Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
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Guns, Rifles and Pistols , Pratt & Fox , 139 and 141 Main Street.

Ball, James333 Biddle Market.
Barry, William, 40 New City Market
Beischeir, Samuel, Lucas Market
Bender, Wilhelm. 27 Soulard Market
Berger, J. D.Lucas Market
Bilie, August. 14 Biddle Market
Bischoff, H. F.Lucas Market
Blenz, John, 1 Biddle Market
Boening, Christian. 62 New City Market
Bohlmann, Henry. 15 Biddle Market
Brennick, John, 33 New City Market
Burnett, William, 39 New City Market
Collanan, John, Webster , se.south-east cor.corner 10th
Case, G. M.Lucas Market
Chambers, John, Lucas Market
Clancy, Timothy, O'Fallon, bet.between 23d and 24th
Coates, JohnJr.13 New City Market
Collet, John A.Lucas Market and 12th
Conradt, Chas.Lucas Market
Deal, Conrad, Lucas Market
Debus, A.St. George Market, Carondelet av.avenue ne.north east
cor.corner Sidney
Deibel, Hugo, 4 Biddle Market
Deuker, Hermann, 20 Biddle Market
Dickey, Robert. Lucas Market
Diehl, Daniel, 171 s.south 2d
Dillon, John, 21 New City Market
Dillon, John s.south Lucas Market
Draude, Charles, 48 New City Market
Duerbeck, Louis, 49 New City Market
Durbeck, William. 8 Biddle Market
Eagan, Patrick, 11 New City Market
Eichschlag, Henry, 17 Biddle Market
Farbar, H. G.Lucas Market
Ferrara, Gabriel, 4 New City Market
Fischer, Joseph, 265 Carondelet av.avenue
Foka, Henry. 340 s.south 7th
Forstel, Anton, ss.south side Sidney, bet.between Barsaloux and
Freache, August, 288 s.south 7th
Freise, Philip. 9 Biddle Market
Gaubatz, Fred, Lucas Market
Gerber, Lawrence, 14 New City Market
Goebel, Henry, 7 New City Market
Goebel, Louis, 3 City Market
Gottschammer, Eckhard, 3 Biddle Market
Gottschammer, Emiel, 12th, nw.north-west cor.corner Salisbury
Grady, Michael, Lucas Market
Grant, William D.Lucas Market
Gropp, George, 2 New City Market
Gubl, Andrew, 5 New City Market
Hawkins, William L.38 New City Market
Heitzeberg, Edward, 2 Biddle Market
Heitzeberg, Theodore, 36 Biddle Market
Hensley, Hochmuth & Co.company 3 s.south Commercial
Hildebrand, H.Lucas Market
Hochdoerfer, Anton, stall No. 30 Central Market
Hoffer, Charles, 90 s.south 2d
Kaltmeyer, Christian, Davis, nw.north-west cor.corner 22d
Kant, George, 27 Biddle Market
Ketterer, Bernhard. 251 s.south 2d
Kiley, Thomas, 15 New City Market
Klueber, August, 124 Geyer av.avenue cor Buel
Koehler, Conrad, 27 New City Market
Kook, Henry, St. George Market, Carondelet av.avenue
ne.north east cor.corner Sidney
Kortmann, Leopold, South Market
Lehmann & Scudder , 3 Green
Lehr, David J.Lucas Market
Luft, Charles, Lucas Market
Lynch, Michael, Broadway Market
Maratta & Doran ,
11 n.north Commercial
McCraith, Philip, 18 New City Market
Meany, John, 6 Biddle Market
Meisbech, George A.46 South Market and 23 Cen-
tral Market
Menter, Jacob, St. George Market, Carondelet av.avenue
ne.north east cor.corner Sidney
Mess, Conrad, 9 New City Market
Meyer, John B.Lucas Market
Michel, Philip, 277 Carondelet av.avenue
Mulhall, George, Morgan, nwcor.corner 15th
Murmannn, Bernhard, 18 Biddle Market
Murphy, James, 19 New City Market
Murrey, John. 12 New City Market
Neuer, Fred, Lucas Market
New, Kam John, 10 New City Market
Nienhaus, John. 26 Biddle Market
O'Berts, John, 16 Biddle Market
Pacey, Dennis. 8 New City Market
Pfeifer, G. F.Lucas Market
Pfeifer, Henry. Lucas Market
Poth, Henry, s.south Market
Puller, John J.Lucas Market
Quinlan, John, Lucas Market
Reifweiss, Fred, Arrow, ne.north east cor.corner Menard
Reith, John, stand 41 South Market
Riegert, Henry, 19 Biddle Market
Riley, David, 17 New City Market
Riley, James, 16 New City Market
Ring, Thomas, Lucas Market
Riske, Casper H.25 Biddle Market
Ritter, John, Lucas Market
Roeder, John, 41 New City Market
Rose, Conrad, Lucas Market
Ross, Maurice, Lucas Market
Scheid, John D.263 Carondelet av.avenue
Schilling, John, 11 Biddle Market
Schleichor, Hermann, ws.west side 7th, bet.between Russell av.avenue
and Ann av.avenue
Schlichter, John, 17 French Market
Schneider, Charles, 6 New City Market
Schnorr, Conrad, 1 New City Market
Schollmeyer, Louis, stand 46 Central Market
Schroeder, Ernst, 60 New City Market
Schroeder, George, 25 New City Market
Schulte, Henry, 6 Biddle Market
Schwenk, William, Lucas Market
Seiber, Charles, 83 s.south 2d
Seifried, Jacob, Lucas Market
Shweizer, John, 51 New City Market
Smith, George, 29 New City Market
Stallbories, William, 13 Biddle Market
Stewart, James, Lucas Market
Stoecker, Fustian J.7 Biddle Market
Stoops, William, 230 De Kalb
Sullivan, Henry, 23 New City Market
Sullivan, Thomas, 20 New City Market
Tauber, Wilhelm, 26 French Market
Taylor, Frederick, 1393 Broadway
Temme, Frank H.28 Biddle Market
Vahrenholt, Fritz. 10 Biddle Market
Vasques, Joseph, Lucas Market
Waldschmidt, Henry, Lucas Market
Weisel, Henry, ns.north side Duchouquette, bet.between Congress
and Jackson
Wodizka, John, Soulard Market
Wodizka, Joseph, 29 Soulard Market
Woehler, William, 42 New City Market
Wyatt, George, 35 Biddle Market
Butter, Eggs and Cheese.
(See also Produce Dealers, also Grocers.)
Hudson Benjamin F. & Co.company
243 Broadway
O'Hanlon, James, 259 Broadway
Watkins James & Co, 339 Broadway
Williams & McCabe , Commercial, cor.corner Vine

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