Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
City And County Record. 88
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Market Masters —John I.Fritsch, , City market;
AlonzoMcCurdy, , North market; r.residence P.Clark, , Lucas
market, and F. r.residence bruggehof, , Centre market.
City Council.
Names, residences and places of business of members
of the city council:
AugustusKrieckhabus, , president ; Henry s.south Parker, , vice
president ; W. a.Kendall, , clerk ; H. C.Katz, , ser-
geant-at-arms .
First Ward—* AugustEtling, , 8 s.south Main, r.residence Dorcas, be-
tween 3d and 4th.
Second Ward—AugustusKrieckhaus, , 518 n.north Levee,
r. Marquette, between 2d Carondelet and Buena
Vista; *John C.Finck, , Barton, corner Kosclusko, r.residence
2221 State.
Third Ward—J. HenryAmelung, , 1630 south Columbus;
*Chas. W.Gottschalk, , 112 Market, r.residence Carondelet
avenue, between Barry and Marion.
Fourth Ward—Geo.GeorgeFriedrich, , 4th, near Chouteau
avenue, r.residence 721 s.south 5th; *AnthonyIttner, , Grattan,
between Hickory and Park avenue.
Fifth Ward—*AnthonyNieoerweiser, , 415 Chesnut, r.residence
413 s.south 6th; DavidPowers, , r.residence High, south of Clarke
Sixth Ward—*Chas. A.Mantz, , president of the Atlas
life Insurance Co. 5th, corner St. Charles, r.residence 1327
Chesnut; ErastusWells, , president of the Accom-
modation Bank, r.residence 1518 Olive.
Seventh Ward—Geo.GeorgeBabcock, , law office, 10 n.north 4th,
r. Morgan, near Leffingwell avenue; *Chas. w.
Horn, , O'Fallon, southeast corner 2d, r.residence Wash, south-
west corner 16th.
Eighth Ward—Wm.WilliamBosbysell, , 508 n.north 3d, r.residence 1413 Mor-
gan; *r.residence D.Lancaster, , 304 chesnut, r.residence 1421 Chirsty
Ninth Ward—*JohnO'Brien, , 17th, corner O'Fallon, r.residence
1214 n.north 17th; sol. J.Quinlivan, , r.residence 1515 Biddle.
Tenth Ward—*PatrickDriscoll, , r.residence 1409 Broadway; M.
w.Hogan, , law office, 315 Chesnut, r.residence 1317 n.north 7th.
Eleventh Ward—*H. s.south Parker, , 1914 Main, r.residence 1115
Chambers; Chas.Schoenbeck, , 2716 n.north 10th.
Twelfth Ward—*CharlesBorg, , Broadway, near Des-
trehan, r.residence same
*Term ending April, 1868.
Board of Police Commissioners.
Office, 220 Chesnut, His Honor the Mayor, president,
ex-office, 1723 Christy avenue; J. O.Codding, , vice
president , 307 St. Charles; Ferd.Meyer, , 2d, south-
west corner Market; W. A.Hequenbourg, . 213 n.north
3d; Otto C.Laddemann, , Market, corner 18th; Geo
Gavin, , secretary , Elliot avenue, corner Condi; Wm.William
P.Fenn, , chief of police , Chesnut, between 23d and
Metropolitan Police Department.
The police force at present consists of five police com-
missioners, including the mayor; one chief of police,
one secretary, four captains. twenty-four sergeants,
twe hundred and forty patrolmen, two turnkeys, one
porter and one hostler; twenty of the patrolmen are
mounted police. Col.Wm.William P.Fenn, , chief of police ;
WilliamLee, , AndrewHack, , Samuel A.Turner, and
Christiankohihund, , captains ; MathiasTraunmiller, ,
johnHerring, , edwardplowman, , CharlesKick, ,
thomasO'Neill, , JuliusKessier, , JustusFinch, , Her-Koenig, . e.east M.Martin, , JosephHercules, , B. w.
Presscott, , DavidHopkins, , George L.McCreery, ,
JamesMcclure, , GeorgeErnst, , MastonGore, , Hiram
Inman, , Albert H.Cook, , DanielO'connor, , Francis
Hoefling, , LawrenceHarrigan, , HenryFranzel, and
John C.Martin, , sergents .
Police Districts and Station Houses.
The city of st. Louis is divided into four Police Districts
as follows; That portion of the city lying south of
the centre line of Chouteau av. constitutes the first
police district. The main police station of this dis-
trict is on the west side of Carondelet av. between
Soulard and Lafayette streets; the sub-station of this
distict is on the southeast corner of Lafayette Park.
That portion of the city lying between the center line
of Chouteau av. and the centre line of Washington
av. constitutes the second police district. The main
police station of this district is 220 Chesnut street;
the sub-station of this district is situated on the south
side of Laciede av. near the Wedge House. That
portion of the city lying between the centre line of
Washington av. and the centre line of Cass av. con-
stitutes the third police district. The main police sta-
tion of this district is situated on the west side of 5th
street, between Biddle and O'Fallon; the sub-station
of this district is situated on Garrison av. southwest
corner Easton av. That portion of the city north of
the centre line of Cass av. constitutes the fourth
police district. The police station of this district is
situation on 12th street, southwest corner Monroe;
there is no sub-station in this district.
Board of West Commissioners.
Office, 4th street, southeast corner Elm. Geo.George K.Budd, ,
president , 1016 Pine; A.Crozier, , St.Street Nicholas Hotel;
HenryFlad, , Barlow, cor. Gratiot; A. r.residence Bowman, , sec-
retary , Pontiac, near Grand av.; Thos.Thomas J.Whitman, ,
chief engineer , Barnum's Hotel; Joseph P.Davis, , 1st
asst. engineer , Barnum's Hotel; Willis r.residence Pritchard, ,
superintendent , 1814 Wash; W. H.Godfrey, , asses-
sor of water rates, Spring, near High; r.residence T.Brock, .
collector of water rates, 1448 Dodier. The term of
office of the present members of the board of water
commissioners expires first Monday in June, 1871.
A new board is appointed every four years.
Board of Health.
Office, east side of 6th street, between pine and Ches-
nut. I. F.Hodgen, M.D.persident , 6th, corner
Myrtle; C.Maguire, , 2d, corner Olive, and Jos. s.south
Pease, , 4th, corner Walnut, purchasing committee;
e.east F.Smith, M.D.18th, between Pine and Chesnut,
and Jes.Heitzig, M.D., Carr, near 15th, auditing
committee; r.residence H.Obrien, M.D., clerk , 2118 Cozzens;
Phil.Winte, , asst.assistant clerk ; W. W.Grissom, , health offi-
cer , 404 n.north 5th; Elijah a.Clarke, , resident physician ;
Charles J.Rasch, , manager city hospital ; JamesDen-, , meat inspector , northern district; Geo.George M.Mar-, , meat insepctor , southern district; Henry C.
Moore, , messenger .
City Dispensary.
East side 6th street, between Pine and Chestnut. Open
always. r.residence H.O'Brien, M.D.physician , 2118 Coz-
zens; r.residence A.Quarles, , asst.assistant physician ; Wm.William
L.mathews, , apothecary ; JosephSpiegelhalter, , cor-
Sec 2. The "Board of Health shall consist of five mem-
bers, three of whom shall be practicing physicians,
graduates of regular medical schools; the other two,
citizens other than physician; and all shall have
been, at the time of their appointment," "residents"
or this "city for at least five years prior to such ap-
pointment."—Act of Legislature approved March11, 1867.
GeorgeSchuster, , supervisor street Inspectors ; Fred
Hohmann, , street Inspector , 1st district; christian
Essig, , 2d district; AugustusGeneus, , 3d district;
GeorgeManning, , 4th district; FrankSchmittgens, ,
5th district. Each district embraces two of the old
wards, beginning with the 1st and 2d.
Sanitary Police.
AlbertOdenwaelder, . chief ; s.south F.Salimon, , 1st district;
GustavusKruse, , 2d district; WilliamNead, , 3d dis-
trict; LouisBurg, , 4tb district; MartinOlson, . 5th dis-
trict; DanielErnst, , 6th district. Each district em-
braces two of the new wards, beginning with the 1st
and 2d.
Managers of the House of Refuge.
Established February 28th, 1855. His Honor, the May-
or. ex-officio, 1728 Christy av.Geo.GeorgePartridge, , pres-
ident , 1618 Olive; M.Brotherton, , 1800 Olive; J. H.
Amelung, , 1630 s.south columbus; A.Niederweiser, , 415
Chesnut; Geo.GeorgeFriedrich, , 721 s.south 5th; Aug.Etling, ,
Dorcas, between 3d and 4th; J. G.Woerner, , 212 s.south
6th; —Cronenbold, .
Board of Commissioners of the Mullan-
phy Emigrant Relief Fund.
Office, 307 Locust street. His Honor, the Mayor, pres-
ident, ex-officio; MarshallBrotherton, , vice presi-
dent ; Jas. M.Carpenter, , secretary .