company (Benjamin
White, , Rolla L.Billingsley, and Samuel r.residence
Newsom, ) whol. grocers and com. mers.commission merchants 106
n.north 2d
White, Cassius. porter , Pierce & Cobb's bakery ,
7th. cor.corner Walnut
White, Charles E(Kerr, White & Co ) , r.residence s.south 16th,
ne.north east cor.corner Papin
White, Charles s.south watchmaker , r.residence 96 n.north 4th
White, Chester Bpoliceman , r.residence 6 n.north 13th
White, Dana P.(M. & D.P. White) , r.residence Daven-
port, Iowa
White, David Captain.pres't, Merchants and
Peoples' line Steamers , r.residence 162 Olive
White, David (col'dcolored ), fireman , r.residence rear 154 n.north 12th
White, Doddridge, clerk. White, Billingsley &
Co.company bds.boards Olive St. Hotel
White, Edward c.corner r.residence 243 Washington av.avenue
White, Elizabeth, wid.widow r.residence ns.north side Conde, bet.between 18th and
White, Elizabeth, secondhand clothing , 96 Frank-
lin av.avenue r.residence 139 n.north 7th
White, Ellen, (col'dcolored ) wid.widow Simon, , r.residence Warren, sw.south-west
cor.corner 2d
White, Emily (col'dcolored ), wid.widow Absalom, , r.residence al.alley bet.between
7th and 8th, Market and Walnut
White, e.east c.corner teacher , r.residence 5th. nr.near Washington av.avenue
White, Francis A(F.A. White & Co.company ) , r.residence llth,
cor.corner Montgomery

Corn Exchange
Insurance Company ,
Of New York
WilliamMiller, Jr., Agent ,
No. 45 Olive Street.

White, Frank w.west prof. St. Louis Med. College,
Locust, sw.south-west cor.corner n.north 9th
White F.A. & Co.company (Francis A.White, and Henry
Lewis, ), game and produce , 49 Olive
White, George(H. Schlesinger & Co.company ) ,r.residence New
York City
White, George, clothingstore . r.residence 251 n.north 6th
White, Henry, student Rohrer'S Commer-
Cial College, 55 and 57 n.north 4th
White, Henry, riverman , r.residence al.alley bet.between Main and 2d,
Myrtle and Elm
White, Horace s.south J.clerk , William Nieman & Co.company ,
r.residence St. Charles, bet.between 4th and 5th
White, Hugh L.(White & Earickson) , r.residence Eugenia,
nr.near High
White, Jackson, r.residence ss.south side Park av.avenue bet.between Jefferson and
Compton avs.
White, James, furnituredealer . 141 n.north 7th
White, JamesJr.clerk , James White, bds.boards 141
n.north 7th
While, James, lab.laborer r.residence n.north 10th, bet.between n.north Market and
White, James M.carpenter , r.residence 44 Gay
White, James M.pilot , r.residence rear 195 Wash
White, Jane, wid.widow William, , r.residence 6 n.north l5th
White, John, carpenter , r.residence rear 225 n.north 13th
White, John, confectionery . 67 Chesnut, r.residence same
White, John, lab.laborer r.residence 179 n.north 8th
White, John, lab.laborer bds.boards 254 Market
White, John c.corner confectioner , 150 Market, r.residence Ches-
nut, bet.between 3d and 4th
White, Julia, wid.widow Hiram, , r.residence 14 Papin, bet.between 14th
and 15th
White, J.lab.laborer National Iron Works
White, Luke, lab.laborer r.residence 20 s.south 10th
White, Maria Miss, music teacher , r.residence 26 Gratiot
White, Mary A.wid.widow Charles, , r.residence 242 Chesnut
White, Mason(M. & D.P. White) , r.residence Olive, se.south-east
cor.corner Ware av.avenue
White, Michael, lab.laborer r.residence 130 n.north 9th
White, Michael, lab.laborer r.residence ws.west side Salena, nr.near Lynch
White, Morgan B.r.residence ns.north side Jefferson, bet.between Broadway
and 9th
White, Moses, r.residence 174 s.south 3d
White, M. c.corner weigher , r.residence Ridgeley, bet.between 14th and
White M. & D.P. (Mason, and Dana P.White, ),
vinegar manuftrs. 57 n.north Levee and 8 n.north Com-
White, Nicholas, slater , r.residence al.alley bet.between 15th and 16th,
Spruce and Clark av.avenue
White, Peter, brass finisher , bds.boards 3d, ne.north east cor.corner
White, Peter, teamster , r.residence 10th, nr.near Carr
White, Porter, plasterer , r.residence 45 s.south 14th
White, Richird.r.residence Gamble av.avenue nr.near Summit av.avenue
White, Robert, blacksmith , r.residence 23d. se.south-east cor.corner Carr
White, Robert, clerk . Land Court, office Court
House, r.residence ss.south side Dodier, nr.near 14th
White, Robert, Col. U.s.south A., r.residence ss.south side Dodier, bet.between
15th and 16th
White, Robert, riverman , r.residence al.alley bet.between Wash and
Carr, llth and 12th
White, Robert, soldier , r.residence ns.north side Walker's al.alley bet.between 7th
and 8th, Washington av.avenue and Green

Howe, Bascome & Brawner , Insurance Agents . Office, Northwest corner Main and Locust Streets, over Merchants' Bank.

Godfrey & Brother , Agents , 63 Olive Street, bet.between 3d and 4th Streets