Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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D.A. January & Co.company , Grocers Since 1832, Nos. 406 and 408 North 2d Street.

Whipple File Manufacturing Company Files and Rasps, A. F. Shapleigh & Co.company , No. 414 North Main St.Street , St. Louis

Stecks Pianos,
Raven & Bacon'S Pianos,
J. W. Voses Pianos,
Mason & Hahmn'S Cabinet Organs,
New Yor Organ Co.company 'S Organs,
At M. H. Saxton & Co.company
cor.corner Fifth and Walnut Streets.

Beneke, H.student , Bryant, Stratton &
Carpenter'S College, Olive, cor.corner 5tb
Benely, James. Iravelingagent , r.residence 736 s.south 8th
Benesch, Thaddeus, lab.laborer r.residence 1006 Soutard
Benger, Thomns, lab.laborer r.residence rear 1147 Columbus
Beogert, Alphonzo, tailor , r.residence 817 Market
Benlng, Ferdinand(Bening & Hunt) , r.residence Caronde-
let, av.avenue opp.opposite Marine av.avenue
Bening & Hunt (FerdinandBening, and Louis
Hunt, ), painters , 519 St.Street Charles
Beninger-, , riverman , r.residence 2273 O'Fallon
Benjamin, Emanuel, fancystore, 1524 Carondelet
av.avenue r.residence same
Benjamin, Ephraim F.r.residence 1805 Warren
Benjamin, Leopold, peddler , r.residence 708 Lafayette av.avenue
Benjamin, Moritz, cutter , r.residence & W. Goldstein , r.residence
1539 Carondelet av.avenue
Benken, Joseph, r.residence rear 1019 Franklin av.avenue
Benken, Phillip, cabinetmaker , r.residence es, Lemp, bet.between
Utah and Cherokee
Benkend of, Anna, boardinghouse, 222 Market, r.residence
Benkendorf, Edward, physiciaa , 400 s.south 14th r.residence 402
s.south 14th
Benker, Andrew, cooper , r.residence rear 918 n.north 12th
Bennaka, Martin, lab.laborer Westlake & Button
Bennan, Herman, butcher , r.residence 1515 Salisbury
Bennedict, John, porter , Schneider ASchloss-, , r.residence 2d, sw.southwest cor.corner Plum
Banner, Jacob, architect , bds.boards 521 Gratiot
Banner, Jacob, wagonmaker , Frey & Keune , r.residence
1810 Market
Bennesch, Mathiasi, lab.laborer r.residence 1005 Lafayette av.avenue
Bennett, Augustus, furnaceman, A. McDonald A
Co.company r.residence 1100 Ham
Bennett, Brook M.stonemason , r.residence 1016 n.north 10th
Bennett, Edward, blacksmith , r.residence 2610 Cooper
Bennett, Edwin, clerk , P.0.r.residence 1502 Poplar
Bennett, George, painter , r.residence ss.south side Lynch, bet.between Me-
nard and Rusatti
Bennett, Henry, lab.laborer r.residence 1528 Orange
Bennett, H. K.salesman , bds.boards 1702 Cheanut
Bennett, James J.(Graff, Bennett A Co.company ) , r.residence Pitts-
burg, Pa.
Bennett, James n.north clerk , W. O.Gibson, , r.residence 920 s.south
Bennett, J. M.bds.boards St.Street Clair hotel
Bennett, Lee. medicalstudent , bds.boards 3517 n.north 9th
Bennett, Michael, r.residence 1714 Cass av.avenue
Bennett, Robert, r.residence 208 s.south 6lh
Bennett, Thomas, clerk , quartermaster dept.U.
s.south A. bds. Everett house
Bennett, William J.(Charles B. Eaches A Co.company ) , r.residence
1323 Randolph
Bennett, W. D.clothing , r.residence 1135 Paul
Bennett-, , clerk , quartermaster's dept.bds.boards
Howard house
Benning, Adolph, saddler ,r.residence ws.west side 9th, nr.near Angelica
Benning, Frederick(Benning A Hunt) , ws.west side Carou-
detet av.avenue near Marine av.avenue
Benning, Frederick, engineer , r.residence 1213 Biddle
Benning, Henry(Benning A Woerhidde) , r,Lucas,
bet.between n.north 15lh and n.north 16th
Benning, Henry C. glass and chinaware, 1133
Broadway and 1126 n.north 5th. r.residence 925 Brooklyn
Benning, Hugo, butcher , bds.boards 2611 Jackson
Benning, AHunt (FrederickBenning, and Louis
Hunt, ), painters , ws.west side Carondelet av.avenue nr.near Ma-
rine av.avenue
Banning, AWoerhidde (HenryBenning, and John
H.Woerhidde, ), furnituremakers , n.north 16th, bet.between
Hebert and Alby
Benningham, Cornell , lab.laborer r.residence 2314 Franklin av.avenue
Bennry, Frank, driver , Brockeland & Doennewald ,
r.residence ws.west side 9th, bet.between O'Fallon and Cass av.avenue
Benny, William, r.residence 2230 Division
Beno, Frederick, lab.laborer r.residence 4th, s.south of Haran
Beno, John, saddler , bds.boards 813 Soulard
Benoist L.A. & Co.company (BolivarOwen, and
JamesMurrin, ), bankers , 304 n.north Main
Bensberg, Jacob, sallon, 1910 Market, r.residence 20th, se.southeast
cor.corner Market
Bensen, Robert, abipcarpenter , bds.boards 2000 Koaei-
Bensiek, John, sallon, 1223 n.north 13th, r.residence same
Bensing, John, lab.laborer r.residence 1506 Fulton
Benson, Benjamin P.(Althauae A Benson) , bds.boards
O'Fallon house
Benson, Edward W.(Stifei & Benson) , r.residence 1924
Benson, Eliza, dressmaker , r.residence 2808 Laclede av.avenue
Benson, George, lab.laborer r.residence 608 n.north 8th
Benson, G.Mrs.dressmaker , r.residence 2808 Laclede av.avenue
Benson, Mary Ann, wid.widow William W.r.residence 2808 La-
clede av.avenue
Benson, Patrick, plasterer , r.residence 923 n.north 13th
Bensz, Frank, shoestore, r.residence 1013 n.north 13th
Bent, Herman, carpenter , 1305 n.north 11th, r.residence 1601
Cans ar.
Bent, Joseph e.east Bash and door mnfr.manufacturer r.residence 1228 Clark
Bent, Peter, baker , r.residence T25 b. 4th
Bent, Silas, reatestate agent , 90* Jefferson,r.residence 2020
Bent, Thomas, calcium lighlfurnishe r,7 n.north 3d, r.residence
719 St.Street Charles
Benter, Henry, moulder , r.residence 809 O'Fallon
Bentheim, Charles, peddler , r.residence rear 1551 Jackson
Bentlage, Louis, streetcleaner , r.residence ss.south side Hebert, bet.between
16th and 17th
Bentle, Johnsaddler , Peter J.Peters, , r.residence 1210 n.north
Bentley, Charles G.bookkeeper , St. Louis Load
and Oil Co.company bds.boards Southern hotel
Bentley, John, asst.assistant foreman, Levl Ashbrook A Co.company
r.residence rear Bncbsnnn. bet.between Broadway and 2d
Bentley, John, passenger agent , Chi-
cago and Alton r.residence r.residence 4th, sw.southwest cor.corner Pine, r.residence
5th, nw.northwest cor.corner Pine
Bentley, John J.watchman , r.residence Buchanan, , bet.between
Broadway and 2d
Bentley, Joseph, boardinghouse and sallon, ns.north side
Palm. nw.northwest cor.corner Broadway, r.residence s ame
Bentley, W. G.(Closser A Bentley) ,
r.residence 2018 Pine
Benton, Charles W.gen.ins. agent , r.residence 2815 Morgan
Benton, Edwad W.clerk , St. Louis Mutual Life
Ins.Co.company r.residence 2815 Morgan
Benton, Felix, com.mer. r.residence 1818 Morgan .
Benton, Ceorge A.(Benton A Thompson) ,r.residence 1818
Benton, M. H.com.mer. r.residence 1818 Morgan
Benton, School, n.north 6th. bet.between Locust and St, Charles,
J. G.Schnebly, , pres.president
Benton Street Mission Sunday School , Edward D.
Jones, , supt.superintendant n.north Market, ne.northeast cor.corner 12th
Benton, William H.(W.H. Benton A Co.company ) , r.residence 1604
Lucas pl.place
Benton, William n.north gen.agt.agent . St. Louis Mutual Life
Ins.Co.company r.residence 2815 Morgan
Benton W.H. A Co.company (William H.Benton, , Johrt D.
Egbert, , WallaceDelafleld, . Jacob n.north Heinta, .
and JohnBuchanan, ), whol. drygoods, 513 n.north
Benton & Thompson (Geogre A.Benton, and e.east
F.Thomspon, ), com.mers. 217 Market
Bemtrup, Fred. A.compositor , C. W.Crutsinger, ,
r.residence 613 Dodier
Bentrup, Gustav, painter , Conrades & Logeman ,
r.residence 1410 n.north 13th
Bentrup, Henry, cabinetmaker , r.residence 1613Dodier
Bentrup, Julius, lab, r.residence 2409 n.north 16th

Canvas, Hollands and Wiggins, A. Johnson & Co.company , 421 Main, cor.corner Vine Street.