Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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Cheese And Butter Of All Qualities, By D. Douglass , 210 Pine Street.

Billings, Gilbert W.(Billings & Co.) , r.residence 2824 Pine
Billings, Samuel D.painter , r.residence 1349 . 15th
Billings, William, grocer , 702 n.north 17th, r.residence same
Billings & Co.company (Gilbert W.Billings, and J. M.
Brunswick, ), saloon and billiards . 411 Pine
Billingsley, Rolls L.(White, Billingsley & Co.) ,
r.residence 3030 Morgan
Billmeyer, F. r.residence 1344 n.north 16th
Billmtyer, Louis, cigarmaker , r.residence 1344 n.north 16th
Billner, Jobu, r.residence ws al. bet. 10th and 11th, Frank-
lin av.avenue and Wash
Billon, Frances C.wid.widow Charles P.r.residence 1216 Pine
Billon, F. L.r.residence 966 Choutcau av.avenue
Billon, George H.(Brooks & Billon) , r.residence 966 Cbou-
teau av.avenue
Billon, Gustavas P. jr.clerk , bds.boards 1217 Pine
Billon, Louis C(Peterson, Hantborn & Co.) ,r.residence
Chouteau av.avenue sw.southwest cor.corner Paul
Billsticker, Herman, hostler , Union city railway
Billups, Thomas J.teacher , Jones' commercial
college, r.residence Oregon av.avenue bet.between Shenandoah and
Bilstein, George, porter , Orr & Lindsley ,r.residence es.east side 2d,
nr.near Park av.avenue
Biltman, Edward, porter , Buekett & Hanna . r.residence
1416 Benton
Biltman, William, woodcutter , bds 1335 n.north 5th
Bily, Mathias, lab.laborer r.residence 1729 Fulton
Binck, Claus, lab.laborer bds.boards ws.west side John, bet Pestalozzi
and Crittenden
Bindbeutel, Frederick, botcher , Adele, nr.near Jeffer-
son av.avenue r.residence same
Blnder, August, lab.laborer r.residence al.alley bet.between Fulton and Deca-
tor. Soulard and Lafayette
Binder, Augustus, clerk , HenryBoescher, , bds.boards
715 Franklin av.avenue
Binder, Christian, shoemaker , r.residence 620 Marion
Binder, Fredeiick, tailor , r.residence 319 Spruce
Binder, Heinrich, editor , St. Louis Abenzeibtung,
r.residence 508 s.south 3d
Binder, Henry, machinist , Eagle r.residence iron works,
1445 Collins
Binder, Henry, saloon , 936 n.north 8th, r.residence same
Binder, John M.clerk , Collins Bros. r.residence ns.north side Carr,
rear 1st door w. of 16th
Binder, Leopold, mechanio , r.residence 1508 Jackson
Binder, Richard, teacher , German institute, r.residence
1558 Columbus
Bindisch, John, blacksmith , bds.boards 515 Lesperance
Bindschaedler, Edward, bookkeeper , Jacob s.south
Merrell, , r.residence 517 St. Charles
Bingel, franz, carpenter , r.residence Indiana av. se. cor.
Binger, John, shoemaker , PeterSteinkrieger, , r.residence
1408 Biddle
Bingham, Mary, wid.widow David, , r.residence 1113 n.north 14th
Bingham, W. L.cedar posts, wood and coal mer.
499 s.south 14tb, r.residence 523 s.south 12th
Binie, Alexander, jeweler , Louis L.Warren, , r.residence 806
n.north 6th
Bininger, William, milkman , Clara, nw.northwest cor.corner Crit-
tenden av.avenue
Binkmeier, Louis, confectioner , Blanke & Bro.Brothers
Binner, Adolph(Binner & Ploen) ,r.residence 1618 Jackson
Binner & Ploen (AdolphBiuner, and JohnPloen, ),
windowshade mnfrs. 1308 Jackson
Binnie, Alexander, jeweler , 806 n.north 6th, r.residence 707
Washington av.avenue
Binninger, George, lab.laborer r.residence es, John, nr.near Pestalozzi
Binninger, Otto, butcher , r.residence al.alley bet.between Sidney and
Victor, Columbus and Jackson
Binning, George, job bricklayer, boiler and grate-
setter, and sewerbullder , 228 Vine
Binnington, Edward(Blunington & Son) , r.residence 1345
n.north 6th
Binnington, Thomas(Binnington & Son) , r.residence 1320
n.north 15th
Binnington, Thomas, clerk , r.residence 1320 n.north 15th
Binnington & Son (Thomas, and EdwardBinning-, ). hate, caps and furs , 900 Broadway
Bins, Catharine, wid.widow John, , r.residence 1804 DeKelb

Henry Papin" & Co.
Taxes Paid,
Lands Bought And Sold in all the
Southern and Western States .

Agents and correspondents In every county In all the
Western and Southern States. Letters of Inquiry
answered without charge .

Office, Southwest cor. 3d and Olive streets.

Binswanger, Augustus, lawyer , 305½ Olive, r.residence 1307
Bina, George, clerk . Kaeses & Binz , r.residence Marine av.avenue
nr.near Keokuk
BiDz, Stephen, leather and findings , 609 n.north Main,
r.residence Keyser's hill
Binz, John, wooddenler . r.residence 1816 DeKalb
Binz, Stephen(Kaess & Binz) , r.residence Marine av. nr.
Birch, Thomas(Lane, Birch & Co.) , r.residence 1100 Carroll
Birch, Thomas, braaaflnisher , James O.Alter, , r.residence
ns.north side Monroe, bet.between 13th and 14th
Birch, , see also Berch, and Burch,
Bircher, C. A.student , Bryant, Stratton &
Carpenter'S College , Olive, cor.corner 5th
Bircher, John, clerk , r.residence ss.south side Pacific r.residence R, bet.between 22d
and Naomi
Bircher, Joseph, cooper , r.residence rear 1931 Bosatti
Birckley, Edward, stonemason , bds.boards 1928 Broad-
Bird, Abraham T.(H. Von Phul, Sons & Co.) , r.residence
107 n.north 8th
Bird, Daniel, sawer , Indnstrial Plow Mnfg. Co.company
r.residence 2111 Broadway
Bird, George, bricklayer , r.residence ss.south side Davis, bet.between 23d
and 24th
Bird, John, steamboat clerk , r.residence 1626 Linn
Bird, Robert, tailor , WilliamMatthews, , r.residence 411
Bird, William, baker , Pierce, Dimmick & Co.company r.residence
6th sw.southwest cor.corner Pine
Birdseye, Thomas s.south bookkeeper , bds.boards 1311
Birdseye, Thomas s.south bookkeeper , r.residence 1506 Poplar
Birge, Charles(LaDue & Blrge) , r.residence 2653 Morgan
Birge, Julius C.(Semple, Birge & Co.) ,
r.residence 2653 Morgan
Birger, Andreas, woodsawer , r.residence 747 s.south 2d
Birgh, John e.east student , Concordia college, r.residence ws.west side
Clara, nr.near Miami
Birke, Charles, riverman , r.residence 1515 Columbus
Birkemeyer, Caspar H.barkeeper HenryBan-, , r.residence 1225 JefferBon
Birkenkamper, Henry, lab.laborer r.residence 1317 O'Fallon
Birkenmeier, Alexander, saloon , 2922 Choutean
av.avenue r.residence same
Birkenmeier, Joseph(Birkenmeier & Vingler) , r.residence
3019 Caroudelet av.avenue
Birkenmeier, Joseph, barber , 2922 Chouteau av.avenue r.residence
Birkenmeier, Matthew, whipmaker , 3019 s.south Caron-
delet av.avenue r.residence same
Birkenmeier & Vingler (JosephBirkenmeier, and
LouisVingler, ), trunkmnfrs. and dealer , 511
n.north 3d
Birkey, n.northstudent , Bryant, Stratton &
Carpenter'S College , Olive, cor.corner 5th s
Birkholder, Charlotte C.wid.widow John, , r.residence 262 Adam
Birkle, Baltes, saloon and boarding , 816 s.south 2d, r.residence
Birkle, Max, carpenter , r.residence 1719 Jackson
Birks, George, engineer , r.residence 1416 n.north 9th
Birks, Thomas Y.(Rule & Co.) ,r.residence Jefferson av.avenue
nw.northwest cor.corner Lafayette av.avenue
Birlhauser, Jacob, moulder , r.residence 2003 State
Birmel, Edward, restaurant , r.residence 922 s.south 3d
Birmingham, John, lab.laborer r.residence ws.west side al.alley bet,between Biddle and
O'Fallon, 8th aud 9th
Birmingham, Mary, wid.widow John, , r.residence 2031 Morgan;
Birmingham, Patrick, shoemaker , r.residence 2500 Jackson
Birmingham, simon, clerk , r.residence 1309 Christy av.avenue

Excelsior Insurance Company, fire And Marine , N. e.east cor.corner Main and Walnut Sts. See adv't bus. dept.

Drills, Osnaburgs and Ducks, A. Johnson & Co.company , 421 Main, corner Vine Street.