Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
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Herrings' Safes, Pratt & Fox , 139 and 141 Main Street.

Doyle, Patrick, 220 Franklin av.avenue
Edelman, Alexander, 202 Franklin av.avenue
Epstein, Moses, 123 Carondelet av.avenue
Glasman, Benjamin, 182 Franklin av.avenue
Goldman, Simon, 108 Franklin av.avenue
Hempel, Jobn H.186 Franklin av.avenue
Kaufman, Israel, 148 Franklin av.avenue
Loebenstein, Joseph, 110 Biddle
Mackenzie, Agnes, 214 Franklin av.avenue
McQuade, Patrick, 76 Biddle
Meyer, Abraham, 13th, nw.north-west cor.corner Carr
Quinn, Thomas, 189 n.north 12th
Ranch, George. 285 Carondelet av.avenue
Scully, Peter, 174 Franklin av.avenue
Stahl, Herman, 190 Franklin av.avenue
Steicburg, James, 196 Franklin av.avenue
Thiemerdeng, Hermann, 403 Carondelet av.avenue
Veneechaute, J. L.68 s.south 7th
Wachtel, Jacob, 101 Carondelet av.avenue
White, Elizabeth, 96 Franklin av.avenue
Wolf, Henry, 131 Frankliu av.avenue
Worsley, Enoch, 351 Market
Seed Stores.
Barnum, Fenner & Co.company ,
26 s.south Main. (See adv. page 727)
Plant & Brother , 204 Broadway and 203 n.north
4th. (See adv. page E, front col'dcolored ;
Sewing machines.
Bartman, Simon, 61 s.south 2d
Dickenson, Ebenezer D.77 n.north 3d (up stairs;)
Grover & Baker Sewing
Machine Co.company , Wm.William r.residence A. Woodruff, , agt.agent
124 n.north 4th (See adv. page 730 and back
Leet, M. w.west agt.agent Wilcox A Gibbs' machine , 24 n.north
Dinger'S Sewing Machine
Co.company , EdwardDean, , agt.agent 85 n.north Main
Plant & Co.company 54 n.north Sth
Wheeler & Wilson'S Sew-
Ing Machine Co.company , A.Sumner, , agt.agent 80
n.north Sth. (See adv.)
Sewing Machine Repairers.
Prano, Matthew, 1021/2 n.north 4th
Sheet Iron Workers.
Allison & Rohan , 229 n.north 2d
Bridge, Beach & Co.company ,
37 n.north Main. (See adv. page 162)
Cantwell & Wangler , Carr, se.south-east cor.corner Main
Collins, Henry e.east ,
176 n.north Main. (See adv. page 122)
Crozier A Baxter , 311 n.north Main
Gaylord. Son A Co.company 308 n.north Main
January, Kilpatrick A Co.company 243 n.north Main.
(See adv. page 156)
Ship Carpenters.
(See also Boat Builders.
Cameron A Pratt , 96 n.north Levee. (See adv.
page 144)
Carr A Campbell , 90 n.north Levee
Oppenlander J.L. A Bro. , Levee, bet.between Wash and
Sebastian, Frederick, Levee, sw.south-west cor.corner Wash
Ship Chandlers.
(See also Boat Stores, also Naval Stores.)
Carter A Conn. 48 n.north Levee
Lock wood A Wider , 66 n.north Levee
Morrison, Thomas, 20 n.north Levee
Springer & Dozier , 28 n.north Levee
Shirt and Collar Manfrs.
Sleeth, L. M.66 n.north 5th
Wiggins J.F. A Co.company 60 n.north 4th
Woolf J. & G. 61 n.north 4th
Shot and Bar lead Dealers.
The Laflin Powder Co.company ,
29 n.north Levee and 58 n.north Commercial. (See adv.
front cover)
Show Card Manfrs.
Barker, John c.corner 50 Olive. (See adv. page
Show Case Manfrs.
Claes c.corner & Co.company 206 s.south 4th. (See adv.p. 782)
Pettes & Leathe ,
101 n.north 4th
Power, John e.east 4 Lindell Hotel
Silks, Dress and Fancy Goods.
Stern Charles A Co.company 3 n.north Main
Silver and Flated Goods.
Filley, Chauncey I.,
108 n.north Main. (See adv. page M, front col'dcolored
Gardiner J. & A. ,
93 n.north 4th
Klein A Friton , 134 Market, nr.near 5th
Moberly w.west e.east A Co.company 26 s.south 4th. (See adv.
page 760)
Warne, Cheever & Co.company ,
125 n.north 4th
Silver Flaters.
Eaton, Francis e.east 3d,ne.north east cor.corner Washington
av.avenue (See adv. page 788)
SaviUe, B s.south 64 Olive
Shidy, William e.east 75 n.north 5th
Wild, John, al.alley bet.between 10th and llth, Market and
Silver Ware.
Durgin, F. A.78 Pine. (See adv. page D, front
Gardiner J. & A. ,
93 n.north 4th
Jaccard e.east & Co.company ,
75 n.north 4th. (See adv. page A, front colored)
Russnll c.corner 8. 5th,sw.south-west cor.corner Olive
Slate Yards.
Shaw, Samuel, 9 s.south 6th
Wbyte, Nicholas, 12th, nr.near Chesnnt
Snuff Manfrs.
Helmericbs, A. J.66 Chesnut
Holthaus, c.corner Li147 n.north 3d. (See adv. page

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