Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Lan 826 Law
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Heavy Hardware, Pratt & Fox , 139 and 141 Main Street.

Land Companies.
The Missouri Land Co.company
of St. Louis, office, 12 n.north 5th. (See adv.
page 725)
Lantern Manufacturers.
Birkenbech, William. 197 s.south 2d
Buck, Myron M.64 Vine
Lard Oil Dealers.
Donovan & Feiferlick ,
40 n.north 2d. (See adv. page 752)
Newer, Ernist. 23 Market
Lard Oil Manufacturers.
Anheuser, Peipers & Co.company ,
21 Market. (See adv. page 150)
Goodwin, Behr & Co.company ,
10 Pine
Ring, Edward, office, 12 s.south Main, factory, Morgan,
nr.near 21st
Schaeffer n.north & Co.company ,
28 and 30 Locust
Trigg John J. & Bros. 2d, cor.corner Harrison
Lard, Tallow, & c, Whol.
Heidseick, Dreysel, 166 n.north 2d
Last Manufacturers.
Baehler, Christian, 30 Elm. (See adv.p.
Shaw, James, 112½ Morgan
Dubuque, Gabriel, 56 and 58 s.south 5th
Lindecker, John, 82 n.north 3d
Adams & Shackelford , 39 Chesnut
Alexander, Augustus w.west 31 Pine
Allison, Henry T.33 Chesnut
Babcock, George, 38 Olive
Babcock, Leicester, 91 Chesnut
Bakewell & Farish , 41½ Chesnut
Barrett, Richard A.59½ Chesnut
Bates & Clarke , office. 3d, ne.north east cor.corner Olive
Beal, Ignatius G.52½ Chesnut
Beal, James A.91 Chesnut
Bell, Joseph w.west 92 n. 4th
Bennett, e.east J.. Pine, ne.north east cor.corner 2d
Bennett & Hemenway , 55 n.north 4th
Berry, Henry. 97 Chesnut
Boas, John r.residence 17 n. 4th
Brady, J. J.77 Pine
Brady, William e.east 50 Chesnut
Breckinridge, Samuel M.45½ Olive
Brown, George w.west office, 71 n. 3d (up stairs)
Bryan, Henry M.41 Chesnut
Burnes J.n.north & c.corner F. 45½ Olive
Bush, William. Metropolitan Police , bldg.building Ches-
nut, bet.between 2d and 3d
Cady, Charles F.59½ Chesnut
Cato, Sterling G.69½ Chesnut
Chapin, Charles H.,
64 n. 3d
Claiborne, n.north c.corner 69½ Chesnut
Clapp, William Hastings,
40 Pine
Clover, H. A.. Market, cor.corner 5th
Cobb, Henry. 80 Chesnut
Colcord, Josiah P.33 Chesnut
Coman, John P.76 Chesnut
Corcoran, Robert V.324 Pine
Crews, T. w.west B. 39 Pine
Currier, Warren. 33 Chesnut
Curtis & Spencer . 38 Olive
Dailey, Thomas J.58 Chesnut
Daly, A. M.50 Chesnut
Davis Evans & Davis 19 n.north 4th
Davis, George w.west 91 Chesnut
Deutsch, G. V., Market, cor.corner 5th
Doniphan & Field , 76 Chesnut. (See adv.
page 796)
Drake, Charles D.44 n. 3d
Duke, Basil. 76 Chesnut
Espy, Thomas s.south 59½ Chesnut
Ewing & Muir ,
33½ Olive
Fairchild, H. F.51 n.north 3d
Farnsworth, r.residence L.Chesnut, se.south-east cor.corner 4th
Finkelnburg, G. A.19 Chesnut
Flournoy, John. 45½ Olive
Fox, David M.52½ Chesnut
Fritchey, J. Q Adams. 32½ Pine.
Gantt, Thomas T.41½ Chesnut
Gardner, A. M., Chesnut. ne.north east cor 3d
Garesche, Alexander P.41½ Chesnut
Glover & Shepley , 4th. ne.north east cor.corner Olive
Goff & Russell , 64 n. 3d
Gottschalk, Louis. 364 Chesnut
Grace, Thomas. 50 Olive
Gray, John B.51 n.north 3d
Gray & Denison . 26 n.north 5th
Grether, John. 45 Franklin av.avenue
Grover & Sharp , 3d. ne.north east cor.corner Olive
Haeussler, Herman A., Pine, sw.south-west cor.corner Main
Haigler, William F.4th. ne.north east cor.corner Olive
Hamilton, Alexander, 58 Chesnut
Havens, Joseph e.east 41 n.north 3d
Heenan, Thomas Meagher.68 Chesnut
Hicks & Buchanan . Market, cor.corner 5th
Higdon, John B.34 Vine (up stairs)
Hill & Jewett , Gay's bide. 2d, r.residence sw.south-west c.corner Pine
Hitchcock, Henry, 45½ Olive
Hogan, Michael w.west office, 331 Broadway (up
Holliday, Samuel n.north 76 Chesnut
Holmes, Nathaniel. 47 Chesnut
Hudgens P.L. & Son , Kennett's bldg.building Chesnut,
nr.near 4th
Jecko, Joseph, Market, cor.corner 5th
Johnson, Charles P.91 Chesnut
Keim, Isaac H.84 Chesnut
Kelam, A. R50 Chesnut
Knight, James K.,
38 Olive
Knox & Smith , Olive, sw.south-west cor.corner 5th
Krum & Decker . 45½ Olive
Lackland, Cline & Jamison . 89 Chesnut
Lackland, William H.91 Chesnut
La Motte, F. X.,
17 n. 4th
Laser, Henry s.south 52½ Chesnut
Leet, Daniel M.52½ Chesnut
Leighton, George e.east 47 Chesnut
Lewis, M. D.294 Olive
Loring, James H.52½ Chesnut
Lubke, Geo. w.west 45½ Olive
Macdonald, r.residence s.south 64 Chesnut

Bryant, Stratton & Co.company 'S International chain of College is the largest
in the world.