Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
78 Additions, Corrections And Too Lates.
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Thrid National Bank 885
Thompson H.M. & Co.company stoneware, pipe, etc 887
Thorp, s.south wool and feather dealer H, front col'dcolored
Tobin, P. H. house, sign and boat painter 942
Todd G. & W. & Co.company leather belting, French burr mill stones, etc. manufactureres and wholesale
Tutt & Bakers wholesale grocers and commission merchants 893
Union Iron Works, Kingsland & Clark , proprs 884
Union Saving Association Side lines of pages, 520 and 1038
Union Steam Fitting and Brass Works, A Stephenson & Co 895
Union Stam Mill Co Opp. plain title
United States Express Co 726
Walter F. Steam Candy factory 889
Washington Foundry and Machine Shop Dowdall, Page & Co.company Proprs 74
Western Brewery. W. J.I,emp, , propr 82
Western Elastic Sponge Co.company On back of book and 982
Whitelaw George P. & Co.company oils, paints, varnishes, etc., manfuacturers and wholesale dealers 104
Wood ward, W. H.propr. Franklin Printing House Back col'dcolored
Won & Hynes , whines and liquors, importers and wholesale dealers M, front col'dcolored and 86
Zallee, John C.merchant tailor G, front col'dcolored

Additions, Corrections And Names Too Late For
Regular Insertion.
Abrahams, A. M. (Abrahams A Co.company ), bos.
Everett house
Abrahams, K.Edwin, (Abrahams A Co.company ), bds.boards
Everett house
Abrahams & Co.company (A. M.Abrahams, and e.east Edwin
Abrahams, ), Pawnbrokers , 317 Olive
American Manufacturing Co.company 211 Washington av.
Appel, Frederick, birdstore, 321 Olive
Artus, Herman, butcher , r.residence 708 n.north 5th
Avery, Charles (Averv & Deforest ), r.residence 14 n.north 8th
Avery & De Forest (CharlesAvery, and Newton
DeFoest, ), gen, agts , Universal Life Ins. Co.company
of New York 314 Olive
Babcock, George V.steward , r.residence 616 Washing-
ton av.
Bailey, Frank, clerk , s.south H.Bailey, , r.residence 810 Olive
Bailey, William, rcalestate broker , 416 n.north 5th, r.residence Lafayette park, bet. Armstrong and Mis-
souri avs,
Baldwin, snsnn, wid. r.residence ns. Lafayette park, bet.
Armstrong and Missouri avs.
Belleville, Branch r.residence office, 202 s.south 4th, Henry
C.Moore, , supl.
Bernoudy, B. C. (Sale ABernoudy, ), r.residence Caronde-
Blanchard, Charles H. (J. Van, Sons A Co.company )
Boerweiner, Phillip, fireman , St. Louis gas works,
r.residence 127 Convent
Box, Marcus D.porter , Hubbard AHarrington, ,
bds.boards Broadway, ne. cor. Green
Boyd, Robert s.south jr. (Fred.A. Churchill & Co.company ),
bds.boards 1428 Olive
Boyd, Thomas B.salesman , Charles DeGreck A
Co. r.residence 615 Chcsnut
Buakett, John W.salesman , Buskett A Hanim, , r.residence
113 n.north 6th
Byrnes, John, fireman , St. Louis gasworks
Caddick, Thomas M. (Rich A Co.company ), r.residence 616
Caffey, James, fireman , St. Louis gas works, r.residence
ns. Convent, bet. Main and 2d
Cahill, John (Sullivan A Cahill ), r.residence 815 Warren
Caliill, Michael, fireman , St. Louis gas works, r.residence
ws. 2d, bet. Convent and Rutgers
Cahm, William, clerk , Sullivan A Cahill , r.residence 815
Cantoni, Francis, grocer , 515 n.north Levee, r.residence same
Carr, C.Brent, (Carr & Kerr ), r.residence 1811 Wash
Carr & Kerr (C. BrentCnrr, and George W.Kerr, )
realestate agts. 306 Cliesnut
Carroll, Michael, fireman , St. Louis gas works, r.residence
2d. nw. cor. Convent
Chase H. & L. (Henry, s.south and H. LincolnChase, ),
bag miifrs. and dealers , 1 s.south Uain und 100 Mar-
Churchill, Fred. A. (Fred.A. Churchill & Co.company ), r.residence
2639 Olive
Churchill Fred.A. & Co.company (Fred.
A.Churchill, and Robert s.south Bpyd, Jr.), com.
mers. 321 n.north 2d, up stairs
Clemens, Henry. blacksmith , St. Louis gas
Cole, George W.cabinetmaker , 11s.south 6th r.residence 732s.south
Colgan, Peter, fireman , St. Louis gas works, r.residence
ws. 3d. bet. Conventand Choutean av.
Commercial Bulletin, darly and weekly, G. W
sinith & Co.company proprs, 416 Pine
costello, Andrew, fireman , St. Louis gas works
Costello, James, fireman , St. Louis gas works, bds.boards
139 Convent
Costello, John, fireman . St. Louis gas works, bds.boards
2d. nw. cor. Convent
Costello, Thomas, clerk . J.Van sons & Co.company
Crechen, Patrick, fireman , St. Louis gas works
Cummis, Bernard, teamster , St. Louis gas works,
r.residence 1240 s.south 3d
Daniell, Joseph D. (Daniell & Co.company ) r.residence 205
n. 12th
Daniell & Co.company (J. D.Daniell, . n.north W.Josselyn, and
J. G.Johnston, ). publishers, P. & n.north M.r.residence r.residence
gnides, 304 Olive
Davis, M. s.south (Mcneilly, Dayis & Co.company )
Delacey, Johnveterinary surgeon , ro, 10th nw.
cor O'Fallon
Deved, A. J.office City Directory, 423 n.north
5th, sw, cor. St. Charles, r.residence 12 s.south 17th
DeForwest, Newton (Avery & Deforest ), r.residence 14 n.north
Devine, Edward, flreman , St. Louis gas works, r.residence
121 Convent
Donk, Agust F. (A.F. Donk & Co.company ) bds, es. 2d
bet. Market and Walnut
Donk A.F. & Co.company (August F.Donk, and —)
coal dealers , 222 Chestnut
Dunacan, David D.lawyer , 104 n.north 4th, bds. Olive
bet. 11th and 12th