Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
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Builders' Hardware , Pratt & Fox . 139 and 141 Main Street.

Merer, Augurt, 640 Market
Miller, George, 180 Carr
Miller, Joseph. 264 Wash
Miller, Richard. 472 Market
Mohan, James, 228 Market
Morris, Darid, al.alley bet.between Wash and Franklin av.avenue
6th and 7th
Mneller, H. A.45 Pine
Mneller, Frederick. 42 a. 2d
Mnblenhacber, William, Broadway, ne.north east cor.corner Au-
Mulhaupt, Jacob, 99 n.north 3d
Mullcr, Fabian. 39 O'Fallon
Neuner, John.Franklin av.avenue betbetween 22d and 23d
Niggerman, William. 63 Vine
Olfe, Henry, 21 Pine
O'Neil, Cornelius, 238 Market
O'Reilly, Michael, 119 St. Charles
Otto, August, ss.south side Wash, bet.between Broadway and Sth
Pfeifler, Frederick, 1G1 Wash
Pleuger, Henry, na. Benton, betbetween 13th and 14th
Poettiog, William, 154 n.north 8th
Poth, Emil, 76 s.south Main
Priesmeyer, August, 43 Morgan
Propper, Henry. 194 Frankhn av.avenue
Quayle, John, 143 n.north 7th
Quigley, Bernard, 74 Green
Raab, Conrad, 130 n.north 9th
Radford, John H.105 Locnst
Rapp, Jonas, 230 8. 2d
Rehberker, Henry, 280 s.south 2d
Reps, August, ns.north side Carr, bet.between 19th and 20th
Reuter, John, 32 Plnm
Rhedemeyer, Frederick, 91 Carr
Richter & Co.company 163 Franklin av.avenue
Riekeberg, Fred, 106 Pine
Rietter, William, 261 Market
Ritscby, Frederick, 111 n.north 3d
Robinson, Thomas, ss.south side Washington av.avenue bet.between 4th
aod 6th
Roettig, George, 136 s.south 2d
Rondier, John, 103Spruce
Rooney, Thomas, 7th, nw.north-west cor.corner Howard
Rooney, Thomas, 116 n.north 6th
Rose, Frederick. 273 Market
Rosemann, Frederick, 334 Broadway
Ruehl, Henry, 178 s.south 2d
Ruhland, Adam, 289 Carr
Rummler, Christian, 107 Wash
Russel, Patrick s.south 180 n.north 12th
Ryan, Patrick F.al.alley bet.between 7th and 8th. Walnut and
Clark av.avenue
Ryan, Pierce, 331 Broadway
Suhall, John, 20 Olive
Schauer, Adam, Carondelet av.avenue nr.near Cherokee
Schmidt, George, 344 s.south 7th
Schmidt, Louis, 82 Chesnut
Schneeberger, John H.44 Olive
Schnur, Rudolph, 204 n.north 12th
Schott, Seflerin, as. Franklin av.avenue bet.between 24th and
Pratte av.avenue
Schroeder, William. 211 Franklin av.avenue
Schuermann, F.157 Walnut
Schultze, Albert J.ss.south side Franklin av.avenue bet.between 19th and
8hch, George w.west 25 Stoddard
Sibloger, Simon. 34 Mullanphy
Simon, M.8 s.south 4th
Smith, Joseph, 194 n.north 8th
Smith, Lawrence. 225 Broadway
Spohn, August. 626 s.south 7th
Stall, Jacob, 120 Franklin av.avenue
8taasec, John.74B.Main
Stork, Asondker, 83 n.north 3d
Stroh, Lonis. 122 a. 2d
Sternberg, George, 130 Franklin av.avenue
Thierauf, John. 268 . 7th
Tieper, J.H., Mu Brosdway
Toepal, Frederick, 624 Broadway
Trantman, Adm. 47 Pine
Triepel, Henry, 343 Franklin av.avenue
Veirheller, George, 104 Franklin av.avenue
Vellner, Henry, Cherokee, nr.near Nebraska v.
Venaa, William. 106 Green
Wagenrieder, John. 222 s.south 2d
Waldaaer, Abraham. 103 o. 3d
Walsh, Frank, 3 s.south 8th
Warden, John A.Jr.21 Vine
Watts, Paulus. 336 s.south 7th
Wcferling, Frederick. 109 n.north 3d
Weiss, George, 335 Franklin av.avenue
Welst, Andrew, 212 n.north 12tb
Wilker, Hermann H.102 n.north 15th
Wilson, Archibald. 84 Washington av.avenue
Witzel, Joseph, Carondelet av.avenue bet.between Pestalotzi and
Wolf, Henry, 102 n.north 7th
Zaun, Jost, 89 n.north 3d
Zander, Fred, 54 s.south 2d
Boot and Shoe Manufacturers.
Angerer, Frederick. 234 Carr
Claflin, Allen & Co.company
80 n.north Main
Drnelbeide, Peter H.280 Biddle
Fiske, Knight A Co.company 87 n.north Main
Green J. & Co.company
113 n.north Main (See adv. page N, front col-
Hoehner, Henry, 297 Franklin sv.
Jaeger, Matthew, Franklin av.avenue bet.between 20tb and 21st
Kaufman, Jacob, 445 Broadway
Laymiller & Steinbreder. 83 Franklin av.avenue
Meyer, Jacob, Carr.se.south-east cor.corner 18th
Petry, c.cornerMaximilian, , 72 Green
Reinstaedtlcr, George, 247 Franklin av.avenue
Rummler, Anton, 102 Biddle
Schneider, Peter, ws.west side Main, bet.between Cass av.avenue and
Schoenholz, A.16 Hickiry
Tacke, Charles, 323 s.south 2d
Williams, John r.residence 367 Broadway
Boots and Shoes Retail.
Anderson, William, 30 Franklin av.avenue
Angerer, Frederick, 234 Carr
Artzt, Theodore, Broadway, bet.between Salisbury and
Bach, John, 450 s.south 7th
Barklage, Frederick, 99 Morgan
Bastian, Jacob, 199 Carondelet av.avenue
Becker, Frederics. 65 O'Fallon
Beer, Julius, 223 Franklin av.avenue
Bender, Peter, 421 s.south 7th
Beuermann, John. 65 s.south 4th
Bischoff, c.corner120 Market
Blattner, Gottlieb, 119 s. llth
Bolte, Heinrich, 207 Carondelet av.avenue
Brann, Anton, 185 Carondelet av.avenue
Breed, H. F.112 Market
Bremann, Edward, 63 Morgan
Brenan, Hugh, 251 Broadway
Brosch, John. 80 Geyer av.avenue
Buerkle, Stephen, 104 Morgan
Casper, Andrew, 95 Spruce
Casper, Frederick. 29 Pine
Clark, Thomas. 222 Market
Cook M. A Co.company 57 Mtrket
Corning, George, 86 Market

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