Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
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Cotton am Field Hoes, Pratt &, Fox , 139 and 141 Main Street.

Tauton, Thomas, 6th, sw.south-west cor.corner Olive
Tschirpe, A. B., Carondelet at.nr.near Winnebago
Williamson, Edward J.266 Broadway, nw.north-west cor.corner
Woodruff, Lloyd 0., Washington av.avenue se.south-east cor.corner n.north
Wormb, Theobald T.10th, cor.corner Salisbury
Architects and Superintendents.
(See also Carpenters and Builder.)
Allen, George O.,
Walnut, se.south-east cor.corner 10th
Barnett, George I.60 n.north 3d (See adv.
page 794)
Brady, T. w.west 55 Chesunt
Brow:i, William, office. 102½ Locust, (up stairs.)
Clarke, c.corner B.52 n.north 3d (See adv. page 782)
Edgar, Joseph c.corner
85 Locust, (up stairs)
Ehrlich, Hermann, 76 Chesnut
Poster, Joseph, 170 s.south 4th
Johnston, John,
40 Chesnut
Karpinskie, J.36 Pine
Kennedy, Henry, 12th, nw.north-west cor.corner Poplar
Koenig, Hermsn A.27 Chesnut
Leighton, William, 235 n.north 7th
Maurice & Dickiuson , 7th, bet.between Chesnnt and Pine
McClareu, James H.15th, cor.corner Morgan
Mitchell & Desbonne , 37 Chesnut
Ramsey, J.252 n.north 6th
Randolph, Mahlon.
60 n.north 3d
Robison, Jamesp.
40 Ashley
Sage, Cornwall,
235 n.north 7th
Stacy & Stone. 207 n.north 5th
Tonica, Francis, 60 n.north 3d
Walsh & Smith , 10 Chesnnt
Weber, theophile, 51 Hickory
Architectural Iron Works.
McMurray, Winkelma1Er fe Co.company , Chesnut,
ne.north east cor.corner 10th. (See adv. page 108)
Arms, and Fencing Apparatus.
Von, Deniken Jacob, 10 n.north 3d
Army and Navy Agents.
Lowry & Son ,
3d, ne.north east cor.corner Olive
Artificial Flowers.
Jacqnemin, F.9th, bet.between Walnut and Clark av.avenue
Nicoley, Charles, 86 s.south 3d
Sarrazin, Charles, 82 n.north 4th
Artificial Limbs.
Fravel, John, 60 n.north 4th
Lockwood, Lewis, 73 Pine
(See alto Portrait Painters.)
Bergeron, Peter, 132 s.south 6th
Boyle, Ferdinand T.5th, cor.corner Pine
Brewer, John s.south 7 a. 5th
Eichbaum, Geo.32 n.north 5th
Gast Leopold Bro. & Co.company 3d. ne,cor.corner Olive
Green, Mosely, 5th, cor.corner Pine
Hinchy, Wm.William39 n.north 4th
Hoflhuo, David, 44 s.south 3d
Kaufmann, Theodore, Market, se.south-east cor.corner 3d
Koobel, William, 35 n.north 3d
Kara, g.36 8. 4th
Mills, Samoet J.29 8. 4th
Outlet, John J.39 n.north 4th(See adv.p. 180)
Rabuske, Theodore, ws.west side Alby, cor.corner Franklin av.avenue
Reid, John, 32 n.north 5th
Boeder, Conrad, 17th, cor.corner Biddle
Straus, M.64 Market
Wilkinson, James, 36 Pine (See adv.p. 734)
Artists' Materials.
Spore, Jamea, 32 n.north 5th
Assayistand Mineralogist.
Thompson, Hugh M.
Locust, ne.north east cor.corner 5th (See adv. page 768)
Weirs, Theodore, 5th, ne.north east cor.corner Locust
Anna, Madame, 1 n.north 4th
Attorneys at Law.
(See Lawyers.)
Bierce Philip L. & Co.company 301 Broadway
Flanegan & Hatch , 14 n.north 5th
Harvey & Whedon ,
49 n.north Main
Ingram, John, 87 Franklin av.avenue
Kennon, Frederick A.139 n.north 4th
Labeaume, Staples & Co.company 176 n.north 4th
Levi, George G.137 n.north 4th
Morgan e.east & w.west
107 n.north 4th
Murdoch St Dickson , 47 n.north Main
Sewell, Marshal A.237 Broadway'
Stedman w.west s.south & Co.company
16 n.north Main.
Auction and Sale Stables.
Hitchcock, Buell T.
156 n.north 5th
Morgan, William,
5th, nw.north-west cor.corner Carr
(See Oculists and Aurists.)
Awnings and Tents.
(See also Sail Lofts )
Clemens, John, 12 n.north Levee and 24 n.north Commercial
Holton, Horace.2 City Buildings, a. Commercial
McCuiag, Malcolm, 69 n.north Levee
Axle Grease.
Schoppe & Preis , 92 Geyer av.avenue
Bag Manufacturers.
Clemens, John, 12 n.north Levee, and 24 n.north Commer-

Bryant, Stratton & Wheeler'S Commercial College , Corner Fifth
and Olive, la the best In the Weat.