Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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Choice Butter Canned For Mountain Trade, By D. Douglass, 210 Pine St.

Engle, Paul(Engel & Dacumling) , r.residence 1717 Co-
Engel, Valentine, r.residence rear 1721 Wash
Engel & Dacumling (Paul Engel and John Da-
cuminling) , butchers , 1404 Carnodelet av.avenue
Engsel, , see also Engle, and Engels,
Engelbrecht, Carl, lab.laborer al.alley bet.between s.south 7th and Fulton,
Soulard and Lafayette
Eogelbrccbt, Hermann F.e.east student, Concordia
college, r.residence we. Clara, nr.near Miami
Eiwrelbrecht, Jobn, tailor , r.residence 1012 n.north 9th
Eogeibrccht, John, tinner , C.Heine, , r.residence 918 n.north 9th
Eoaelbrecht, WilliamJab. bds.boards 1448 Broadway
Efitagelhard, Joseph, moulder , r.residence 1836 Decatur
Enirelhard, Peter, lab.laborer Belchers Sugar Refining
Co. r.residence 1217 n.north 10th
Engelaardt, Frite, brewer , Uaion brewery, bds.boards
1712 Market
Engeihart, Bernard, lab.laborer r.residence Baldwin at.cor.corner Conde
Engeihart, Fredeiich, brewer , r.residence 1805 Jackson
Engeihart, John, cooper , r.residence rear 1223 n.north 12th
Eiigelliart, Sebastian, brewer , E. Anheiser & Co.company
r.residence Buel, bet.between Pastalozsi aud Crittenden
Eogelka, John, clerk , r.residence Wyoming, bet.between Missouri
and Illinois avs.avenues
Engelke, B. H.clerk , quartermaster's dept. U.S.United States
A. r, 615 Pine
Engelke, Charles(Engelke & Feiner) ,r.residence Cedar.
se.southeast cor.corner 3d
Engelke & Feiner (Charles Engelke and Francis
Feiuer) proprs. Southern milk, 806 and 808
s.south 5th
Engelker, Anna, wid.widow Christian, , r.residence 1221 Jefferson
Engclker, Henry, expressman , Koenigkramer,
Hoilman & Co.company r.residence Jefferson, , ne.northeast cor.corner 13th
Engeiking, Carl, moulder , r.residence 1121 Geyer av.avenue
Engelmau, George H.(Nehl, Borrenpohl & Engel-
nian). r.residence 1716 Carr
Engelmann, Albert, clerk , E. Hilger & Co.company r.residence 112
a. 7th
Engelmann, Anton, clerk , r.residence 614 s.south 4th
Eugelmann, Chatlew F.teacher , r,1118 n.north 16th
Engelmann, George, prof. Washington university,
r. 201 s.south 5th
Engels, Charles H.J,showcasemaker , r.residence 306 n.north
Engels, Edward, teamster , r.residence 1754 n.north 9th
Engels, John P.drygoods , bds.boards 1614 Market
Engels, M. T.tailor , r.residence al.alley bet.between Decatur aiid Buel,
Soulard and Lafayette
Engels, Nathaniel, machinist , r.residence 2618 s.south 7th
Engels, Peter, barkeeper , r.residence 915 s.south 7th
Enger, George, lab.laborer r.residence California av.avenue nr.near Wyoming :
Engcrhau, s.south muel, lab.laborer r.residence 3510 n.north 9th
Engermann, Henry, r.residence 1G0G Wash
England, Mollie Miss, r.residence 619 Choutcaa av.avenue
Eugle, Frederick, r.residence 2935 Kaston av.avenue
Engle, John H.storekeeper , Planters' house, bds.boards
Engle, Moritz r.residence teacher , Evangelical Lutherean
school, r.residence 1017 n.north 13th
Engle, , see also Engel,
Englcbreuter, Caspar, lab.laborer r.residence 2820 n.north 16th
Englehard, John A.porter , Currie, King & Co.company r.residence
Baldwin, sw.southwest cor.corner Conde
Englehart, Sebastian, carpenter , r.residence 3233 Broad-
Engleman, Christian, carpenter , r.residence 2103 n.north 20th
EngJcnian, John Is.pastor , church of the North
St. Louis free congregation, Dodier, nw.northwest
cor.corner 17th, r.residence same
Engleman, M. M.student , Bryant, Stratton
& Carpenter'S College , Olive, cor.corner 5th
Engler, Amanda J.teacher , Lafayette school, r.residence
1515 Jackson
Engler, Augustine, wid.widow Jacob, , r.residence 1515 Jackson
Engler, Charles, butcher , r,sb. North Market, bet.between
19th and 20th
Engler, Jacob, wagonmaker. bds.boards 2812 n.north 16th
Engler, Samuel, tailor , r.residence 1128 Geyer av,
English, Catherine, wid.widow Elkanah, , r.residence 633 s.south 4th

Henry Painn & Co.,
Contract Tax Paying Agents.

Taxes Paid On Lands In
Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin,
Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, and
all the Southern States.

Office, Southest cor. Third and Olive Streets.

English, Esra, brewer , r.residence 3001 s.south 7th
English, Eara O.saloon , 511 and 513 n.north 3d
English, Esra O.jr.junior brewer , r.residence 1112 s.south 3d
English, H.student , Bryant, Stratton &
Carpenter'S College , Oliva.cor.corner 5th
English, James(English & Martin) , r.residence 2208 Scott
English, Jerome B.machinist , Lafayette foundry,
r.residence 633 s.south 4th
English, John, backster , r.residence 831 n.north 8th
English, John r.residence (J.B. English & Co.) , r.residence 1123
English, John W.(J.r.residence English & Co.) , r.residence 1123
English J.R & Co. (John r.residence and John W. Eng-
lish) , boots and shoes , 929 a. 4th
English, Lawrence, lab.laborer r.residence 3513 n.north 2d
English, Lorene, lab.laborer bds.boards 918 a. 3d
English, Michael, lab.laborer r.residence 1318 n.north 10th
English, Patrick, carrier , P.O.r.residence 2726 Franklin av.avenue
English, William, bookkeeper , r.residence 633 e.east 4th
English, William, lab.laborer r.residence 1110 n.north llth
English, kMartin(James English and r.residence if. Mar
tin) , proprs. Eclipse louring al, 21st, se.southeast
cor.corner Randolph
Enhinger, W. W.pres. Merchants' Traasportatioa
Co. of St. Louis , 926 iu 2d
Enholm, A. H.modeimaker and agt.agent . r.residence 1210 Mor-
Enkhart, George, clerk , r.residence ss.south side Mill, bat. 25th aad
Ennen, Nicholas, blacksmith , r.residence 1238 n, 6th
Ennis, Christopher, lab.laborer James B.Shevlia, , bds.boards
1020 n.north llth
Ennis, James, harnessmaker , bds.boards 3d, sw.southwest cor.corner
Ennis, Richard(r.residence & T.A. Ennis) , r.residence 1306 Clark
Ennis r.residence & T A. (Richard and Thomas A.Ennis)
,booksellers, stationers, printers and blank
book mnfrs. 118 Olive
Ennis, Thomas A.(r.residence & T.A. Ennis) ,r.residence 1366 Clark
Ennis, Wither, clerk , bds.boards Geisserts hotel
Ennis, Walter, yardman , RichardSchnlenbanr, , r.residence
822 Clark av.avenue
Eno, Edward B.stoves and tinware , 1419 Broad-
way, r.residence 2729 Morgan
Eno, Frank, lawyer , 3051/2 Olive, r.residence 2729 Baldwin
Enright, Dennis, steward, , r.residence 1118 Wash
Enright, John, driver , Belcher's Sugar Reining
Co. r.residence 1516 n.north Main
Enright, Patrick, lab.laborer r.residence 727 s.south 6th
Enright, Patrick, saloon , r.residence 5th, sw.southwest cor.corner Biddte
Ensel, Caroline, wid. Simon, , bds.boards 1G20 Clark av.avenue
Ensel, Gustavo s.south bookkeeper , Traders bank, r.residence
2012 Clark av.avenue
Ensel, Leopold, com.mer. 123 Market, r.residence 2012
Clark av.avenue
Ensel, Rudolph(Koppei & Ensel) , r.residence 2014 Pine
Ensign, Frederick G., Western sc. American Chris-
tian Commission, 14s 5th,r.residence 1008 Jefferson av.avenue
Ensiin, Charles, treas.treasurer St. Louis Building aad Sav-
ings association, 202 n.north 2d, r.residence 134 La Saille, nw.northwest
cor.corner 13 th
Ensiin, Randolph, bookkeeper , Boatmen's Saving
institution, r.residence Charles bldg.building 5thv bat. Market
and Walnut
Entenntaa, John G.chinastore, 1207 Franklin av.avenue
r.residence same
Enter, Charles, fruitstaad, Central market, r.residence 410
s.south 7th

Excelsior Insurance Company, Fire And Marine, n.north e.east Cor. Main and Walnut Streets. see adv't bus. dept.

Bobbins, Braids and Tapes, A. Johnson & Co., 421 Main, corner Vine Street.