Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Bon 183 Bor
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Good Butter And Pure B.W. Flour, Sold By D., Douglass, 210 Pine St.

Bonecum, John, coppersmith , W. Scheneider & Co.company
Boner, Benjamin B.butcher , r.residence Manchester rd.road
bet.between Summit and compton avs.avenues
Boner, William B.furnituredealer , 1419 Caronde-
let av.avenue r.residence same
Bonfils, Gracia Mrs.principal , Kent school, r.residence
Grand av.avenue bet.between Harper and Barrett
Bongham, Timothy, lab.laborer r.residence 921 O'Fallon
Bonham, John C.teacher , Bonham's female semi-
nary , r.residence webster
Bonham, L. n.north prin. Bonham's female seminary,
Pine , ne.northeast cor.corner n.north 16th, r.residence Kirkwood
Bonham, Orvil, brickmaker , r.residence 2638 Adams
Bonham's Female Seminary , Pine , ne.northeast cor.corner 16th
Bonifer, Martin, clothing mer. 2000 Carondelet av
r.residence same
Boniolli, Luigi.saloon , 403 s.south Levee.r.residence same
Bonkemp, William, teamster , r.residence 1411 Monroe
Bonn, Lawrence, blacksmith , r.residence 1319 O'Fallon
Bonn, Mathew.chairmaker , Heller & Hoffman , r
1508 O'Fallon
Bonne, Herman, tinsmith , Mathias, Schafer, bds.boards
1706 Market
Bonnell, G. M.salesman , Vandervoort, McClelland
& Co.company r.residence 808 s.south 6th
Bonner, Benjamin B.butcher , Samnel Scaling,
bds.boards Summit av.avenue bet.between Clark av.avenue and Market
Bonner, B. r.residence sec.secretary St. Louis Railway Supplies
Mnfg. Co.company 110, 112 and 114 Washington av.avenue r.residence
Lucas av.avenue bet.between Beaumont and Leffingwell av.avenue
Bonner, Charles, waiter , Olive Street hotel, r.residence rear
906 Franklin av.avenue
Bonner, , Samuel, , r.residence 2828 Pine
Bonner, William C.clerk , Custom house, r.residence 3028
Bonnet, James A.L.lab.laborer bds.boards 14th, bet.between Bremen
av.avenue and Newhouse
Bonnet, John, saloon and restaurant , 108 n.north 4th
Bonnett, John A.brickmaker , r.residence n.north 14th, bet.between
Bremen av.avenue and Newhouse
Bonneville, B. L.e.east brig. gen.U.S.United States A.r.residence 1106
Cbouteau av.avenue
Bonneville, Patrick, driver , Warren's city express
Bonnurd, C.waiter , Everett house, bds.boards same
Bonsack, Adolph, clerk , Adolph, Marcuse, bds.boards
204 s.south 5th
Bonsack, Frederic C.(Boos & Bonsack) , r.residence ws.west side
Caroline, bet.between Julia and Compton av.avenue
Bont, Durle, wid.widow Deidrich, r.residence 1006 n.north 14th
Bontemps, Stephen, teacher , private school, rear
1445 Jackson, r.residence same
Boody, William, painter , r.residence 1310 n.north 13th
Booge, Harris D.mcr.r.residence 908 s.south 11th
Boogher Bros. (William F. and Davis r.residence Boogher) ,
watches and Jewehy , whol.wholesale and ret. 106 s.south 5th
Boogher, Davis H.(Boogher Bros.) , r.residence 2622 Locust
Boogher, Jesse L.(Henry Bell & Son) , r.residence 2645
Boogher, John P.(Henry Bell & Son), r.residence 2622 Lo-
Boogher, Simon L.(H. & r.residence B. Whittemore & Co.) ,
r.residence 614 Walnut, nr.near 6th
Boogher, William P.(Boogher Bros.) , r.residence 614 Wal-
Boolin, Morris (col'dcolored ), barber , 825 Green, r.residence 12th,
bet.between Franklin av.avenue and Wash
Boobsen, Linius, carpenter , r.residence 711 Wash
Booman, J.wid.widow Richard, r.residence 121 Mullanphy
Boomer, L. B, with Illinois and St. Louis Bridge
Co. office, 320 n.north 3d
Boone, Edward, stonecutter , r.residence al.alley bet.between Morgan
and Franklin av.avenue 18th and 19th
Boone, Frank, cigarmaker , Rudolph, Scholmeier.
r.residence 719 O'Fallon
Boone, Thomas r.residence oil pressman , Collier White Lead
and Oil Mnfg. Co.company r.residence 1335 n.north 6th
Boos, George, riverman , r.residence 416 Carroll
Boos, George M.(Boos & Bonsack) , r.residence 1721n.north 13th
Boos, & Bonsack (George M.Boos, and Frederick
C.Bonsack, ), lumberdcalers , s.south Levee, sw.southwest
cor.corner Poplar

Edward W. Shands, Attorney; Theodore
Papin, Commissioner of Deeds and Notary.

Collection and Conveyancer's Office.

Shands & Papin,
Commissioners of Deeds for all the States.
Collections made throughout the Southwest .
Office, 304 Olive Street, Southwest corner Third.

Boost, Carl, woodsawer , r.residence 1915 Fulton
Boote, Alexander, teamster , r.residence rear 1900 n.north 14th
Boote, Casper, lab.laborer r.residence 3506 n.north 10th
Booth, David, clerk , JohnBooth, , r.residence sa. Franklin
av.avenue nr.near 6th
Booth, Edwin G.com.agt.agent . bda. 806 Olive
Booth, Erastus H.painter , r.residence 828 Buchanan
Booth, James, machinist , r.residence 3906 Broadway
Booth, James W, (J.W. Booth & Son) , r.residence King's
highway, cor.corner Bates av.avenue
Booth, John, bookseller and stationer , 415 Mor-
gan, r.residence 524 Franklin av.avenue
Booth, John, engineer , Belcher's Sugar Refining
Co. r.residence Howard, ne.northeast cor.corner 2d
Booth, John, property man , Olympic theatre, r.residence 9
n.north 5th
Booth, John n.north (J.W. Booth & Sons) , r.residence Grand av.avenue
ne.northeast cor.corner Page
Booth J.W. & Sons (James, W., John, N. and
ThomasBooth, ), produce and com.mers. 602
and 604 n.north 2d
Booth, Rosa Miss.bds.boards 508 n.north 7th
Booth, Thomas(J.W. Booth & Sons) , r.residence Grand
av.avenue ne.northeast cor.corner Page
Booth, William(Booth & Barada) , r.residence 114 n.north 7th
Booth, & Barada (WilliamBooth, and Andrew
s.south Barada, ), realestate agt.agent s. 211 Chesnut
Boothe, August, painter , r.residence 1445 Collins
Boothe, Ferdinand, tinner , bds.boards 1445 Collins
Boothe, Henry, helper , J. e.east Oxley & Co.company bds.boards
1445 Collins
Bothe, Louis, caneseatmaker , r.residence 1712 Broad-
Boothman, Joseph, riverman , r.residence 906 n.north 9th
Boovey, Harmond, wagonmaker , Espenschied &
Co. r.residence 11th cor.corner Cass av.avenue
Bope, Felix, r.residence 333 Menard
Bopke, Charles, musician , r.residence 709 Marion
Bopp, Andrew, foreman , CharlesHuber, , bds.boards es.east side
Menard bet.between Victor and Sidney
Bopp, Frank, porter , A. Johnson & Co.company r.residence ws.west side 11th
bet.between Biddle and O'Fallon
Bopp, Jacob, farmer , r.residence Compton av.avenue ne.northeast cor.corner
Boppert, Martin, gardner . r.residence 2224 Carondelet av.avenue
Borak, Theresia, wid.widow Mathes, r.residence 1826 Hamtramck
Borbein, Henry, blacksmith , 1215 Cass av.avenue r.residence same
Borbein, William, baker , 912 n.north 13th, r.residence same
Borberg, Hermann, lab.laborer r.residence es.east side al.alley bet.between Convent
and Rutgers, 3d and 5th
Borce, Charles, musician , r.residence 512 Cerre
Borchding, William, chairmaker , Conradcs & Lo-
geman , r.residence ss.south side Franklin av.avenue bet.between 9th and 10th
Borchelt, Henry, bootmaker , G. & W. Todd &
Co. r.residence 15th cor.corner Madison
Borcherding, Christian, drayman , r.residence 1427 Benton
Borcherding, Henry, porter , R. W. Mitchell r.residence
2505 n.north 12th
Borcherding, Louis(Richter & Borcherding). r.residence
910 Franklin av.avenue
Borck, John, bds.boards Seventh Ward house
Bordafeld, Franklin, carpenter , r.residence ws.west side n.north 12th nr.near
Penrose av.avenue
Bordafelt, M.paperhanger , r.residence n.north 18th bet.between Gari-
baldi and Penrose
Borden, Francis, carpenter , r.residence 1437 Dodier
BordenInez e.east Miss,teacher , Washington uni-
versity, r.residence 1016 n.north 17th
Bordeux, Mary, wid.widow Fincan, r.residence 818 Julia
Bordman, Henry, porter , Sipple, Crow & Co.company r.residence
sb. Franklin av.avenue bet.between 10th and 11th
Bordner, Benrv, lab.laborer r.residence 1606 n.north 17th

Union Savings Association , N. e.east Cor. Main & Walnut. Interest allowed on time deposits. See adv't bus. dept.

Mulls and Nainsooks, A. Johnson & Co.company , No. 421 Main Street, cor. Tine Street