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John s.south Cavender, ,
Late Colonel 29th Regt Missouri

Edward 8.Rowse, ,
Late Chief Clerk in Office for
Payment of Discharged Soldiers.

War Claim Office,
No. 58 North Third Street, Nearly Opposite Fort Offloe,
St. Louis, Mo.

Cavender & Rowse ,

We Respectfully Call Your Attention to the following:
We collect Claims against tbe State of Missouri, growing out of or connected with
the Enroling, Organizing, Transporting and Furnishing Supplies to the
Enrolled Missouri Militia,
Or for Rents or Services rendered, and all Claims of whatever nature, connected with
the Militia of the State, adjusted and collected. We collect
The Back Pay and Bounty,
Due to deceased soldiers. We collect the Bounty due to soldiers discharged on ac-
count of wounds received in battle, or for more than two rears service.

We collect Pensions for
Widows, Mother, Orphans and Disabled Soldiers.
We collect the arrears of
Pay Due Officers,
And prepare their papers for final settlement. We buy, sell and eollect
Qttabtebmastebs' Vouchers.

We collect claims for supplies furnished the Army of the United States, for which
receipts or vouchers have been given which are informal, and also when no receipt
have been given.

We collect
Pay For Horses Lost In Battle,
Captured by the enemy, or lost in the service of the United States.

We collect
Prize Money.

We collect
Pay for Home Guard Service.

We collect the pay due the
Enrolled Missouri Militia.

In this connection we woald say that the State has made provision to pay off this
class of claims st an early day. We attend to all kinds of claims against the
Government of the United States and the State of Missouri.

Any business you may seod to us will be promptly and faithfully attended to.


Governor Thomas c.corner Fletcher, ; Colonel s.south P.Simpson, , Adjutant General of Missouri;
Colonel Meyers, , Chief Quartermaster Department of Missouri; Lieutenant Colonel n.north
w.west Brown, , Deputy Paymnster General U.s.south A.; Hon.James s.south Thomas, , Mayor of
St. Louis ; Messrs. Clark, Dodge & Co.company , Bankers , New York ; Wm.William H.Benton, , Esq.,
St. Louis; Messrs. Partridge & Co.company , St. Louis ; Messrs.s.south C- Davis A Co.company , St. Louis;
St. Louis Building and Saving)) Association ; Boatmen's Savings Institution , Accom-
modation Bank , St. Louis. Address

Cavender at Rowse ,
58 North Third street, St. Louis, Mo.