Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
114 City And County Record.
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3d ward; s.south D.Barlow, and H,Schwelakhardt, ,
directors 4th ward.
Third District-Chas. L.Lips, and M. L.Pottle, , direc-
tors , 5th ward ; EherPeacock, and SamuelHager, ,
directors , 6th ward.
Fourth District--Jas,Richardson, and H. M.Thompson, ,
directors , 7th ward; A. s.south Burnes, and JohnHartman, ,
directors 8th ward.
Fifth District--Jas. D.Maguire, and AndrewMurray, ,
directors , 9th ward: JamesDarosss, and AndrewMil, , directors , 10th ward.
Sixth Districit--C. W.Irwin, and HenryBlock, , directors ,
11th ward ; Thos.ThomasHayward, and F,Parterthelmer, ,
directors , l2th ward.
Standing Committe,15 of the Board of Directors of the
St. Louis Public Schools, by appointment of the Presi-
dent of the Board for the year 1867-68:
Teachers Committee--Jas.Richards, D,chairman, , C. F.
Aleyer, , C. W,Irwin, , JullasConrad, , EberPeacock,
and AndrewMurray, .
Lands and Claims Committee-HenryBlack, , chairman ,
H. M.Thompson, , C. D.Wolf, , FrancisMots, , M. L.
Pottle, and JamesDaross, .
Leasing Committee--JuliusConrad, , chairman , Theo.
Hildenbrandt, , A. s.south Barnea, . SamuelHager, , Andrew
Miller, and Thos.ThomasHayward, .
Building Committee--C. F.Meyer, , chnirman , H. M.
Thompson, , SamuelHager, , H.Schweickhardt, , Jas. D.
Maguire, and Thos.ThomasHayward, .
Auditing Committeee-Theo.Hildenbrandt, , chairman ,
C. D.Wolf, and AndrewMuray, .
High School Committee-A. s.south Barneq, , chairman , F.
Partenheimer, and JohnHartman, .
Books and Apparatus Committee--B. W.Irwin, , chair-
man , LouisSpies, and Jas. D.Maguire, .
Library Committee-JohnnHartman, , chairman , H.
Schweickhardt, and Chas. L.Lips, .
Evening School Committee--H. M.Thompson, . chair-
man , EberNacock, and HenryBlock, .
Ways and Means Committee--M. L.Pottle, , chairman ,
SamuelHager, and C. F.Meyer, .
Salary Committee--Chas. L.Lips, , chairman , James
Richardson, and LouisSpies, .
Normal Sbhool-Located, 17th street, corner
Christy avenue. The Normal School was established
in 1858, expressly for the purpose of supplying well
qualified teachers for th lowur grades, and already
It has rumit&ed a large majority of the teachers em-
ployed by the board. probably In no Instwiec In the
country has the usefulness of a normal or training
school been inure clearly established than in this
case. Number of seats, 60; pupils, enrolled, 61
number of teachers, 3; ararage belonging, 49.
High School--15th street, corner Olive. Erected
in 1855, at the cost $40, 000. The building is sixty-
seven feet front oil olive street, and eighty-four feet
deep. It has three storles and a basement. The first
and second stories art each fifteen and a half feet
high in clear; the third story nineteen and a half feet,
and the basement nine feet. The basement is occu-
pied, in part by the furnaces, and in part by a school
room and laboratory. The first and sceond floors each
contain four rooms, situated in the corners of the
building, separated by halls and stairways. The third
floor Is an assembly hall, sufficiently large to seat 700
persons. The building has sixteen small rooms for
wardrobess and libraries. It Is designed to accommo-
date 490 scholars, of both rexes. The lot is 450 feet
front, by 106 feet derp, and as valued at $35,000.
This school is designed for advanced scholars of both
sexes. The course of studies extends through foru
years, and compromises ancient and modern languages,
higher mathematics, belle-lettres, matural sciences,
moral and mental philosophy, music, drawing. etc,
The Superior Ad autageg of this School am open to all
the youth of the city, both male and female, who can
pass & satisfactory examination in the preparatory
studies. The carefulness of the examination and the
great popularity of the school have contributed to
furnish an excellent class of scholars for this institu-
tion. For efficiency and exact scholarship the St.
Louis high school has no superior, Number of seats
400; number of teachers, 9; pupils enrolled, 278;
average belonging, 250.
District Schools.
These are twenty-aim In number, conveniently located
In the different ward* of the city. The total number
of pupils educated in them for the current you will
be about thirteen thousand.
Evening Schools.
Besides the day schools above mentioned, the board of
directors keep open for four months each year, a sys-
tem of free evening schools. These schools are de-
signed to afford the privileges of education to such
of the youth of the city of both sexes, as are neces-
sarily engaged in some useful employment during the
day, and thereby prevented from attending day
schools. The usual attendence of these schools each
year is about one thousand scholars.
Academies and Schools, Independent
of the Board of Education
Academy Of The Christian Brothers--Bro.Brothers
Edward, , director . Located, 8th street, corner Cerre.
Academy Of The Sacred Heart--For girls,
Madame M. J.Gallwey, , superior . Located, west
side of 5th street, between Labadie and Hichory, un-
der the charge of the Laides of the Sacred Herat.
African Church School--Attached to the First
African Church. Located, east side of 7th street,
bet. O'Fallon and Cass avenue.
Bohemian School--Attached to St. John's Church.
Located, 1623 s.south 12th street.
Boys' And Girls' Industrial School--Under
the auspices of the Church of the Messiah. Located,
48 n.north 8th street, near Locust.
Cathedral School--Located, north side Walnut
street, between 2d and 3d. BrotherHilarian, , princi-
pal ; BrotherAugustin, , assistant .
Concordia School--Located, west side Jefferson
avenue, near Miami street. HenryErck, . principal .
Cumberland Protestant Mission School--
Attached to the church, 15th street, corner of Cham-
Episcopal School--Attached to St. Paul's Chapel,
17th street, corner Olive.
Evangelical Lutheran School--In connec-
tion with the Church of the Holy Cross. Located,
west side Jefferson avenue, between Miami and Chip-
pewa streets. H.Erck, , principal ; Miss M.Wege, ,
teacher .
Evangelical Lutheran School--In con-
nection with the German Evangelical Lutheran Trini-
ty Church. Located, Easton street, northeast corner
Victor C.Fruber, , principal ; Miss LinaBrandt, ,
teacher . Erected, 1867.
Evangelical Lutheran School--In connec-
nection with the German Evangelical Lutheran Trini-
ty Church. Located, 8th street, southeast corner
Barry. e.east Roshke, , principal ; C.Krause, , O.
Gotsch, , Miss Niese, and Miss Knapp, , teachers .
Evangelical Lutheran School--For boys.
Located, 1244 s.south 4th street. G. A.Witte, , principal .
Evangelical Lutheran School--In connec-
tioni with the German Evangelical Lutheran Immanuel
Church. Located, 16th street, southwest corner
Morgan. M.Albach, , principal ; M. r.residence Engel, , M.
Grone, , teachers .
Evangelical Lutheran School--In connec-
tion with the German Evangelical Lutheran Zions
Church. Located, 14th street, cornerWarren C.
Burgdorf, , principal ; C.Meler, and H.Hoelter, ,
teachers .
Evangelical Ltheran School--In connec-
tion with the German Evangelical Lutheran Bethle-
hem Church. Located, Salisbury street, southwest
corner 13th. B.Barthel, , principal ; L.Karan, and
Mrs.Meadow, , teachers .
Frieden'S School--Attached to the Frieden's
Evangelical Church.
German Evangelical School--In conncetion
with St. Paul's Church. Located on Decatur street,
between Lafayette and Geyer avenues.