Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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Edwards, Lanbam A Long (Jmbm C.Ed-, . Philip s.south Lnnhnm, and John F.Long, ),
realestate agts , auctioneera, Mtnta public,
conveyancers tod strrTeyora, 416 Walnut
Forse, Thomas, agt.agent . Missouri state lotteries,
117 K. Msin.r.residence 11 Is a. Ham
Friedman M. & Co.company (Max.Edward, and Angimtas
Friedman, ). cigars and tobacco whol. 314 n.north
Garigreuen, Abram B. (A.B. & C.r.residence Garrison ), r
Chonteau av.
Garrison, Abram B. (A.B. & C.r.residence Garrison ),r.residence
2704 Locust
Garrison A.B. & C.r.residence (Abiam, B. and Charles R
Garrison, ) agts , St. Louis Pacific fast freigh
line. 209 n.north 3d
Gann, Charles r.residence (A.B. & C.r.residence Garrison ), r
6th and 7th r, same
Harney, Mrs.dress and cloakmaker , 612 St.
Charles, r.residence same
Harper, Charles D.agt.agent . Star Shuttle sewing ma-
chine, 407 and 409 Walnut
Harper, Henry, Furniture, 1616 Broadway, r.residence
Hellmund, Croline Mr.s milk depot, 313 s.south 3d, r.residence
Herring, Calvin L.gas and steampipe fitter , 15 s.south
5th. r.residence 723 n.north 23d
Hoofer, Charles, translator , Westlictihe Port
Howe George W. & Co.company (George W.Howe, and
JohnTurner, ), com. mers. 500, 501 airf 502 n.north
Hunt, Sanford M.office. 217 Washington av. r.residence
1016n.north 25th
Hunt, William F.office, 217 Washington av. r.residence 1012
Jameson, John T. (Strong & Jameson ), r.residence Aber-
deen, Miss.
Josselyn, n.north W. (Daniell & co. ) bds.boards Everett
Jourdan, Victor s.south (Jourdan & Murry ), bds.boards St.
Nicholas hotel
Jourdan & Murry (Victor s.south Jourdan, and James
Murry, ), mnfg. druggists , 412 n.north 2d
Kauffman, John W. (e.east O. Stanard & Co.company )
Laflin Powder Co.company 218 n.north 2d
Lam, r.residence F.gen. agt. Phoenix Mutual Life
Ins. Co.company of Hartford
Lamonie, Madam, fortuneteller . 327 Myrtle, r.residence
Letz, Jacob, drygoods 416 Franklin av. r.residence Same
Looney, John, saloon, 505 n.north Levee, r.residence same
Ludington, Francis H.agt.agent . H. & L. Chase, 1 s.south Main, and 100 Market, r.residence 1010 Jef-
ferson av.
Machrtney, George G. carriages, 523 and
525 Washington av. r.residence 1548 Cnoutean av.
Madeira, William r.residence Cloaks, shyawls, furs, etc.
whol. and ret. 610. 4th
McLaughlin, Robert (White & Mclaughlin ), r.residence
203 Centre
McNeilly, Davis & Co.company (samuelMcneilly, , M. s.south
Davis, and Coleman Rahm & Co.company ), propre .
Duquesne iron store, 211 n.north Levee, and 218
n. Commercial
McNeilly, Samuel (McNeilly, Davis & Co.company )
Mundy, Ezra (Quinette & Co.company ), r.residence 1219 n.north 17ht
Murry, James (Jourdan & Murry ), r.residence 710 Marion
Newman & Amson (DavidNewman, and
AdolphAmson, ), drygoods and clothing,
whol. 205 n.north 24
O'Reilly, Andrew J.Clerrk , r.residence G. Dun & Co.company
Osterholt Gred. (Seegers & Osterholt), r.residence
1400 Clark Av.
Quinette, Olliver (Quinette & Co.company ), r.residence country
Quniette & Co.company (OliverQuinette, and Ezra
Mundy, ), realestate agts. 222 Chesnut
Querl, Charles F. (Schnelle & Querl ), r.residence 17th, bet.
wash and Carr
Regina, Lazarina, teacher , St. Michael schoo,
n. 11th cor. Bento
Reiley, Robert (A. Schulherr & Co.company ). r.residence ws. 13th,
bet. Webster and Chambers
Rogers & Dowler (Joseph P.Rogers, and Joseph
W.Dowler, ), com. mers. 316 n.north commercial
Rohrer, Charles, carpenter and builder , 505s.south 14th,
r. 503 s.south 14th
Ronaidson, John, office, 308 n.north 2d, r.residence 405 s.south 5th
Roper, Bernard, groceries , 2620 n.north 14th, r.residence same
Sale, George W.(Sale & Bernoudy ), bds.boards La-
clede hotel
Sale & Bernoudy (George W.Sale, aZnd e.east C.Ber-, ), coffee brokers and com. mer. 308 n.north
Saler, John, saloon, 601 Morgan, r.residence same
Sass, Richard F.Steamboat agt. forwd. mer. and
agt. Penn. Central r.residence r.residence 220 Commercial, r.residence
821 Washington av.
Savitz, George F.ns.north side Papin av. w.west of 14th
Schaeffer, Nicholas, pres.president Biddle Market Savings
bank , r.residence ss.south side Morgan, bet.between 21st and 22d
Scheil, William, barber , 2115 Franklin av. r.residence same
Scherpe, Pauline Mrs.magnetic doctress , 206 n.north
7th. r.residence same
Scherman, Christ H.drygoods , 606 and 608 Frank-
lin av. r.residence same
Schira, John, blacksmith and wasgonmaker , 2642
Franklin av. r.residence 2644 Franklin av.
Schira, Nicholas, blacksmith , 2724 Franklin av. r.residence
2714 Franklin av.
Schira, Nicholas, tailor , 2708 Franklin av. r.residence same
Schlingman, H. W.grocer , 1701 Wash, nw. cor.
17th, r.residence 1717 wash
Schmidt, Agugust, boot and shoemaker , 418 Wash,
r. same
Schmitte, Samuel, bootmaker , Cass av. ne. cor.
Pririe av. r.residence ns. Cozen av e.east of Grand av.
Schneider, Anna, milliner , 1209 Biddle, r.residence same
Schreiner, r.residence (Branch, Barnes & co. ), r.residence 1221
Star Shuttle Sewing Machine, Charles D.Harper, ,
agt.agent . 407 and 409 Walnut
St.Street Louis Ccal Tar Co.company (successors
to Page, Smith & Co.company ) J. IversLewis, ,
pres.president 324 n.north 3d, cor. Locust
St. Louis News Co.company J. F.Torrey, , supt.superintendant 207 n.north 4th
St. Louis Tobacco Works, Leggett Bro. & But
ler , proprs. 2d, cor. Vine
Sullivan, Patrick (Sullivan & Cahill ), r.residence 23d, sw.
lin av.
Sullivan, Patrick (sullivan & Cahill ), r.residence 23d, sw
cor. Morgan
Sullivan & Cahill (PatrickSulliavan, and JohnCa-, ), meat market, 511 Market
Tonges, Frederick, mer. tailr , 419 Pine, r.residence
ns. Wash, bet. 14th and 15rh
Van, John (J. Van, Sons & Co.company ), bds.boards Laclede