Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Fos 313 Fox
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Choice Butter Canned For Mountain Trade, By D., Douglass, 210 Pine St.Street

Foster, H. r.residence principal , Institution for education
of the blind, 1929 Morgan
Foster, James, lab.laborer r.residence 1214 Spruce
Foster, James, teamster , r.residence 307 s.south 12th
Foster, James H.clerk , r.residence 711 s.south 4th
Foster, John, lab.laborer r.residence 216 Myrtle
Foster, John D.policeman , r.residence 605 St.Street Charles
Foster, Joseph, architect and builder , r.residence 711 s.south 4th
Foster, Joseph, lithograph, printer. Gast, Moeller
& Co.company r.residence 1826 Jackson
Foster, Mary C.wid.widow RobertD., r.residence 803 n.north 16th
Foster, Michael, lab.laborer r.residence 1231 n.north 11th
Foster, Ralph r.residence (Foster & Rockwood), bds.boards Olive
Street hotel
Foster, Robert, clerk , S. H.Bailey, , bds.boards St.Street Clair
Foster, Robert, moulder , r.residence 2010 Wash
Foster, Robert, painter , George Peisch & Bro.Brothers r.residence
912 Chambers
Foster, Robert C.painter , r,914 Montgomery
Foster, & Rockwood(Ralph r.residence Foster and Thos.
H. Rockwood) , coffee and spices whoL 318
n.north 2d
Foster, Simon s.south policeman , r.residence 503 Summit
Foster, T. J.student , Bryant, Stratton &
Carpenter'S College, Olive, cor. 5th
Foster, Walter B.sec.secretary Pacific Ins.
Co.company of St.Street Louis, 110 Pine, bds.boards Southern
Foster, William, carpenter , HenryKennedy, , bds.boards
St.Street Lawrence hotel
Foster, William, carpenter , r.residence room 23 Whittier
Foster, William, lab.laborer r.residence n.north 14th, nr.near Peurose
Foster, W. P.clerk , Chicago & St. Louis Transfer
Co.company bds.boards St.Street Nicholas hotel
Foste, see also Forster, and Foerster,
Foster, 's Club Rooms, 113 s.south 5th
Fosterman, Henry, stonemason , r.residence 1518 Monroe
Fostner, Patrick, fireman. Park mills, r.residence 25 s.south 13th
Foth, Hermann, teamster , r.residence rear 1110 Mallinck-
Fotlaos, Henry, lab.laborer r.residence 1312 Garden
Fouchet, Louis, beerdriver , Starbrewery, , bds.boards
Carondelet av.avenue
Fouger, Otto, carpenter , bds, 1231 North Market
Fouille, Anastasie Mrs.corsetmaker , 16 s.south 5th, r.residence
Founker, Stephen, lab.laborer r.residence 1225 Spring
Fountain, George G.clerk , St.Street Louis Transfer Co.company
r.residence 1009 n.north 6th
Fountain, Joseph G.clerk , 1009 n.north 6th
Fourth, Baptist Church, North Market, ne.northeast cor.corner
Fourth, District Station House, capt. Andrew
Hach, 2219 12th nw.northwest cor.corner Monroe
Fourth National Bank Of St.
Louis, 601 n.north 3d, nw.northwest cor.corner Washington av.
Fourth Street Bank , John, A.
Sumner , cash. 212 n.north 4th
Fowdy, John, miller , r.residence 801 Cass av.avenue
Fower, William, lab.laborer r.residence rear 1005 n.north 15th
Fowkes, William e.east salesman , Henry Bell & Son ,
bds.boards Planters' house
Fowle, Charles A.(Fowle & Hardy), r.residence 405 n.north 5th
Fowle & Hardy Charles A. Fowle and Wallace
L. Hardy) , gents ' furnishinggoods, 405 n.north 5th
Fowler, Charles H.(Cram & Fowler), bds.boards West-
ern house
Fowler, Edwin, state agt.agent . Benefit Mu-
tual Life Ins.Co.company 208 Olive, r.residence 1230 Washing-
ton av.avenue
Fowler, Frank, clerk , George P. Whitelaw & Co.company
bds.1230 Washington av.avenue
Fowler, John G.carpenter , r.residence 23 Montrose av.avenue bet.between
Small and Clark av.avenue
Fowler, Robert, carpenter , r, es. Montrose, bet.between
Small and Clark av.avenue
Fowler, Samuel, bricklayer , r.residence 1007 O'Fallon
Fowler, Thomas B.marblecutter , Daniel Francis
& Co.company r.residence 307 n.north 7th

Henry Fapin & Co.company ,
Central Tax Paying
And Land Agency,
Southwest Cor. Third And Olive Sts.,
St.Louis, , Mo.Missouri

Fowler, T. B.physician , bds. 307 n.north 7th
Fowler, William, commercial reporter , Missouri
Republican, r.residence 1222 Pine
Fowler, Williamjr.junior r.residence 1222 Pine
Fowler, William D.salesman , Worthington & Co.company
Fowler, —, baker , r.residence 2222 O'Fallon
Fowkes, W. e.east bds.boards Planters' house
Fox, Alexander, porter , r.residence 2817 Bernard, bet.between
Emily and Summit av.avenue
Fox, Andrew J.photographic gallery , 402 and 404
Olive, cor.corner 4th. r.residence 2828 Olive
Fox, Ann, wid.widow J.r.residence ns.north side Miami, , bet.between Missouri and
Indiana avs.avenues
Fox, Ann, wid. Michael, , r.residence 713 s.south 12th
Fox, Anthony, contractor , r.residence 1415 Papin
Fox, Charles J.(Fairchild & Fox) , r.residence 409 s.south 14th
Fox, Charles L.inspector of vehicles, city hall, r.residence
821 n.north 8th
Fox, Charles W.patternmaker , 2d, sw.southwest cor.corner Cher-
ry, r.residence ws.west side Webster av.avenue bet.between Easton av.avenue and
Fox, Edward, contractor , r.residence 507 Anna
Fox, Edward, salesman , Patrick, Fox, r.residence ns.north side Mia-
mi, bet.between Missouri and Indiana avs.avenues
Fox e.east William (Pratt, Fox & Co.company ) , and pres. St.
Louis, Railway Supplies Mnfg.Co.company 110, 112
and 114 Washington av.avenue r.residence Oakland
Fox, George, carpenter , r.residence 1822 Conde
Fox, George, engineer , r.residence 2105 Broadway
Fox, George, r.residence 1326 n.north 15th
Fox, Hannah, wid.widow William, , r.residence 1217 Randolph
Fox, Henry, lab.laborer r.residence McNair av.avenue bet.between Gravois rd.
and Kingsbury
Fox, Horace, clerk , bds.boards 3231 n.north 10th
Fox, James, carpenter , r.residence 1213 Randolph
Fox, James, lab.laborer r.residence ns.north side Arsenal, nr.near Menard
Fox, James e.east patternmaker , r.residence 1223 Lucas
Fox, Jennie Miss, teacher , r.residence 1217 Randolph
Fox, John, carpenter , ns.north side Victoria av.avenue nr.near Balti-
Fox, John, lab.laborer bds.boards 823 Market
Fox, John G.lab.laborer Excelsior Mnfg.Co.company r.residence 1021
Fox, Joseph, clerk, H. L.Horwitz., r.residence 120 n.north 5th
Fox, Lawrence, lab.laborer bds.boards 511 Biddle
Fox, Lawrence, lab.laborer Lafayette foundry
Fox, Martin, porter , Hudson Bros. r.residence 421 n.north 2d
Fox, Matthias, clerk , bds.boards 304 s.south 7th
Fox, Melvin e.east clerk , Warne, Cheever & Co.company r.residence ws.west side
14th, bet.between Spruce and Poplar
Fox, Michael, carpenter , J. H.Stevenson, , r.residence 1011
Fox, Neail, lab.laborer r.residence Emma, nr.near Sidney
Fox, Norman(Fox & Kendrick) , bds.boards 1018 Pine
Fox, Patrick, Catholic bookseller. 14 s.south
3d, r.residence Miami, bet.between Carondclet av.avenue and Jeffer-
Fox, Patrick, drayman , r.residence ss.south side Conde, bet.between 19th
and 20th
Fox, Patrick, foreman , Marshall & Co.company r.residence 16 Fos-
Fox, Peter, carpenter , r.residence rear 516 s.south 13th
Fox, Peter, housepainter , r.residence 204 Ashley
Fox, Rachael, wid.widow Michael, , r.residence 1109 Biddle
Fox, s.south r.residence Manufacturing Co.company , S. r.residence Fox, , pres.president
Pascal P. Child, sec.secretary Franklin av.avenue re.cor.corner

Excelsior Insurance Company , Fire And Marine, n.north e.east cor.corner Main and Walnut Sts. See adv'tbus.dept.

Printed Lawns and Jaconets, A. Johnson & Co.company , 421 Main, corner Vine Street.