Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
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Cut Nails and Spikers, Pratt & Fox , 139 and 141 Main Street.

Woodward, w.west H.,
131 n.north Main
Livery Stables.
Amend, John, 114 n.north 9th
Arnot, J. A.63 Chewat
Austin, Thomas, 197 Market
Bender, Prank c.corner 297 and 299 s.south 7th
Bergesch, Frederick. 219 n.north 6th
BosbVsbeU, William, 119 and 111 a. 3d
Broekmann, Scheele51 Sonlard
Clement, Benjamin 0.277 Market
Coffey, Thomas, 9 s.south 10th
Cunningham, I. H., Graad ar.eor. St. Charles
Darmon, Frederick w.west es.east side th, bet.between Salisbury and
Bremen av.avenue
Deegan, Bareh, ea. llth, bet.between Washington av.avenue and
Dennon, Frederick. 76 Madison
Donnelly, Thomas J.,
Wash, bet.between Broadway and 5th. (See adv.
page 501)
Doyle, Martln.261 and 263 n.north 7th
Dunn, James.103 Franklin av.avenue
Eberle, Cbarles. 267. 2d
Garvin, James, Chesnut, ne.north east cor.corner 15th
Ganger, Jacob, 735 Bro idwsy
Gillespie, Alexander, 429 Broadway
Glasgow & Harkness , Locust, se.south-east cor.corner n.north 6th
Harrison, Charles H.ns.north side 7th, bet.between O'Fallon and
Cass av.avenue
Honig, Daniel, 139 and 141 n 6th
Lanman, Frederick, 277 Franklin av.avenue
Malley, Michael, 307 n.north 7th
Mayers, Barney, Summit av.avenue bet.between Pacific and
McCann, Patrick, 449 Market
Moor, Z. B.. Laclede av.avenue bet.between Beaamoot and Sum-
mit av.avenue
Mnllally, JohnP.362 Broadway
Porter, Thomas J.es.east side n.north 8tb, bet.between Locust and St.
Resiog, Christian, 343 a. 7th
Beissmg, Astoasel, 343 s.south 7th
Sberrick, George, 202 s.south 4th
Stgssel, Henry,
31 s.south 7th
Thornton ft Pierce. Walnnt.bet.between 3d and
4th. (See adv. page 716)
Weeling, Henry, llth. nr.near Biddle
Weaselfog, Rudolf, 115 n.north 8th
Wessells, Lawrence, 6th, cor.corner Green
Wleserosa, Antoine, 7th, nr.near Chesnnt
Wren, Wilbur, 9th, ne.north east cor.corner Washington av.avenue
Wolf, John C66 Biddle
Anderson & Coyle , 40 Chesnnt
Argast & Freiscka , 107 Carondelet av.avenue
Arnold, Thomas, 14 a. 3d
Arnold & Taffy , 819 Market
Atkinson, James. 08 Washington bt.
Boeokier, Charles, 16 and 18 n.north 2d
Brooke, John B.- 163 Washington av.avenue
Burns, WillUm, 15 Morgan
Cooper, Richard H.133 n.north 3d, (np stain)
Dodsworth, Robert, 192 Franklin av.avenue
Hamilton, Joan, 242 Market
Hennenun, Thaodore J.96 n.north 3d
Herman, JohaBused way, nr.near Webster
Beaaler, Godfrey, ns.north side Convent, betbetween Jd and Main
Ksrwia T.G. & Co.company 3d. nw.north-west cor.corner Locust
Klein, Henry, ss.south side Franklin av.avenue bet.between 224 and 23d
Kraals, Henry. 169 a. 4th
Messmer, Ferdinand. n.north 3d
Modra, John. 109 n.north fitfe
Stag, Woham. It Welout
Waechter, Lonis. 3 Morgan
Looking Glasses and Picture
Benning, Henryc.corner 223 5th, and 338 Broadway
Carroll & Deegan . 328 Broadway
Heinicke & Estel , 26 n.north Main, (See adv.
page 784)
Lohmann, Charlee T.A.9 a. 4lh
101 n.north 4th
Withmara, . 56 Market. (See adv. page 134)
Pettes &Leathe ,
101 n.north 4th
Withmar, A.66 Market. (See adv. page 134)
Lottery Offices.
Allen, John. 69½ Olive
Crose, Thomas, 81 Locust
Dann, Edward,
77 n.north 3d
Ganunn & Wendover ,
81 Chesnnt. (See adv. page 786)
Harris A Webber. 6 a. 4th
Hooper & Co.company So Vine
Hutchinson, Siebert w.west 3d. se.south-east cor.corner Vine
Nichols H.n.north A Co.company 41 Pine
Thamm, Jobn L.73 Market
Weld A Dougherty , 49 Green
Lumber Sealers.
Andrews A Mcllvain , 7th, nw.north-west cor- Market
Ansley, L., Destrehan, cor.corner Broadway
Beidsmcir, Henry w.west llth. re.cor.corner Cass ar.
Berry & Mulford , 12th, sw.south-west cor.corner Lucas
Bramsch A Bro. 450 Broadway
Brotuerton, Marshall, Broadway, nr.near SiUsbory
Bryan, Wilkinson,
Broadway, nw.north-west cor.corner O'Fallon
Carr A Campbell , 90 n.north Levee
Chapman & Thorp ,
Office, Broadway, ne.north east cor.corner Bates
Degenhart, John c.corner 144 Carondelet ar.cor.corner Sonl-
Fleitz John P. & Co.company ,
2d, cor.corner Rutgers
Garrigues & Miles ,
116 n.north Levee
Grnner, Philip Jr., Cass av.avenue se.south-east cor.corner 9th
Hammond D.H. A Co.company . office, 44 a. Main, lumber
yard, 12th, cor.corner Market
Hervey, William D.,
50 Commercial
Hocker A Hengelsberg . 410 Broadway
Holmes J.A. A Co.company llth, cor.corner Clark av.avenue
Kennett F. & Co.company ,
Broadway, ne.north east eor. Mallenph (See adv.
page 768)
Leeds, Ellis, Broadway, nw.north-west eor. Mullanphy
Leisae, August, 213 s.south 4th
Leonard, James 0.12th, oor. Washington ar.
Lathy James A Co.company 317 Market

The people have endorsed Bryant, Stratton & Wheeler'S Colleg ,
cener Fifth and Olive.