Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
City And County Record. 119
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St. Vincent Of St. Paul Society For The
Visiting Of The Poor--Upper Council--Thomas
Ferguson, , president ; H. J.Spauncherst, and Joseph
O'Neil, , vice presidents ; O. W.Collett, , secretary ;
LouisFuz, , assistant secretary ; r.residence F.Barry, , treas-
urer .
Conferences--Cathedral, Walnut street, between 2d
and 3d; james C.Bury, , president , St. Vincents,
8th street, corner Park avenue; O. W.Collette, , presi-
dent . Aznnunclation, 6th street, corner Labadie; B.
F.Elder, , president . Immaculate Conception, 8th
street, corner Chesnut; John e.east Yore, , president .
St. Malathia, near Star tavern; J. C.Calahan, ,
president , St. John's 16th street, corner Pine;
ThomasFerguson, , president , St. Bridget, 26th
street, corner Carr; JohnKing, , president , St.Street
Patrick, , 6th street, corner Biddle; ThomasShields, ,
president . St. Joseph, 11th steet, corner Biddle.
St. Lawrence O'Toole, 14th street, corner O'Fallon;
A.Murray, , president .
The Young Men'S Sodality Literary Asso-
Ciation--Business meeting, last Wednesday of
each quarter. Evenings, for debate, every Wednes-
day evening. Meets at Sodality hall, 9th street,
corner Green. FrancisDunovan, , president ; John
Ring, , vice president ; BernardKernan, , secretary ;
William A.Shea, , treasurer ; LouisFusz, , JohnRing, ,
BernardKernan, , Michael K.McGrath, , Daniel H.
Donovan, and NicholasBergen, , general committee ;
JamesMcGrath, , librarian .
Young Men'S Christian Association--Rooms,
405 north 4th street. SamuelCuppies, , president ; e.east
s.south Greenwood, , vice president ; W. C.Regal, , corres-
ponding secreaty ; A. D.Mathews, , recording secre-
tary ; H. C.Yager, , treasurer .
Young Men'S Evangelical Association
(German)--15th street, corner Carr. Meets every
Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. Business meeting,
first Tuesday of each month.
Young Men'S Association Of St. John'S Ger-
Man Evangelical Church--14th street, corner
Madison, Meeting, Sunday, 7.30 p.m.
Young Men'S Evangelical Lutheran So-
Ciety--Organized May 7th, 1847, for the benfit
jand support of students who study theology at Con-
cordia college, St. Louis, Mo., and who have no
means or resources of their own to carry on their
stuides. Meets every first Sunday in each month, in
basement of Evangelical Lutheran church, Franklin
avenue, corner 11th street, and in school on Vedar
street, between 3d and 4th, alternately every three
months. HenryMotz, , president ; JohnConrath, ,
treasurer ; LeonhardtGuruber, , secretary .
St. Louis Buthers' Association--Meets at
Wedgehouse, Market street road, between Leffing well
and Summit avenues.
Biddle Infant Asylum--Located on O'Fallon
street, southeast corner 10th, under the direction of
Sister Mary Aloysina, of the Sisters of Charity.
Biddle And Mullanphy Widow'S Home--Lo-
cated on O'Fallon street, southeast corner 10th.
City Mission House--Located on north 8th street,
under the auspices of the church of the Messiah
(Unitarian), established to find homes for the desti-
tute, friendless and orphan. Also, in connection
with the mission house, is an industrial school for
children of both sexes, in which, in addition to in-
struction, they receive food and clothing. Neppa
Delano, , matron .
Orphans' Home (Colorei)--12th street, between
O'Fallon and Cass avenue. Mrs.A.Claopo, , president ;
Mrs.L.Eaton, , secretary ; Mrs.A.Weed, , matron .
Girsls' Industrial Home--Located on Morgan
street, southeast corner 19th. Founded, 1853. Mrs.
M.Thompson, , president ; Miss A.Glenny, , teacher .
Infant Orphan Asylum--Located on Marion
street, corner Menard, under the charge of the Sis-
ters of Charity.
House Of The Guardian Angel--Infant Orphan
Asylum. Located on Marion street, northwest corner
Menard, under the charge of the Sisters of Charity.
Lasalle Institute For Orphans--Located on
Marion street, corner Menard, under the charge of
the Sisters of Charity.
Missouri Institution For The Education
Of The Blind--Located on Morgan sreet.
PhiletusFales, , superintendent .
Mullanphy Orphan Asylum--Directed by the
ladies of the Sacred Heart.
Orphan Girl'S Asylum-In connection with the
St. Louis hospital, Spruce street, corner 4th, under
the charge of the Daughters of Charity,.
Epsicopal Orphans' Home--1100 North Market
street. Mrs.JaneFimister, , matron ; Rt. Hon. C. s.south
Hawks, , D.D., visitor ; PhilipMcKim, , chaplain ;
Mrs.Walker r.residence Carter, , 1st directress ; Mrs.Edward
Brooks, , 2d directress .
Protestant Orphan Asylum--Located at 827
7th street, between Franklin avenue and Morgan
street. CarrieMcNair, , matron ; Mrs.Penelope
Smith, , 1st directress ; Mrs.Elizabeth W.Darake, , 2d
directress ; Mrs.Jane e.east Lewis, , secreaty ; Miss J.
Levering, , treasurer ; Mrs.Alex,Hamilton, , Mrs.
JuliusMorisse, , Mrs.G. K.Budd, , Mrs.EbenRich-, , Mrs.SullivanBlood, , Mrs.T. B.Dutcher, ,
Mrs.JosephPowell, , Mrs.Sam.Copp, , Mrs.P. J.
Thompson, , Mrs.HenryStagg, , Mrs.n.north C.Chapman,
and Miss Thomas, , managers .
German Protestant Orphans' Home--The
Home is located on the Dst. Charles rock road, nine
miles form the Court House. Office, in the Good Sa-
maritan hospital on Pratte avenue. Rev.Reverend Louis e.east
Nollau, , superintendent ; Mrs.A. M.Meir, , matron .
Methodist Orphans' Home--1743 north 12th
St.Street Ann'S r.residence C. Asylum--Founded in 1853. Dedi-
cated, 1858. Located on O'Fallon streetm southeast
corner 10th, under the direction of the Sisters of
Charity. Sister Chatherine, , superior .
St. Joseph'S Half Orphan Asylum-Located
on Clark av. northeast corner 15tyh street, under the
charge of the sisters of St. Joseph. Mother Felicite, ,
superior .
St. Mary'S r.residence C. Orphan Asylum--Founded,
1848. Dedicated, 1846. Located on Biddle street,
northeast corner 10th, under the direction of the sis-
ters of Charity.
St. Vincent'S German Male And Female
Orphan Asylum--Located on 20th street be-
tween O'Fallon and Cass av. Erected, 1851. Sup-
ported by the society of St. Vincent. Mother Angela, ,
superior .
St. Luois House Of Refuge.--Located on the
south side of Osage street, near Compton av.C. s.south
Greeley, , president ; J. G.Woerner, , secretary ; F. W.Gleason, , superintendent and treasurer ; J. G.
Woerner, , J. H.Amelung, , A.Niederwieser, , James s.south
Thomas, , MarshallBrotherton, , Geo.GeorgeFrederick, , Augus-Etling, and F. W.Cronenbold, , board of managers ;
J. B.Legg, , assistant superintendent ; r.residenceLimond, ,
principal teachar ; Miss M. e.east Pellon, and Miss H. s.south
Brighan, , assitant teachers ; J. O.Scouller, , foreman
shoe shop ; Mrs.Thomas, , superintendent of tailor
shop ; Mrs.e.eastRay, , laundress ; Mrs Alex.Dotary, ,
housekeeper ; Frank r.residence Bell, , day police .
Female Department--Mrs.H. s.south Gleason, , matron ;
Mrs.s.south A.Fairchild, , assitant matron ; Mrs.L.De-, , teacher ; JosephSpeigelhalter, M.D., pby-
sician .
House Of The Good Shepherd--Located on
17th street, between Chesnut and Pine, Sister Mary, ,
superior .