Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
City And County Record. 85
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St.Street Louis Fire Department.
John W.Bame, , chief engineer , offloe , 216 n.north 7th; Rich-Beggs, and JacobTrice, , asst.assistant engineers : Wm.William H.
Dangler, , secretary . Steam Engine Franklin No. 1,
11th, between Wash and Carr, A. K.Hildreth, , engi-
neer . Steam Engine Onion No. 2, Franklin av. cor-
ner 23d, HenryWestennan, engineer . Steam En-
ghie Washington No. 3, 5th, between Spruce and
Almond, WilliamTrowbrtdge, , engineer . Steam En-
gine Gen. Lyon No. 4, Broadway, between Mound
and Brooklyn, OscarScudder, engineer . Steam En-
gine Missouri No. 5, 216 n.north 7th, JohnBarrett, , engi-
neer Steam Engine Underwriter No. 6, Carondelet
av. corner Park aY.IsaacThomas, , engineer , Steam
Engine Deluge No. 7, Market, between 14 and 15th,
JoelOutly, , engineer . Steam Engine Veto No. 8,
12th, corner Salisbury, P.Stewart, , engineer , Steam
Engine J. P.Thornton, No 9, Easton, corner Barton,
SamuelBuchanan, engineer . Steam Engine Hamp-Woodruff, No. 10, Pratte av. corner Estelle, John
Bavley, , engineer . Hook and Ladder Company, 216
n. 7th.
Fire Alarm Telegraph.
Directions—If a fire is discovere in your vicinity, go
to the nearest box, pull the hook all the way down,
and immediately release it; wait a few minutes, and
if you hear no tap in the box or alarm from the
bells, pull the hook again ; if still no tapping in the
box or alarm from the bells, go to the next nearest
box and pull the hook as before. If convenient wait
at the box and direct the fireman to the fire. Com-
plaints concerning the working of the Fire Alarm
Telegraph, irregualr striking of the bells or tapping
of the boxes, broken wires, etc., should in all cases
be made at the Fire Alarm office, Court House.
Location Of Stations.
1—Biddle, se.southeast cor.corner Levee
2—Cherry, se.southeast cor.corner Levee
3— Carr, nw.northwest cor.corner Main.
4—O'Fallon, Be.cnr.corner Lewis.
5— Cherry, sw.southwest cor.corner Second.
6—Broadway, nwnorthwest , cor.corner Franklin avenue.
7—New City Market, Broadway, cor.corner Biddle.
8—Columbia, se.southeast cor.corner Broadway.
9— Cass avenue, ne.northeast cor.corner Eighth.
12—Biddle, sw.southwest cor.corner Seventh.
13—Wash, se.southeast cor.corner Sixth.
14—Green, nw.northwest cor.corner Sixth.
15—Wash.sw.southwest cor.corner Fighth,
16—Morgan, sw.southwest cor.corner Ninth.
17—Franklin Engine House, Eleventh street.
18—O'Fallon, nw.northwest cr. Ninth.
19—O'Fallon, sw.southwest cor.corner High.
21—Franklin avenue, nw.northwest cor.corner Twelfth.
23—Eleventh, nw.northwest corcorner Green.
24—Fifteenth, sw.southwest cor.corner Franklin avenue.
25—Carr, nw.northwest cor.corner Fourteenth.
26—Locust, se.southeast cor.corner Third.
27—Walnut, nw.northwest cor.corner Fourth.
28—Main, se.southeast cor.corner Plum.
31—Washington avenue, se.southeast cor.corner Fourth.
32—Washington avenue, sw.southwest cor.corner Main.
34—Locust, cor.corner Levee.
35—Olive, sw.southwest cor.corner Main.
36—Chestnut, cor.corner Levee.
37—Chestnut street Police Station.
41—Pine, nw.northwest cor.corner Fourth.
42—Locust, sw.southwest cor.corner fifth.
43—Hook and Ladder House, Seventh street.
45—Missouri engine House, Washington avenue.
46—Locust, ne.northeast cor.corner Ninth.
51—Olive, se.southeast cor.corner Twelfth.
52—Olive, sw.southwest cor.corner fourteenth.
53—Deluge Engine House, Market, cor.corner Fifteenth.
54—Market, se.southeast cor.corner Twelfth.
61—Chesnut, ne.northeast cor.corner Tenth.
62—Market, sw.southwest cor.corner Eighth.
63—Walnut, sw.southwest cor.corner Main.
64—Myrtle, cor.corner Levee
71—elm, sw.southwest cor.corner Third.
72—Elm, se.southeast cor.corner Seventh.
73—Clark avenue, nw.northwest cor.corner Tenth.
81—Spruce, sw.southwest cor.corner Fourteenth
82—Washington Engine House, Fifth, cor.corner Almond.
91—Almond, nw.northwest cor.corner Main.
121—Chouteau avenue, nw.northwest cor.corner Fourteenth.
123—Orchard, sw.southwest cor.corner Barlow.
124—Gratiot, nw.northwest cor.corner Seventh.
125—Plum, se.southeast cor.corner Fourth.
126—Chouteau avenue, nw.northwest cor.corner Fourth.
127—Lombard, sw.southwest cor.corner third.
131—convent, nw.northwest cor.corner Second.
132—Underwriter Engine House, Carondelet avenue.
134—Hickory, sw.southwest cor.corner Eighth.
135—Hickory, sw.southwest cor.corner Grattan.
136—Hickory, nw.northwest cor.corner Laveille.
141—Rutger, sw.southwest corcorner Ninth.
142—Park avenue, sesoutheast cor.corner Menard.
143—Fulton, nw.northwest cor.corner Marlon.
145—Jackson, se.southeast eor. Marlon
151—Carondetet, ne.northeast cor.corner Lafayette.
152—Decatur, sw.southwest cor.corner Soulard.
153—Rosatti, sw.southwest cor.corner soulard.
154—Geyer avenue, nw.northwest cor.corner Rosatti.
161—Ann anvenue, se.southeast cor.corner Menard.
162—Ann avenue, nw.northwest cor.corner Seventh.
163—Lesperance, sw.southwest cor.corner DeKalb.
164—Buena Vista, cor.corner Eliza.
171—Columbus, nw.northwest cor.corner Lami.
172—Thornton Engine House, Barton, cor.corner Easton.
181—sidney, sw.southwest cor.corner Columbus.
212—Lynch, sw.southwest cor.corner Seventh.
213—Carondelet avnue, sw.southwest cor.corner Pestalozzi.
214—Carondelet avenue, nw.northwest cor.corner Wall.
215—Gravois road, near Jefferson avenue.
216—Emmett, cor.corner Linn.
217—Soulard, ne.northeast cor.corner Linn.
218—Inside the St. Louis Arsenal.
231—Park avenue, cor.corner Second Carondelet avenue.
232—Chouteau avenue, cor.corner Missouri avenue.
234—Adolph, sw.southwest cor.corner Clark avenue.
335—Market, cor.corner Eighteenth.
241—Clark avenue, ne.northeast cor.corner Sixteenth.
242—Pine, se.southeast cor.corner Seventeenth.
243—Washington avnue, sw.southwest cor.corner Seventeenth.
245—Cass avenue, nw.northwest cor.corner Sixteenth.
251—Biddle, ne.northeast cor.corner Sixteenth.
252—Franklin avenue, se.southeast cor.corner Seventeenth.
253—Blind Asylum, Morgan, cor.corner Twentieth.
254—Wash.sw.southwest cor.corner Twentieth.
261—Biddle, nw.northwest cor.corner Ninteenth.
262—O'Fallon, se.southeast cor.corner Twenty-second.
271—Union Engine House, Twenty-third, cor.corner Franklin214
312—Carr, se.southeast cor,corner Twenty-fourth.
313—Pratte avenue, se.southeast cor.corner Morgan.
314—Pratte aveneu, sw.southwest cor.corner Olive.
315—Clark avenue, sw.southwest cor.corner Naomi.
316—Clark avenue, se.southeast cor.corner Emily.
321—Wedge House, west end Market street.
323—Leffingwelll avenue, cor.corner Washington avenue.
324—Garrison avenue, sw.southwest cor.corner Easton.
325—Franklin avenue, sw.southwest cor.corner Alby.
341—Mullanphy, ne.northeast cor.corner Main.
342—Lyon Engine House, Broadway.
343—Howard, ne.northeast cor.corner Tenth.
345—Cass avenue, nenortheast cor.corner Thirteenth.
351—Mullanphy, cor.corner Sixteenth.
352—Madison, se.southeast cor.corner Fourteenth.
353—Brooklyn, se.southeast cor.corner Twelfth.
361—Chambers, ne.northeast cor.corner tenth.
362—Sturgeon Market, Broadway.
363—Benton, se.southeast cor.corner Eleventh.
371—North Market, ne.northeast cor.corner Fourteenth.
372—Warren, se.southeast cor.corner Fifteenth.
373—Spring, nw.northwest cor.corner Tenth.
381—Harrison, nw.northwest cor.corner Broadway.
382—Buchanan, se.southeast cor.corner Ninth.
383—Salisbury, nw.northwest cor.corner Broadway.
384—Veto Engine House, Salisbury, cor.corner Twelfth.
385—Salisbury, nw.northwest cor.corner Kossuth.
386—Angelica, se.southeast cor.corner Broadway.
Board of Fire Engineers.
Chas. W.Gottschalk, , chairman ; William H.Dangler, ,
secretary ; GeorgeFrederick, , AugustEttling, , e.east
Wells, , Hy. n.north Parker, and Charles W.Gottschalk, .
Board meets first Thursday of every mouth at 216 n.north
Ward Boundaries.
First Ward— Embraces all that part of the city south
of a line beginning at a point on the Levee running
west along the centre of Barton street, to Carondelet