Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
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Saw Gummers, Pratt & Fox , 139 and 141 Main Street.

Philibert, Benjamin(Philibert & Branconier) , r.residence
St. Charles, bet.between 17th and 18th
Philibert, Henry, tinsmith. r.residence 143 Morgan
Philibert & Branconier (Benjamin Philibert and
David Branconier) , lumberyard, , Market, ne.north east
cor.corner n.north 17th
Philipe, Alexander, r.residence Pratte av.avenue bet.between Laclede av.avenue
and Chesnut
Philips, Charles(col'dcolored ) , lab.laborer r.residence 1st, nr.near Haren
Philips, John, barber , r.residence 110 n.north llth
Philips, Labaen, carpenter , r.residence ns.north side Benton, bet.between 14th
and 15th
Philips, William J.trader , r.residence 9 Stoddard av.avenue
Phillipi, Edward, salesman , J. Wolff & Son , r.residence
Pratte av.avenue cor.corner Market
Phillipose, Phillip, cigar maker , r.residence rear 275 n.north
Phillips, Adolph J.clerk , Alex.Kelsey, , r.residence 9 s.south
Phillips, Antoine, waiter Everett House
Phillips, A.supt.superintendant Keokuk Packet Co.company r.residence Grand av.avenue
nr.near the Abbey
Phillips, Caroline, wid.widow r.residence 346 Washington av.avenue
Phillips, Christopher, tailor , J. A.Nies, , r.residence 14th,
cor.corner Clark av.avenue
Phillips, Edmund (col'dcolored ), lab.laborer r.residence 217 Locust
Phillips, Edward, pressman , O'Fallon White Lead
and Oil Co.company r.residence 276 n.north 7th
Phillips, George w.west physician , 123 Locust, r.residence Lo-
cust, sw.south-west cor.corner 6th
Phillips, Henry J.tailor , r.residence Summit av.avenue cor.corner
Phillips, Hiram H.reedmaker , r.residence 19th, sw.south-west cor.corner
Phillips, James, carpenter , r.residence Division, bet.between 19th
and 20th
Phillips, James, engineer , r.residence Mound, , bet.between Main
and 2d
Phillips, John(Kursheedt & Phillips) , r.residence Cincin-
nati, Ohio
Phillips, John H.photographer , 3d, sw.south-west cor.corner
Washington av.avenue r.residence es.east side 9th, bet.between O'Fallon and
Cass av.avenue
Phillips, John J.lab.laborer Everett House
Phillips, Jordan H.watchmaker , LeopoldSchoen, ,
r.residence 345 n.north llth
Phillips, Lewis, clothing , 27 n.north Levee, r.residence 97 n.north
Phillips, Michael, grocer , 8th, nw.north-west cor.corner Market, r.residence
Phillips, Regena, wid.widow John, , r.residence 434 s.south 7th
Phillips, Robert, student , Rohrer'S Commer-
Cial College, 55 and 57 n.north 4th
Phillips, Thomas, plumber , 75 Locust, r.residence 1 Hick-
Phillips, William, lab.laborer Everett House
Phillips, w.west J.silverplater, M.M. Backs, r.residence 54
Philmon, William, woodsawyer , r.residence es.east side 15th, nr.near
Phinney, Henry r.residence bookkeeper , Mitchell, , Milten-
berger & Tausey , r.residence Alton,
Phipps, Lucius, bookkeeper , Bank of the State of
Phipps, Thomas, salesman , B. H.Franklin,
Phoenix, Boiler Yard, January, Kilpatrick & Co.company
proprs. 239 to 245 and 248 Main. cor.corner Cherry
Phoenix, Brewery, Staehlin & Briedenbach , La-fayette, , cor.corner 2d Carondelet av.avenue
Phoenix, Foundry.Kingslands & Ferguson , props.
n.north 2d, cor.corner Cherry
Phoenix Insurance Co.company Main , se.south-east cor.corner Vine
Phoenix, Mills e.east Goddard , Barry, , bet.between 7th and
Phoenix, Sash, Door and Blind Factory , JohnEvill, ,
propr , Spruce, , nw.north-west cor.corner 12th.

Girard Fire and Marine
Insurance Company ,
Of Philadelphia,
WilliamMiller, Jr, Agent ,
No. 45 Olive Street.

Phole, Anton, moulder , Empire Stove Works
Phoort, Patrick, lab.laborer r.residence 243 n.north 2d
Phulmer, Henry, flourpacker , Eagle Flour Mills
Phump, Sophia, wid.widow r.residence 1294 Broadway
Physic, Harry s.south bookkeeper , Wm.William B. Parker &
Co.company r.residence 193 n.north 5th
Piat, James, engineer , r.residence 105 Brooklyn
Picart, Victor, lab.laborer arsenal, , bds.boards 457 Carondelet
Pickelin, Charles, collarmaker , r.residence 15th, nw.north-west cor.corner
Picker, Bernhard, cooper , 123 s.south 13th, r.residence 185 Geyer
Picker, Charles, justice of the peace, 259 Caronde-
let av.avenue r.residence same
Picker, Erich, clerk , Sylvester Freeman , r.residence 113
Pickering, Charles, brickmoulder , r.residence 202 Christy
Pickering, Ezrom O.bookkeeper , Union Tele-
graph office, r.residence 156 15th
Pickering, Thomas J.(Lee, Stone & Co.company ) , r.residence 259
Washington av.avenue
Picket, Conrad, tailor , r.residence 108 Geyer av.avenue
Pickett, William, moulder , r.residence 143 17th
Pickford, Charles A.carpenter and builder , 49 St.
Charles, r.residence 12 n.north 10th
Pickford, George, carpenter , r.residence 12 n.north 10th, Bates
Pickham, James, tobacco inspector , r.residence 95 s.south 15th
Pickles, John, soldier , r.residence es.east side 9th, bet.between O'Fallon
and Cass av.avenue
Pickup, James w.west glassblower , r.residence ns.north side Warren, bet.between
9th and Broadway
Pickup, Richard, lab.laborer r.residence 350 n.north 2d
Picot, Louis G.lawyer. 84 Chesnut, r.residence Carondelet
Picott, Theresa, wid.widow Honore, , r.residence 110 Olive
Piear, Wm.Williamcooper , r.residence 3d, cor.corner Lombard
Piel, Frederick, woodsawyer , r.residence 99 Carr
Piel, Henry, shoemaker , r.residence 502 n.north 9th
Piel, Hermann, foundryman , r.residence ss.south side Warren, bet.between
14th and 15th
Piel, William, teamster , r.residence n.north 14th, bet.between Spring
and Wright
Pienieng, Maria, wid.widow Charles, , r.residence 63 Madison
Pieper, Henry, cutter , r.residence 25 Benton
Pieper, Henry, saddletreemaker , r.residence ws.west side 18th, bet.between
Bremen av.avenue and Garibaldi
Pieper, Henry, student , Rohrer'S Commer-
Cial College, 55 and 57 n.north 4th
Pieper, Hermann Adolph, lab.laborer r.residence 599 Jackson
Pierce, Albert, riverman , r.residence ns.north side Morgan, bet.between 23d
and 24th
Pierce, Dennis, lab.laborer r.residence al.alley bet.between Wash and Carr, 6th
and 7th
Pierce, George, clerk , r.residence 345 n.north llth
Pierce, Henry, shipcarpenter , bds.boards 60 Soulard
Pierce, James, lab.laborer r.residence 157 Walnut
Pierce, James, soldier , r.residence 220 Biddle
Pierce, John O.(Thornton & Pierce) , r.residence 264 s.south
Pierce, Jonathan O.(Pierce & Cobb) , r.residence Chou-
teau av.avenue sw.south-west cor.corner St. Ange
Pierce, Louis, pilot , r.residence 98 Washington av.avenue
Pierce, Patrick, boarding house, 33 Florida

Howe, Bascome & Brawner , Insurance Agents. Office, Northwest corner Main and Locust Streets over Merchants' Bank.

Agents , 53 Olive Street, between Third and Fourth Streets.