Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
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“Shelton Co.company ,” Tacks, Pratt & Fox , 139 and 141 Main Street.

Matlack George & Sons , Franklin av.avenue nw.north-west cor.corner
Meyer, John, Cass av.avenue se.south-east cor.corner Sth
Mincke J.H. & Bro. 17th, cor.corner Pacific B.B.
Morrison, William, Market , se.south-east cor.corner 12th
Oppenlander J.L. & Bro. , Levee, betbetween Wash and
Parks, B. M.12th, cor.corner Lncaa
Philibert & Branconier . Market, ne.north east cor.corner n.north 17th
BippeyM-& Co.company , office, Sth.sw.south-west cor.corner Clark av,
ScbulenbarK, Richard, Clark av.avenue se.south-east cor.corner 9th
Schulenburg & Boeckeler , 10th, sw.south-west
cor.corner Mullanphy. (See adv. page 128)
Strauss Theodore & Co.company ss.south side Franklin av.avenue bet.between 18th
and 19th
Whittenhall & H Artman ,
421 Broadway
Wilson & Smith ,
7 Cass av.avenue
Woodward, Henry M., Cass av.avenue sw.south-west cor.corner 7th
Wright D.T. & Co.company 12th, ne.north east cor.corner Market
L Measurers.
Stannard, Samuel s.south ns.north side Ferry, bet.between Gingras Creek
and river
Machine Depots.
Plant & Brother ,
25 n.north Main. (See adv. page E, front colored)
Van Name George & Co.company 78 n.north 6th
Machine Shops.
Brecht, Gastavas V.6th, bet.between Wash and Franklin
Crozier & Baxter ,
Main, bet.between Biddle and Carr
Holland, John, ns.north side Jefferson, bet.between Main and 2d ,
Jaensch F. & Co.company 8 n 3d
Kiagsland, Alter & Clark , Carr, cor.corner 2d
Madden, McCord & Co.company 201 and 203 n.north Main
McCormick J.B. & Co.company , Park av.avenue nr.near 7th
Pacific Railroad Machine Shop , Chouteau av.avenue
cor.corner Summit av.avenue
Stone, Isaac H.106 n.north 5th
Stupp, John, 294 Carondelet av'.
Timmerman G.H. & Co.company , Main, cor.corner Chontean
Westlake & Button, Main, cor.corner Biddle
Wiechman, F.es.east side 3d, bet.between Hazel and Convent
(See also Brewers.)
Grone & Co.company 343 Clark av.avenue
Jacoby, Simuel, office, 6 n.north Commercial
Lichter & Mossmayr , 165 aud 167 s.south 3d
Linze & Anthony , 265 n.north Main
Thamer, Julias, Destrehan, bet.between 2d and Broadway
Thompson, John, 1 s.south 12th
Tinker Bros. & Co.company al.alley 9th and 10th, bet.between Franklin
av.avenue and Wash
Watteuberg, Busch & Co.company 19 s.south Main
Manufacturers' Agents.
Pratt & Fox ,
139 and 141 n.north Main. (See adv. lines top
each page)
Marble Workers and Dealers.

Daniel Francis Sc Co.company ,
Marble Works ,
cor.corner Broadway and Lebeanm St.,
(Opposite Empire Mills,)
St. Louis, - . - no.

Clarke, Simon,
MulUnpby, sw.south-west cor.corner Broadway
Francis Daniel & Co.company Broadway, sw.south-west cor.corner Le.
Heltzsll& Hetherington , 416 Broadway.
(See adv. page c.corner front col'dcolored )
Klinefelter & Francis , Broadway, nw.north-west cor.corner Le-
Miller, William, Franklin av.avenue bet.between 17th and 18th
Mnldoon, Bullett & Co.company 17 n.north 2d, se.south-east cor.corner Chesnut
Park & McClintock , Washington av.avenue sw.south-west cor.corner n.north
Eosebrongh r.residence L. & Son , ws.west side Broadway, betbetween 0'
Fallon and Caas av.avenue
Warne, e.east w.west Washington av.avenue cor.corner 6th. (See
adv. page 740)
Wilson Ht & 0. Market, nw.north-west cor.corner 9th
Masquerade Dresses.
(See also Costumers.)
Nichols, H. A. Mrs.165 Market
Match Manufacturers.
Allen, Thomas,
41 Hazel. (See adv. page 762)
De, Koek John, 432 Columbus
Eichele, August, superior telegraph matches ,
258 Columbus
Mathematical Instruments.
Blattner, Jacob, 114 Market. (See adv.
page 780)
Mattress Makers.
(See also Upholsterers.)
Beehler, Francis. 23 and 25 Pine
Denbam & Rudolph , 21 s.south 3d
Kingsnorth, J. w.west ,
33 n.north 2d
Koppelman, John H.346 Broadway
Michael, George B.,
80 n.north 4th
Mueller, F.223 s.south 4th
Singer, Ferdinand,
60 Market

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