Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
113 City And County Record.
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ceutical meetings; Maurice W.Alexander, , register
of clerks and apprentices; F. W.Sennewald, , chair-
man of the board; JamesMcBride, , secretary of the
board; JohnBarnes, M, D., JohnLauehton, M.D.
HubertPrimm, , HenryKirchner, , TheodoreKalb, . F.
W.Sennewald, , John F.Metzger, , Wm.William H.Crawford, ,
of the college, board of trustees .
Missouri Historical Society-Founded in 1866.
Meets at Polytechnic Institute. Hon.Honorable James H.Lu-, , president ; Rev.Reverend William G.Elliot, D.D., and
Hon.Honorable WilsonPrimm, , vice presidents : Gen.Nathan
Ranney, ; recording secretary ; W. F.Cossons, , corres-
ponding secretary Hon.Honorable Jno. F.Darby, , treaaurer .
St.Street Loots Medical Collrge-This Institution
was founded in the year 1842, and occupies a large
building o 7th street, corner Myrtle. Connected with
the St. Louis Medical College is the O'Fallon Clinic
and Dispensary, founded in 1850, by the liberality of
Col. John O'Fallon, of this city. It is under the care
of the faculty of the college. Here the poor are pre-
scribed for daily, and medicines furnished gratuitous-
ly. Some 4,000 patients are annually treated at this
charity. Besides this, there are, also, attached to the
college two large and extensive apatomical and patho-
logical museums, as well as the museum of the Acad-
emy of science of St. Louis, which are at all times
open to th inspection of the public. Lectures begin
October 2, 1867. Jas. H.Lucas, , president ; Wm G.
Eliot, D.D.,vice president ; Luther M.Kennett, , sec-
retary ; Jno,Laughton, M.D., JamesClemens, , Henry
D.Bacon, , Jas. e.east Yeatman, , Wm.WilliamPenn, M.D., Na-Holmes, , Esq., Thos.ThomasAllen, , WaymanCrow, ,
trustees . M. L.Llnton, M.D., Professor of the prin-
ciple and practice of medicine; A.Litton, M, D., pro-
fessor of chemistry and pharmacy; Charies A.Pope,
M. D., professor of the principles and practice of
lurgery.and of clinical surgery; M. M,Pallen, M.D.,
professor of obstetrics, and the diseases or women and
children; Charles W.Stevens, M.D., professor of
general, descriptive and surgical anatomy; John B.
Johnson, M.D., professor of clinical medicine and
pathological anatomy; John T.Hodgen, M.D., pro-
fesosr of physiology and medical jurisprudence; J. B.
Alleyne, , professor materia medica and Thera-
peutics; J. J.McDowell, M.D., demonstrator of
anatomy; e.east H.Gregory, M.D., adjunct professor
of the principles and practice of surgery and clinical
surgery at the Sisters' hospital; John T.Hodgen, M.
D., dean ; L.Dinkler, , curator .
St.Street Louis Medical Society—Incorporated Jan-uary 25th, 1837. The regular meetinfs of the society
are hjeld at the Mercantile Library Hall building.
EdwardMontgomery, , president ; G. F.Dudley, ,
treasurer ; Warren B.Outten, , recording secretary .
Benevolent And Eeligious
American Christian Commission—George H.
Stuart, , president ; John A.Stewart, , 48 Wall street,
New York, treasurer ; F. G.Ensign, , 14 s.south 5th street,
St. Louis, western secretary . The object of this or-
ganization is to promote Christian activity in the vari-
ous branches of mission and philanthropic effort by
using public meetins, christian consultations, the
public press and practival prapers, to show the need
for and practical methods of performing this work.
Its library contains reports and books bearing upon
nearly every branch of mission and benevolent work.
St. Louis Bible Society--Walnut street, south-
east corner 5th. C. M.Sexton, , treasurer and deposi-
tory .
Sunday School Teachers' Association Of
St. Louis—Office, 14 s.south 5th street. A. SalmonTeas-, , secretary .
Caledonian Society Of St. Louts-Room 1
Mercantile Library building, EbenMcNeil, , presi-
dent ; JohnBruce, , vice president ; JohnNicholson, ,
treasurer ; John Buckie and McCausland , secretaries ;
e.east A.Corbet, , RobertPringle, and JohnHamilton, , re-
lief committee .
Cigar Makers And Tobacconists' Associa-
Tion--Meets on the first Wednesday of each month
at Turners' Hall. Francis H.Buse, , president ; John
Rudrof, vice president ; A.Altman, , secretary ; Zach-Vogel, , assistant secretary ; ChristianHalle, ,
treasurer .
St. Louis Cigarmakers' Association—Meets,
Turners' Hall every second Friday evening at 8
o'clock. H.Hilbich, , president ; M.Plerman, , vice
president ; A.Erdel, , cashier ; r.residenceSmith, , recording
secretary ; L.Lesser, , corresponding secretary ; Ch.
Neather, , financial secretary .
Franklin Literary Circle—Rooms, 1307 s.south 7th
street. F. A.Llbenman, , president .
German Emigrant Aid Society—Organized,
1848. Office, 315 Elm street. IsldorBosh, , president ;
Charles W.Horn, , vice president ; ArthnrOlihaosen, ,
treasurer ; P. s.south Behrens, , secretary ; JuliusConrad, ,
corresponding secretary ; F. M.Schlnkowsky, , agent .
Hebernian Benevolent Socitety—Instituted
May 1, 1837. JamesFortune, , president ; J. C.Bury, ,
vice president ; EdwardQuinliven, , treasurer ; D.
Galvin, , secretary ; JohnMcMannus, , assistant secre-
tary ; J.Galliager, , steward .
Mullanphy Emigrant Relief Fund— Office,
307 Locust. His Honor the Mayor, ex officio, presi-
dent; MarshallBrotherton, , vice president ; James
M.Carpenter, , secretary ; LouisEspenshied, , M.
Brotherton, , F. r.residence Burke, , G. W.Dreyer, , James O.
Broadhead, , A.McHose, , r.residenceMackwitz, , John r.residence Shep-, , JamesSweeney, and Mr. President, directors. Or-
ganized, November 17, 1860.
Polander Benevolent Society— Headquart-
ers, 315 Jackson street. F. M.Schinkowsky, , presi-
dent ; Capt.FrankOthrousky, . vice president ; Albert
Richinsky, , secretary ; Capt.JosephOchocky, , treas-
urer .
German Roman Catholic Benevolent So-
Ciety--Meets every second Sunday in the month at
Washington Hall, 3d street., corner Elm. Jno.Amend, ,
president ; Christopher H.Schuermann, , vice presi-
dent ; B.Heidacker, , secretary ; Jno.Keliner, , assistant
secretary ; F. r.residence Heitkamp, , treasurer ; A.Lamping, ,
marshal ; L.Lange, , asistant marshal .
St. Louis Provident Association--Organized
December 3, 1860. Incorporated, March 17, 1863.
The object of this association is to look after the in-
terest of the poor of St. Louis not otherwise provided
for by churches or other bnevolent bodies; to pro-
vide them with suitable empolyment when expedient,
and otherwise to aid them in such ways as shall be
deemed judicious. JoshuaCheever, , president ; Wm.William
Downing, , vice president ; s.south A.Ranlett, , treasurer ;
John r.residence Lionberger, , JoshuaCheever, , WilliamDown-, , Levin H.Baker, , J. P.Doan, , J. W.McIntyre, ,
Henry C.Yeager, , James F.Fiske, , D. K.Ferguson,
and ThomasMorrison, , directors .
Visitors Of The St. Louis Providence Association--.
Northern district, comprising all within the city limits
north of Morgan stret and Laclede avenue. Rev.Reverend
Fred.Lack, , visitor ; office, 1416 Chambers street.
Office hours from 10 to 12 a.m.
Southern district, comprising all within the city limits
south of Morgan street. Rev.Reverend PhilipBarth, , visitor .
Office, Marion street, northeast corner Decuatur.
Office hours from 7 to 8 a.m. and from 4 to 5.30 p.m.
As distributions are made by the visitors only, under
the direction of the board, the public are requested
to send applicants for charity to them alone. For
the convenience of members, printed blanks can be
had of any of the directors, collectors or visitors.
The Scandinavian Society Of Oden-C. A
Smith, , president ; C.Chrbtensen, , vice president ; J.
T.Appelberg, , treasurer ; C.Landegren, , secretary ,
Meets every Thursday evening.
Young Men'S Methodist Union-Instituted,
1859. Methodist Episcopal church. South. In base-
ment of Centenary church, 5th street, corner Pine.
P. M.Lockwood, , president ; Garland C.Hurt, , vice
president . Library rooms open every evening.