Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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Office City Directory,
No. 423 n.north 5th St., St. Louis, April, 1868.

In presenting the Tenth Volume of tie Annual Directory of
St. Loris to its citizens, the publisher, whilst returning thanks for the
very liberal patronage, heretofore bestowed upon the work, feels a high
degree of pride, in having, through a period of ten years' struggle,
amidst the vicissitudes of business, the general depression caused by the
rebellion, and the efforts of bogus publishers to palm off their worth-
less trash upon an unsuspecting public, brought up the work to such a
high state of perfection, and made it, what every directory should be,
a faithful and unerring guide to all the various ramifications of the city
it is intended to represent.

The continuous publication of a directory for ten years in any one
citv by any one person, is without a parallel in this country, with two ro
three exceptions; and it is a notable fact, that, although St. Louis having
had such a work yearly for over forty years, no publisner, with the excep-
tion of the present, ever ventured upon a second undertaking. The
reasons for this are are obvious. The publishers, many of them without
capital, without a knowledge of the city, and without any resources
whatever—save a studied effort to deceive the people and make money
without rendering any equivalent—were too sharp to renew their efforts,
thus leaving the field open for other adventurers. Those who had the
pecuniary means, possessed not the requisite knowledge of the business,
and were forced to abandon it. For a number of years the now official
and standard directory of the city was unremunerative, actually pub-
lished with loss to the proprietor. Long years of experience, however,
and a fixed determination to secure and deserve success, have made the
directory what it is at the present day.

It is against such discouragements that the publisher has for half a
score of years been contending, and the satisfaction felt in the success
achieved, has stimulated the efforts which have been put forth to make
the present volume superior to any of its predecessors. It contains
many thousand more names than did the directory of last year. The
canvass has been thoroughly made, and the compiling thereof attended
to with much care. Several new features have been added, such as a
thorough separation of the business from the general department, and a
carefully prepared statistical article, setting forth the immense commer-
cial advantages of St. Louis, reviewing ite past and speculating upon its
future history, to which is added editorial notices of her manufactories
and leading business firms. This we trust will be duly appreciated by
our patrons, and received in the same spirit which actuated the under-

Again returning thanks to the business men of St. Louis for their
liberality, and trusting for their future considerations, the publisher re-
mains, Sincerely and truly,
RichardEdwards, .