Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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Laclede Hotel,
St. Louis, Missouri.

This elegant first class Hotel—a five story marble building—is now open for guests, at the
cor.corner of Fifth and Chesnut Streets,
Being on the Fashionable Promenade of the City, and very conventent to the business centre,
and all place of amusement.

The street cars pass the door every three minutes, connecting this central location with all the
distant portions of the city—the Pacific Railroad, North Missouri Railroad, and Iron Mountain
Railroad Depots.

The Furniture, Beds, Bedding, and whole of the House is new, and complete with all
apporved new applicances for first class hotel keeping.

The table will be kept supplied with the best the market affords, and every effort made to
secure the comfort of our patrons.

Brolaski & Malin .

Terms, $4.00 Per Day.

P.s.south —Our Coaches or Omnibuses will be in attendance on the arrival of Trairs or Steamboats
to convey guests to the Hotel.

☞ Tickets over all Railroad or Streamboat Routes can be had at the Office.☜

D. RobertBarclay, ,
Attorney At Law
Attends Especially To The
Investigation of Titles to Real Estate
And Convkyancing,
Office, No. 80 Chesnut Street,
In Kennett'S Building.

WilliamSigerson, ,
(Successor to Sigeraon & Brinck),
House and Real Estate Agent
And Conveyancer,
Office, 420 Walnut Street,
Under the Southern Hotel, St. Louis, Mo.

☞ Particular attention given to Subdividing Suburban Property and Farms for Auction
Sales; collecting House Rents; Selling City and Country Real Estate; Negotiating Loans, and

H.B. Graham & Bro.Brothers ,
Paper Dealers ,
New No. 311, Old 82 North Second Street,
St. Louis.

☞ Cash Paid Fob Bags.