Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
130 Street And Avenue Guise.
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North Green, from 16th west to pratte av.avenue
North Market, from n.north Levee west to Grand av.avenue
O'Blennis, from Chouteau av.avenue south to Park av.avenue
O'Fallon, from 1301 n.north Levee west to Pratte av.avenue
O'Fallon, Avenue, from Bellefontaine rd.road east to
the river
Ohio, from 373 (old No.) Carondelet av.avenue west to Cecile
Ohio'Avenue, from Shenandoab south to Potomac
Ohio, from 301 n.north levee west to Garrison av.avenue
Olive Street Plank Road, from Garrison av.avenue
west to beyond the city limits
Onroto, from Sbenndoh north to Oeyer av.avenue
Orange, from 717 n.north 12th west to 716 r.residence , 17th
Orchard, from Barlow west to Beckwtlh
Oregon, from Chlppewa south, to beyond city limits
Oregon Avesce, from Pontiicsouth to Utah
Osaqe, from Marine av.avenue treat to Grand av.avenue
Pacific, from Pratte av.avenue west
Pacific Avenue, from n.north St.Street charles rd.road north
Page, from Alby west to beyond city limits
Page, Avenue, from Olive Street Pland rd.road n.north to
Palm, from Levee west to 9th
Papin, from 1021 s.south 5th west to Tayon av.avenue
Park Avenue, from 1401 Carondelet av.avenue west to city
Park Place, Lariyette av.avenue and Geyer av.avenue McNair
av.avenue and 2d Carondelet av.avenue
Parson, from Prairie av.avenue east to North Market
Paul, from 806 Chouteau av.avenue south to Hickory
Peck, from Kossuth av.avenue south to near Grand av.avenue
Penn, from Csmurls west to Barsaloux
Pennsylvania Avenue, from Park av.avenue south to
Penrose, from Bellefontaine rd. west to n.north 16th
Penrose, Avenue, from Pratte av.avenue west to Webster
Pestalozzi, from Carondelet west to s.south 8th
Picker, from Linn west to Du Breull
Picotte, from s.south Levee west to 2100 Carondelet av.avenue
Pine, from 201 n.north Levee west to Garrson av.avenue
Pittsfield, from Lafayette av.avenue south to Shenandoah
Plum, from 701 s.south Levee west to 700 s.south 4th
Pontiac, from Jefferson avavenue Levee west to Garand av.avenue
Poplar, from 601 s.south Levee west to Marcer
Potomac, from Minnesota av.avenue westt to Grand av.avenue
Potomac, Avenue, from Jefferson av.avenue west to Grand
Powiiattan, from Minnesota av.avenue west to Grand av.avenue
Prairie, from Lynch south to Arsenal rd.road
Prairie Avenpe, from Page northeast to Beltefon-
taine rd.road
Pratte Avenue, from Park av.avenue north to Hebert
President, from Cherokee south and west to Jeffer-
son av.avenue
Preston Place, Lafayette av.avenue and Ceyer av.avenue Park
pl.place and 2d Carondelet av.avenue
Proven0Uere, from 900 Chouteau av.avenue fouth to Hick-
Randolph, from s.south 12th west to Naomi
Rankin Avenue, from Chouteau av.avenue north
Rappahannock, from Gravoisrd.road west to Grand av.avenue
Reynard, from Part av.avenue north to Carolina
Ridoes. in suburbs near Pacific railroad
Ridgley, from 521 s.south 14th west to s.south 17th
Rosatti, from 1112 Park av.avenue south to Crittenden
Rosf, from Grsnd av.avenue north to Jasmin
Russell Avenue, from 2101 Carondelet av.avenue west to
Jefferson av.avenue
Rutgers, from s.south Levee west to 1301 s.south 7th
Salena, from Lynch south to Arsenal
Salisbury, from Levee west to Kossuth av.avenue
Sanguinett, in southwestern suburbs
Barau, from O'Blennla west to Compton av.avenue
School, from Alby west to Grsnd av.avenue
Soott Avenue, from Tayon av.avenue west to Pratte av.avenue
Scudder Avenue, from Grand av.avenue west beyond city
Second (n.north ), from 201 Market north to Grsnd av.avenue
Second (s.south ), from 300 Market south to Chippewa
Second Carondelet Avenue, from Carondelet
rd.road west and north to 264 Chouteau av.avenue
iEvknteenxh (n.north ), from 1701 Market north to An-
Seventeenth (s.south ), from 1100 Markrt south to 1701
Chouteau av.avenue
Seventh (n.north ), from 701 Marktt north to 1736 West
Seventh (s.south ), from 700 Market south to Cherokee
Shaw Avenue, in southwestern suburbsnear Pacific
Shenandoah, from Oneoto west to Grand av.avenue
Sherman Avenue, from Wilkinson east to Thomas
Sidney, from s.south Levee west to Minnesota av.avenue
Singleton, from s.south 15th west to Tayon avavenue
Sixteenth (n.), from 1601 Market north to Grand av.avenue
Sixteenth (s.south ), from 1600 Market south to Poplar
Sixth (n.north ), from 601 Market north to 1449 Broadway
Sixth (s.south ), from 600 Maiket south to Dorcst
Smith, from 1418n.north Levee west to 1412 n.north Main
SuPhia, from Ljnch tooth Arsenal
Soclard, from s.south Levee writ to Linn
South, from 1001 Park av.avenue north to Hickory
Spring, from Levee west to 2800 n.north 16th
Spring, from Page north to New St.Street Charles rd.road
Spruce, from 401 s.south Levee west to High
St. Ange Avenge, from Carroll north-to 1340 Chou-
teau av.avenue
St. Anton, from 1329 Csrondelet av.avenue west
State, from Russell av.avenue south to Sidney
St. Charles, from 507 n.north 8d west to Pratte av.avenue
St. Charles Road, see Easton
Step, from Lami north to Picotte
Sterling, from Lynch south to Arsenal
St. Louis Place, Hebert, and North Green, 17th and
Stoddarp, from Pratte av.avenue west to Glasgow
Stoddard Avenue, from 1087 Parkav.avenue north to 1100
Chonteau av.avenue
Summkr, from Victor north to Geyer av.avenue
Summer, from Grand av.avenue west to Spring av.avenue
Summit Avenue, from Scott av.avenue north to Walnut
Sumner, from Grande av.avenue west to Spring
Superior, from Ann av.avenue north to Geyer av.avenue
Susan, from Compton av.avenue west to May
S0Squehanna, from junction of Pennsylvanl av.avenue
and Gravois rd.road west to Grand av.avenue
Sycamore, from's.south Levee west to 1019 s.south 2d
Talcott Avenue, from Bellefontaine rd.road east to
the river
Targee, from 1412 Market south 1415 Clark av.avenue
Tayon Avenue, from Chouteauav.avenue north to Poplar
Tenessee, from Accomac south to Miami
Tenth (n.north ), from 1001 Market north to Angelira
Tkntii (s.south ), from 1000 Market south to 1001 Graliot
Thbhksa, from Choulrsu av.avenue north to Manchester rd.road
Third (n.north ), from 301 Market north to 300 Morgan
Third s.south ), from 300 Market south to Chlppewa
TniRteknth (n.north ), from 1301 Market north to Angelica
Thirteenth (s.south ), from 1300 Market math to 1301
Chouten av.avenue
Tholozan, In southwestern suburbs
Thomas, from Lafayette av.avenue north to Park av.avenue
Thomas Avenue, from Pratle av.avenue west to Grand av.avenue
Toney, from Choureau av.avenue south to park av.avenue
Trudeau, from s.south Levee west to 2200 Carondelet av.avenue
Twelfth (n.north ), from 1201 Market north to Angelica
Twelfth (s.south ), from 2000 Market south to 1201 Chou-
tean av.avenue
Twentieth (n.north ), from 2001 Market north to Angelica
Twentieth (s.south ), from 2000 Market south to Estelle
Twenty-Eighth, from Davis north to Cass av.avenue
Twenty-Fifth, from Carr north to Cass av.avenue
Twenty-First (n.north ), from 2101 Market north to An-
Twenty-First (s.south ), from 2100 Market soutn to Fstelle
Twenty-Fourth (n.north ), from Christy av.avenue north to
Cass av.avenue
Twenty-Ninth, from Davis north to Cass av.avenue
Twenty-Second (n.north ), from 2201 Market north to
Twenty-Second (s.south ), from 2200 Market south to
Twenty-Seventh, from Davis north to Cass av.avenue
Twenty-Sixth, from Davis north to Cass av.avenue
Twenty-Third (n.north ), from 2301 Market north to Cass
Twenty-Third (s.), from 2300 Market south to Es-
Tyler, from Levee west to city limits between Dock
and Palm
Ulrica, from Randolp north to Estalle
Union, from Victor south to Sidney
University, from 16th west to 22d