Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
116 City And County Record.
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W.Walker, , professor of theology; Rev.Reverend e.east A.Brauer, ,
professor of theology ; Rev.Reverend A.Cramer, , professor
of theology; H.Baumstark, , prfessor of ancient
languages ani history; Rev.Reverend Th.Brehm, , instructor
in religion. Located on Jefferson avenue, between
Miami and Chippewa streets.
Jones' Commercial Collfge Of St. Louis--
Located on 4th street, corner Locust. Incorporated,
January 24, 1849, with full authority to "grant diplo-
mas, award degrees, conter bonors, anti exercise all
and singular the privileges common to commercial
collegem sethorlsed by law In other States. " Jonathan
Jones, master of accounts, president and acting pro-
fessor of the theory and practice of bookkeeping,
commercial correspondence, etc.; John W,Johnston, ,
Thomas J.Billups, , WilliamRlchardson, and William
e.east Head, , practical accountants D.Blakeley, jr., pro-
fessor of mathematics; O.Fielding, , assistant, profes-
sor of mathematics; J. P.Metaper, , professor of pen-
manship; JohnathanJones, , member of the St. Louls
Bar, lecturer on commercial law.
Reid'S Practical Business College--Located
on 4th street, southwest corner Washington avenue.
Open day and evening. W. W.Eaton, , superinten-
dent ; A. C.Reid, , principal ; AdamFrederick, , asso-
elate principal .
Rice & Stewart'S Commercial College--
Located, 308 and 310 n.north 5th. Thomas A.Rice, , su-
perintendent of bookkeeping deparlment and lecturer
on Commercial law; John e.east Myers, , professor uf
bookkeeping; Chas.Stewart, , superintendent mathe-
matical department; M. L.Ritter, , professor of
penmanship ; LouisLockstaedt, , teacher of German ;
e.eastBoileau, , superintendent French department; Jules
Belin, , teacher of French.
Rohrer'S Commercial College-Established,
1849. Incorporated, 1861. Located, 212 n.north 4th street.
Lewis Rohrer, author of "Robrer's Bookkeeping,"
professor of commercial science, president; C.C.
Kendall, T. Monroe, Geo. Boeshenz, s.south M. Rob-
ertson, J.A. Hughes, John P. Schuck, Ed. Snyder
and A. Haeberlin, practical accountants and assist-
ants in the bookkeeping department; Thomas P. Ba-
shaw, A.M., professor of mathematical, English lan-
guage and Lecturer on Commercial law; J.A. Higgins,
A. M., director of the mathematical and Englith lan-
guage departments, and lecturer on the art of detect-
ing Counterfeit money; H.D. Benedict, instructor of
telegraph department W: H. Duff, professor of pen-
manship, and lecturer on commercial correspondence,
with an assistant; Simon Kuh, professor of drawing
and ornamental penmanship; C. Beyschlag, professor
of ancient and modern languages ; O.V. Aoy, pro-
fessor of the Spanish language and Instructor in pho-
nographic, short head, corresponding and reporting
styles; J.K. McAfferty, ffp('6Ai lecturer on elocution;
Hon. e.east H. Jameson Rod John F. Hum, Esq., spec-
ial lecturers on commercial law and business customs.
St.Street Louis University-Located between Green
street and Washington av. west of 9#th. Entrance
from Green street. Founded by members of the so-
ciety of Jesus in 1829, and incorporated bY the Leg-
islature in 1832. Rev.Reverend ThomasO'Neil, s.south J., presi-
dent ; Rev.Reverend JosephZealand, s.south J., vice president and
prefect of studies; Rev, John X.Tehans.south J.,
treasurer ; Rev.Reverend F. P.Nussbaum, s.south J., professor of
mental and moral philosophy; Rev.Reverend F. H.Stunte-, s.south J., professor of physics, astronomy and math-
ematics; Rev.Reverend JohnStraetmans, , professor of chemis-
try; RudolphMeyer, . profemir of rhetoric; L.Buys-, . s.south J., Rev.Reverend JohnVenneman, s.south J., Rev.Reverend Jas.
Hayes, s.south J., Rev.Reverend MichaelCallaghan, S, J., and
Messrs.T. VandeMorrten, , RomanVerschaffel, , Hy
n.north Calmer, , s.south J.Joseph, F.Rogge, . s.south J., Aloysius
Bosche, s.south J. and John J.Stephens, s.south J., assistant
professors , of Latin, Greek, English and mathematics.
The collegiate department of the St. Louis University
comprises two distinct courses of study--the classical
and the commercial. The classical course is designed
to impart a knowledge of the Latin, Greek and English
languages and literature, of mental and moral philos-
ophy, of pure and mixed mathematics and of the phys-
ical sciences. It is completed in six years. The stu-
dents who pursue this course are divided, according
to their proficiency, into six classes, so graded as to
correspond with the six years of the course. The
commercial course, which extends through four years,
embraces all the branches of a liberal English edcua-
tion. When students are admitted into the Colleger,
thery are examined by the Prefect of Studies, and
placed in the class which their previous attainments
have qualified them to enter. See studies in detail,
terms, regulations, &c., in college catalogue.
Washington University--Located on Washing-
ton av. southwest corner 17th. This institution in-
corporated February 22, 1853, comprises several de-
partments. It is instended to embrace the whole range
of university studies, except theology, and to afford
the youth of the west an opportunity for complete
preparation for every sphere of practical and scien-
tific life.
Corporation--William G.Eliot, , president Wayman
Crow, , vice president ; Seth A.Ranlett, , secretary and
treasurer ; Wm.William G.Elliot, , JohnHow, , WaymanCrow, ,
John H.Krum, , JamesSmith, , Seth A.Ranlett, , Chas.
A.Pope, , GeorgePartridge, , James H.Lucas, , Hudson
e.east Bridge, , HenryHitcheock, , James e.east Yeatman, ,
SamuelTreat, , Carlos s.south Greeley, , RobertCampbell,
and John r.residence Shepley, , directors .
1. Academic Department--WilliamChauvenet, Ll.
D., chancellor ; George B.Stone, A.M., principal of
the academic department; Calvin M.Woodward, A.
M., assistant principal ; SylvesterWaterhouse, A.M.,
Rudoplh L.Tafel, Ph. D., C. C.Bayley, A.M., C.
r.residence Phipps, . A.B., Benjamin F.Tweed, . A.M., Den-Arnold, . A.B., John T.Prince, , Ezra W.Samp-, , W. T.Hillman, , J.Hillman, , J.Hunter, , C.Rob-, and G. e.east Jackson, , instructors ; —Holmes, ,
teacher of drawing ; DanielSchryock, , teacher of mu-
Ii. Collegiate Depatment--WilliamChauvenet, Ll.
D., chancellor, and university professor of mathemat-
ics and astronomy AbramLitton, M.D., Elliot pro-
fessor of chemistry, and acting professor of physics;
Truman M.Post, . D.D., professor of ancient and
modern history; Charles A.Pope, M.D., professor
of comparative anatomy and physiology; Geo.GeorgeEngle-, M.D., professor of botany and natural history,
Geo.George H.Howison, A.M., (acting) Tileston professor
of political economy; Calvin s.south Pennell, A.M., pro-
fessor of intellectual and moral philosphy; Rudolph
L.Tafel, Ph.D., professor of modern languages and
comparative philology; Geo.George B.Stone, A.M., pro-
fessor of rhetoric and oratory; SylvesterWaterhouse,
A. M., university professor of Greek; Geo.George H.How-, A.M., (acting) university professor of Latin
and classical literature; Benajmin F.Tweed, A.M.,
professor of English literature; Calvin M.Woodward,
A.M., assistant professor of mathematics.
Iii.Scientific Department--WilliamChauvenet, Ll.
D., chancellor, and university professor of mathemat-
ics and astronomy; AbramLitton, M.D., Elliot pro-
fessor of analytical and industrial chemistry and act-
ing professor of physics; Truman M.Post, D.D.,
professor of ancient and modern history; Chas. Ed.
Illsley, C.e.east , instructor in civil engineering.
Mary Institute-Located to Lucas place between
14th and 16tb streets. A department of Washington
University. William G.Eliot, , Hudson e.east Bridge, ,
HenryHitchcock, , GeorgePartridge, and Carlos s.south
Greeley, , board of managers .
WilliamChauvenet, Ll. D., chancellor ; Calvin s.south
Pennell, A.M., principal ; Benjamin F.Tweed, . A.M.,
Mrs.R . M.Dean, , Mrs.Lois C.Howison, , Miss Flor-Foster, , Miss Margaret e.east Harkness, Miss Hen-Sawyer, , Miss Harriet L.Jones, , Miss Elizabeth
A.Pennell, and MadameGilbert, ; Mrs.Kate Jones
Brainard, , teacher of music.
O'Fallon Polytechnic Inotitutf-A depart-
ment of the Washington University. Hon.Honorable John
How, , president ; r.residenceBellow, , vice president ; Charles
D.Dean, , treasurer ; Wm.William r.residence Babcock, secretary and
librarian , JohnHow, , G. B.Allen, , r.residenceSellew, , Saml.
Treat, , J. B.Eads, , Chas. A.Pope, D K.Ferguson, ,
Wm.WilliamPatrick, G. F.Filley, , Saml.Gatz, Ed.Brooks, ,
EdgarAmes, Geo.George P.plant, , Jos.O'Nell, , A.Shap-, , C. s.south Greeley, , Robert e.east Carr, , F.Dlings, , Jas.
B.Sickles, and FrancisWhittaker, , board of managers .
WilliamChauvent, Ll. D.chancellor and professor
Of mathematics, AbramLition, M.D., professor of
chemistry; Chas. e.east Illsley, C.e.east , instructor in civil
and mechanical engineering, A. J.Conant, A.M.,
director of the School of design ; Calvin M.Wood-
Ward . A.M., principal of the evening school.