Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
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“Arie” Shovels and Spades, Pratt & Fox , 139 and 141 Main Street.

Rauer, Andrew, porter , Lane & Guye , r.residence 127 s.south 2d
Rauft, John, carpenter , r.residence rear 365 Jackson
Raum, Louis A.barber , 89 s.south 7th, r.residence Marion, se.south-east
cor.corner 7th
Rausch, Casper, ragpicker , r.residence 595 s.south 7th
Rausch, Charles, bookkeeper , s.south M.Edgell, , r.residence 60
Rauschenbach, Augustus, ass't city engineer , r.residence
ns.north side Cass av.avenue bet.between 16th and 17th
Rauschenbach, Michael, teamster , r.residence 31 Rosatti
Raushenplat, Frederick, boots and shoes , 374 s.south
Rausser, Gotlieb F.clerk , r.residence Montgomery, cor.corner 9th
Raut, A. H.student , Rohrer'S Commer-
Cial College, 55 and 57 n.north 4th
Rautenstrauch, Margaret, wid.widow Henry, , r.residence al.alley bet.between
Franklin av.avenue and Wash, 21st and 22d
Ravold, John P.professor of music , r.residence 77 Wash
Ravold, Marshall, r.residence ws.west side Armstrong, bet.between Rutgers
and Park av.avenue
Ravold, Michael(M. Ravold & Bro.) , r.residence Arm-
strong av.avenue bet.between Park and Chouteau avs.
Ravold M. & Bro. (Michael, and NicholasRavold, ),
embroidery, stamping and drawing , 5th, ne.north east
cor.corner Olive
Ravold, Nicholas(M. Ravold & Bro.) , r.residence 145 n.north 13th
Raw, Jacob, wagonmaker , J. Verdin & Co.company Mar-
ket, cor.corner 11th
Rawa, John Walter, teamster , r.residence 78 Marion
Rawak, Henry, fancy goods , 140½ n.north 3d, r.residence same
Rawie, Bernhard, saloon , s.south Levee, bet.between Cedar and
Mulberry, r.residence same
Rawle, Francis w.west (Rawle & Bro.) , r.residence 60 n.north 3d
Rawle, s.southPerit, (Rawle & Bro.) , r.residence 41 n.north 6th
Rawle & Bro. (Francisw.west, and s.south Perit
Rawle, ), war claim ag'ts and notaries public ,
60 n.north 3d
Rawley, John, lab.laborer r.residence Ridgley, bet.between 14th and 15th
Rawley, Jobn, lab.laborer r.residence 14th, se.south-east cor.corner Poplar
Rawley, JobnJr.lab.laborer r.residence 14th, se.south-east cor.corner Poplar
Rawlings, George, bookkeeper , r.residence Menard, nw.north-west
cor.corner Arrow
Rawlings, Stephen (col'dcolored ), lab.laborer r.residence al.alley bet.between 7th and
8th, Walnut and Market
Ray, James, butcher , r.residence Bernard, nr.near Emily
Ray, James, teamster , r.residence 260 n.north 8th
Ray, John, cigarmaker , r.residence rear 247 n.north 13th
Ray, John (col'dcolored ), lab.laborer 438 Morgan
Ray, John T.salesman , JamesLittle, , bds.boards Com-
mercial House, 5th, cor.corner Wash
Ray, J. w.west painter , r.residence al.alley bet.between 7th and 8th, Clark
av.avenue and Walnut
Ray, Matthew, painter , Crozier & Baxter , bds.boards 2d,
bet.between Ashley and O'Fallon
Ray, Sarah (col'dcolored ), washerwoman , r.residence Laclede av.avenue
bet.between Beaumont and Leffingwell
Ray, Thomas, steamboat Capt.captain r.residence 117 n.north 16th
Ray, , see also Rae, and Rea,
Rayburne, Aquilla, clerk , r.residence 376 n.north 9th
Raycraft, Timothy, r.residence 43 n.north 7th
Raymond, Augustus, painter , r.residence ns.north side Spruce, bet.between
Levee and Main
Raymond, Charles, lab.laborer n.north Schaeffer & Co.company
Raymond, Frank, printer , r.residence 5th, sw.south-west cor.corner Chesnut
Raymond, George w.west bookkeeper , Samuel
Virden, . r.residence 225 Green
Raymond, Helen L. Mrs. dressmaker , 54 s.south 4th, r.residence
103 Pine
Raymond, John, lab Transfer Co.company r.residence ss.south side Almond,
bet.between 2d and 3d
Raymond, Mary Ann, r.residence 89 Morgan
Raymond, Thomas, barkeeper , r.residence 134 s.south 3d
Raymond, William, actor , Varieties Theatre
Raymond, William A.hat manft. 81 n.north 3d, r.residence ns.north side
Green, bet.between 10th and 11th
Raymond, William L.shipcarpenter , r.residence 427 n.north 9th

United States
Life Insurance Company
Of New York,
WilliamMiller, Jr., Agent ,
No. 45 Olive Street.

Raynor, Edward, salesman , w.westWatson, , r.residence 67 s.south
Rea, George, riverman , r.residence 838 Broadway
Rea, George H.(George H. Rea & Co.company ) , pres.president 2d
National Bank of St. Louis, r.residence country
Rea George H. & Co.company (George H. Rea &—.)
com. mers.commission merchants hides, leather, and wool, whol.
76 n.north Levee
Rea, Isaac, boat agt.agent r.residence Spring, bet.between Naomi and
Rea, Joseph, porter , DanielMcCaw, , r.residence 284 Broad-
Rea, , see also Rae, and Ray,
Read, Horace, policeman , r.residence 40 n.north 6th
Read, , see also Reed, and Reid,
Readdy, Patrick, baker , Pierce & Cobb's bakery ,
7th, cor.corner Walnut
Reader, William, baker , Pierce & Cobb's bakery ,
7th, cor.corner Walnut
Reading, James A.soldier , r.residence 134 16th
Readner, Ferd, policeman , r.residence 100 St. Charles
Ready, Christopher, lab.laborer r.residence ss.south side Franklin av.avenue bet.between
24th and Pratte av.avenue
Ready, John, lab.laborer r.residence 120 s.south 6th
Ready, Michael, blacksmith , 8 s.south 10th, r.residence same
Ready, Richard, lab.laborer r.residence O'Fallon, bet, 8th and 9th
Ready, Richard, porter , William s.south Humphreys,
Ready, Thomas c.corner (Bast & Ready) , r.residence 40 8th
Reagan, John, lab.laborer r.residence 154 n.north 16th
Reagan, Margaret, dressmaker , 87 Morgan
Reagan, Mary, wid.widow Bernhard, , r.residence ws.west side 10th, bet.between
O'Fallon and Cass av.avenue
Reagan, Michael H.carpenter and builder , r.residence 7th,
nw.north-west cor.corner Lancaster
Reagan, Richard, blacksmith , r.residence 204 s.south 4th
Reagan, Thomas, lab.laborer r.residence 87 Morgan
Real Estate Saving Institution , 72 n.north 3d
Ream, Charles L.cabinetmaker , s.south B.Flint, , r.residence
207 n.north 15th
Rearden, Daniel, teamster , r.residence ss.south side Biddle, bet.between 13th
and 14th
Rearden, John, lab.laborer r.residence 17th, bet.between Biddle and O'-
Reardou, J.tab. National Iron Works
Reardon, Patrick, lab.laborer r.residence al.alley bet.between 12th and 13th,
Randolph and Poplar
Rebeck, Mathias, lab.laborer r.residence 150, sw.south-west cor.corner 10th and
Reber, Lemuel, Locust, bet.between Leffingwell av.avenue and
Rebler, Frank, carpenter , r.residence 158 O'Fallon
Rebmann, Fritz, shoemaker , 215 Carondelet av.avenue
Rebmnnn, Maria, wid.widow r.residence 215 Carondelet av.avenue
Rebstock, Charles, student , Rohrer'S Com-
Mercial College, 55 and 57 n.north 5th
Rebuneck, Christopher, teacher , r.residence 385 Jackson
Rechglaub, Henry, tailor , r.residence ns.north side Franklin av.avenue bet.between
9th and 10th
Rechtien, Charles, salesman , Flobr & Meyer , bds.boards
Prescott House
Rechtien, Hermann, grocer , 885 Broadway, r.residence
Rechtine, John H.lab.laborer r.residence 105 O'Fallon
Reck, George, lab.laborer n.north Schaeffer & Co.company r.residence 23d,
bet.between Franklin av.avenue and Morgan

Howe, Bascome & Brawner , Insurance Agents . Office, Northwest corner Main and Locust Streets, over Merchants' Bank.

Godfrey & Brother , Agents , 53 Olive Street, bet.between 3d and 4th Streets.