Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
City And County Record. 91
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St. Louis Railroad Line—From Arsenal to
Bremen. Office,Broadway, corner Salisbury. Jobn
F.Madison, , president ; EdwardSpahr, , secretary and
treasurer .
Citizen's Railroad Line—From Franklin av.
corner Marpran. to Three Mile House. Office, western
terminus of road. B. GratzBrown, , president ; Geo.George
Kauf bold, , secretary and treasurer ; ThomasGart-, , superintendent .
The Lindell Railway Compani—Yellow
cars run from 3d, corner Washington av. to Garrison
av. out Wahingum ay. Blue cars run from 3d, cor-
ner Washington av. to Summit av. via 14th and Chou-
teau av. Office, Washington av. Southweat corner 3d.
DwightDurkee, , president H. G.Bohn, , Superintend-
Ent ; L. s.south Brotherton, , secretary .
Union Railroad Line—From 4th, comer Lo-
cust, to Hyde Park. Office, 2812 n.north 16th. B. Gratz
Brown, , president and treasurer ; YoderBrown, , sec-
retary .
Fair Grounds and Suburban Company.
—From Half way House to Fair Groundp aud Abbey
Track, anA to Caroline av, B. GratzBrown, , pres-
ident : GenrgeKautbold, , secretary aud treasurer ;
Thos.ThomasGartland, , superintendent .
Bellefonlatne Railroad—From 3d, corner
Washington av. to Hyde Park, via 10th, 11th and
Washington av. Office, 10th, cor, Herbert, Hon.Honorable
John M.Krum, , president ; SilasBent, , Esq. vice
president ; George W.Alexander, , superintendent ;
Jno.Way, , assistant Superintendent D. L.Ruth, ,
secretary and treasurer .
Tower Grove and Laftyette Railroad—
Office, name as People'n RailroRd. Jno. H.Lightner, ,
president ; W. B,Ryder, , secretary ; s.southBrock, , super-
intendent . Green cars run from 4th, corner Morgan
to Anna. ria 2d and 3d. Red cars run from 4th, cor.corner
ner Morgan, to Lafayette Park, ria Soulard and Car-
rol. Also branch road running from Lafayette Park
to Grand av. out Lafayette av.
Foreign Consuls In St. Louis.
Bavaria—RobertBarth, , corml . Chesnut, cor.corner 2d.
Baden—BobertBarth, , convul , Chesnut, cor.corner 2d.
Astria—RobertBarth, , vice-consul , Chesnut, cor. 2d.
Brunswick—RobertBarth, , consul , Chesnut, Cor. 2d.
Belgium—Peler J.Hurck, , consul , 217 n.north 3d, office, 229
Denmark—John H.Sehuetze, , consul , 608 a. Main.
Hesse Darmstadt—e.east C.Angelrodt, , consul general ,
and RobertBarth, , consul , Chesnut, corner 2d.
Mecklenburg Scawzaty—RobertBarth, , consu Ches-
nut, comer 2d.
Netherland—B. B.Haagsma, , consul 216 n Main.
Norwat—John e.east Schuette, , consul , 608 n.north Main.
Oldenburg—RobertBarth, , consul , Chesnut, corner 2d.
Piedmont—L.Paris, , consul , 507 n.north 4th.
Prussia—RobertBarth, , consul , Chesnut, comer 2d,
Russia—John E,Schuetze, , consul , 608 n.north Main.
Sweden—John e.east Schuette, , consul , 608 n.north Main.
Sardinia—L.Paris, , consul , 507 n.north 4th.
Switzerland—JullusLaue, , 22 a. Main.
Saxe Alternburg—RobertBarth, , consul , Chesnut, cor-
ner 2d.
Saxe Coburg Gotha—RobertBarth, , consul , Chesnut,
corner 2d.
Saxe WxrmAx—RobertBarth, , consul , Chesnut, corner
Wurtemberg—RobertBarth, , Consul , Chesnut, corner
Saxony—e.east 0.Angelrodt, , consul general , and Robert
Barth, , consul , Chesnut, corner 2d.
U.S.United States Offices In St. Louis.
Custom House Department—3d, southeast
corner Olive. s.south M.Breckinridge, , surveyor and act-
ing collector : Hy. P.Wyman, , special deputy survey-
or and acting collector ; NelsonYoung, , deputy col-
lector ; Chas.Wyman, , cashier ; Major J. e.east cou-, , inspector ; William C.Bonner, , r.residence e.east McNeely,
and Richard HChute, , clerks ; HenryUebal, , ware-
houseman ; John HenrySteffen, , porter .
Collector of Internal Revenue—Office, 212
n. 3d. Office hours from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.Barton
Able, , collector ; F. W.Matthias, , T. F.Childs, , Henry
C.Wright, and CalvinGunn, , deputy collectors ; Rich-wright, , revenue inspector ; Jno. A.Ladd, , Jnl.Bu-, , M. W.Doyle, . RichardRoman, and J. T.Sands, ,
Clerks . All persons owing duties or taxes under the
Internal Revenue act, are required to pay the same
as follows:
License Duties—Within five days after the application
is signed.
Income Tax—Within ten days after the return is made
to the Assessor.
Distillers of coal Oil—Between the 20th and last of each
Auctioneers—Between the 10th and 20th of each month.
Manufacturers—Between the 20th and last day of each
Railorads, Steamers, Boats and Bridges—On the
first of each month, or within five days thereafter.
The penalties imposed by law for falling to make pay-
ments, as above stated, hereafter will be strictly en-
Assessor First District of Missouri—Of-
fice, No. 210 n.north 3d. Theophilepapin, , assessor . Hen-hess, , assistant assessor , 1st division, office, Caron-
delet av. corner Ann.Christinavockrodt, , 2d divis-
ion. office, 1341 carondelet av. near park av.Alfred
DeLaureal, , 3d division, office, 3d, cor. Lombard.n.north
W.Merrill, , 4th division, office, 210 n.north 3d.Wm.William T.
Maginnis, and Theo. F.Tesson, , 5th division, office, 210
n. 3d.J. A.Hardin, and V. L.Cropsey, , 6th division
office, 210 n.north 3d.john B.Hall, , 7th division, office,
210 n.north 3d.ThomasCuddy, , 8th division, office, east
side 5th between Wash and Franklin av.Dan.
O'Madigan, , 9th division office, 1204 Broadway. Au-Brazean, , 10th division, office, 2504 Broadway.
James T.wilson, , 11th division, office, 210 n.north 3d.A.
Peting, , 12th division, office, at the office of Justice
Herbel, Carondelet. John L.Stockwell, , 13th divis-
ion, office, 2504 Broadway. Office hours, from 10 a.
m. to 12½ p.m. The first ten divisions correspond to
the respective (old) wards of the city; the 11th em-
braces the cotton, steamboat, trustee, auction sales
and leagacy returns; the 12th, Bonhomme, Merameo
and Carondelet townships; the 13th, Central, St.
Louis and St. Ferdinand townships.
Assistant Treasurer United States—Of-
fice, Olive, under Post Office. A. G.Edwards, , assist-
ant treasurer ; Emil A.Meysenburg, , chief clerk ;
edwardswhittakers, , paying teller ; H. B.alexan-, , bookkeeper ; Theo. s.south Spielman, , assistant book-
keeper ; Samuel e.east Snead, , currency clerk ; Patrick
Grogan, and DanielKelcher, , day watchmen ; William
F.Thorn, and MichaelMcDermott, , night watchmen .
U.S.United States Marshal—Office, Custom House building.
Col.J. B.Rogers, , marshal ; z. e.east Thomas, and J.
W.Morgan, , deputies ; James M.Edgar, , clerk .
Steamboat Inspection Office—Daniel G.
Taylor, , supervising inspector ; EdwardMorgan, and
PeterVanderwort, , inspectors .
Headquarters Military Division of the
Missouri—East side of 4th, between Green and
Washington av.Lieut. Gen. W. T.Sherman, , com-
manding ; w. A.Nichols, , Asst. Adjt. Gen. and Bvt.
Maj. Gen. U.S.United States Army. Division Staff—Bvt.
Maj. Gen. W. A.Nichols, , Adjt. Gen. M.d. Mo.;
Lieut. Col. L. M.Dayton, , Military Secretary , Capt.
7th Cavalry; Lieut. col. J. C.McCoy, , Aide-de-Camp,
2d Lieut. 2d infantry; Lieut. col, j. c.audenried,
Aide-de-Camp, Capt. 6th Cavalry, Bvt. Lieut. Col.
U. s.south A.; Bvt. Maj. Gen. r.residence B.Marcy, , Inspector
General M.D. Mo.; Bvt. Maj. gen. J. L.Donald-, , chief quartermaster , M.D. Mo.; Bvt. Brig-
Gen. T. J.Haines, , Chief Commissary , M.d. Mo.;
Bvt. col. w. e.east Merrill, , U.S.United States Engineers, Engineer
Officer , M.D. Mo.; Bvt. Brig. Gen. F. D.Callender, ,
Chief of Ordnance , M.D. Mo.