Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
120 City Amd County Record.
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Biddle Lying-In Hospital—Located on O'Fallon
street, southeast corner 10th, under the direciton of
the Sisters of Charity.
City Hospital—Located on Lafayette av. north-
west corner Linn street. Dr.e.east A.Clark, , resident
physician and superintendent ; Chas. J.Rasch, , man-
ager ; Mrs.Chas. J.Rasch, , matron . days of admis-
sion, Sundays and Thursdays. A charity clinic every
Wednesday and Saturday by J. T.Hodgen, .
Good Samaritan Hospital—Located on Dayton
street, corner Jefferson av.Rev.Reverend Louis e.east Nollau, ,
superintendent ; Drs.T. G.CoMjtock, , W. T.Hell-, and G. T.Walker, , attending physicians .
Marine Hospital—Located on Marine av. south of
United States Arsenal. Dr.Smith, , surgeon .
St.Street Louis Hospital--Located on Spruce street,
corner 4th. Under the charge of the Sisters of Char-
ity. Hours for visiting from 9 to 11 a.m. and from 2
to 3 p.m. daily. Clinic--Monday, Wednesday and
Frday, for the gratuitous treatment of the poor. Sis-
ter Mary AlexisReyhice, , superior ; Drs.Pope, and
Gregory, , consulting physicians .
St. Luke'S Hospital--Located on Ohio street cor-
ner Summer. Instituted in 1865. e.east A.Roberts, ,
resident physician ; Mrs.J. H.Stevens, , matron ; J.
W.Luke, , president ; John r.residence Triplett, , secretary ;
Edward P.Curtis, , treasurer ; Judge W. F.Fergu-, , Prof.B. B.Minor, , Wm.WilliamWallace, Benjamin e.east
Walker, , F. W.Southack, , CharlesThaw, , D. Robet
Barclay, , BenjaminO'Fallon, , W. H.Woodward, , e.east
C.Simmons, , CharlesMiller, and Wm.WilliamDavie, , board
of managers .
St.Street Vincent Institution For The Insane—
Located on Decatur (or 9th) street corner Marion.
Under the charge of the Sisters of Charity. Jeromey
K.Baudnin, , physician .
German Lutheran Hospital--Located on the
east side of 7th street, between Sidney and Lynch.
Law Libarary--Located In the south wing of the
Court House. John r.residence Shepley, , president ; James
O.Broadhead, , vice president ; GeorgeeDenison, , treas-
urer ; Samuel L.Holliday, , secretary ; Ben. A.Frank-, , librarian ; James K.Knight, . John M.Krum, , John
K.Shepley, end Alex.Martin, , directors . Regular an-
nual meeting, first Monday in December.
O'Fallon Polytechnic Institute—Located on
Chesnut me t, southwest corner 7th. Organized,
1855, under the charter of the Washington University.
The library is furnished with nearly 8,000 volumes and
a large supply of Amercial and European quarterly
and monthly magazines; also with a alrge supply of
daily and weekly newspapers. JohnHow, , president ;
RalphSellew, , vice president ; Cahs. D.Dana, , treas-
urer ; Wiliam r.residence Babcock, , secretary and librarian ;
JohnHow, , Gerard B.Allen, , George P.Plant, , J. B.
Eads, , FrancisWhitaker, , Giles F.Filley, , C. A.Pope, ,
s.south Treat, Ed.Brooks, , SamuelGatty, . D. K.Ferguson, ,
WilliamPatrick, , r.residenceSellew, , Jos.O'Neil, , A. F.Shap-, , C. s.south Greley, , Robert e.east Carr, , F.Dings, , Jas.
B.Sickles, and EdgarAmes, , board of managers .
St. Lous Mercantile Library Association
--Located on 5th street, corner Locust. Incorpora-
ted, 1816. The library "contains-'5,000 volumes, as
well as specimens of painting and sculpture. Lafjy-Wilson, , president ; Samuel M.Dodd, , vice pres-
ident ; A. P.Saugrain, , corresponding secretary ; John
H.Tracy, , recording secretary ; H. H,Wernse, . treas-
urer ; J. pf.Norrls, , r.residence M.Scruggs, , H. T.Simon, , Van
LearRunyan, , L. A.Moffitt, , C. r.residence Garrison, and r.residence
W.Church, , dire tors ; John n.north Dyn, , actuary and
librarian ; W. H.Anderson, , 1st assistant librarian ,
e.east H.Larkta, , 2d asiietantlibrarian : C. H.Yeatmau, ,
3d assistant librarian ; SamuelClegg, , janitor .
Libray Of The Academy Of Science--Lo-
cated at Dr. Pope's college, 7th street, coerner Myrtle.
Library Of The St. Louis University--Loca-
ted on Green street and Washington av. west of 9th.
Number of volumes 20,000.
The Public School Library Society Op St.
Louis—Incorporated, February, 1865. Number of
volumes in thellbrary, January, 1868, 12,000. Num-
ber of members, 4,000 Stephen D.Barlow, , presi-
dent board of public schoo, ex-officio; IraDivoli, ,
superintendent public schools, ex-officio; Miss A. C.
Brackett, , principal normal schools, ex-officio; W. G..
Elliot, , C. s.south Greeley, , s.south D.Barlow, , T. B.Edgar, ,
ThomasRicheson, , JohnConzelman, , William T.Har-
ris , GeorgePartridge, , George W.Nash, , FelixCoste, ,
Mrs.Eliza C.Dunham, and Miss Kate T.Wilson, ,
board of trustees ; Stephen D.Barlow, , president ; C.
s.south Greeley, , vice president ; Nat.Meyers, , recording
secretary ; Wm.William H.Maurice, , treasurer ; John Jay
Bailey, , librarian ; louisNollau, , first assistant libra-
rian ; Thos.Thomas J.Moffet, , second assistant librarian .
Secret And Benevolent Soci-
Ancient and Honorable order of Free
and Accepted Masons.
The Grand Lodge--Meets in the city of St.Louis
at Masonic Hall, 3d street, corner Chestnut, on the
second Monday in October, in every year. Grand
secreaty's office, 12 n.north 5th street, opposite Court
The Grand Chapter--Meets annualy on the
Wednesday preceding the fourth Mondaty in October,
at Masonic Hall, kin the city of St. Louis.
Grand Council-Meets annually, immediately after
Grand Chapter.
Grand Commandery-Meets annually on the first
Monday of October of each year.
St.Street Louis Council No. 1-Meets on the second
and fourth Friday in each month.
St. Louis Commandery, No. 1-Meets on the first
and third Monday in each month.
O'Sullivan Chapter, U.D.--Hall, 10th street,
corner Carr.
Subordinate Chapters in St. Louis.
Missouri Chapter, No. 1-Meets on the first,
second and fourth Mondays in each month, at Masonic
Hall, 3d street, northeast corner Chesnut.
St. Louis Chapter, No. 8-Meets on the first and
third Fridays in each month, at Masonic Hall, 3d
street, northeast corner Chesnut.
Bellefontaine Chapter, No. 25--Meets in North
St. Louis on the second and fourth Fridays in each
Subordinate Lodges in St. Lous.
The five following subordinate Lodges meet in Masonic
Hall, 3d street, corner Chesnut.
Missouri Lodge, No. 1--Meets on the first and
third Thrusdays in each month.
George Washington Lodge, No. 9-- Meets on
the second and fourth Tuesdays in each month.
St. Louis Lodge, No. 20--Meets on the first and
third Tuesdays in each month.
Naphtali Lodge, No. 25--Meets on the second
and fourth Tuesdays in each month.
Polar Star Lodge, No. 79--Meets on the second
and fourth Wednesday in each month.