Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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Good Butter and Cheese pleases Customors; had at D. Douglass', 210 Pine St.

Burke, Francis, lab. r.residence rear 306 Convent
Burke, George.Plasterer , r.residence 2511 n.north 17th
Burker, Honor, wid.widow Thomas, , r.residence ss.south side Orange, nor.
Burke, James, carpenter , r.residence 1529 Menard
Burke, James, r.residence Grand av.avenue nw.northwest cor.corner 19th
Burke, James, pastor , St. Vincent's church, r.residence 1425
Burke, John, bartender , Peter, Walsh, r.residence 914 n.north 2d
Burke, John, boardinghoused and saloon , 612 Wash,
r.residence same
Burke, John, engineer , r.residence 2261 O'Fallon
Burke, John, lab. r.residence 1108 Wash
Burke, John, lab.laborer r.residence 1419 n.north 18th
Burke, John, lab.laborer r.residence 908 n.north 2d
Burke, John, lab.laborer r.residence 207 Covent
Burke, John, lab , r.residence Vineyard, , bet.between Clay and Glas-
gow avs.avenues
Burke, John, lab.laborer bds.boards 1903 n.north 2d
Burke, John, lab.laborer r.residence al.alley bet.between 10th and 11th, Clark
av.avenue and al.alley
Burke, John, porkpacker , Francis whitaker &
Sons , r.residence Wash bet.between 11th and 12th
Burke, John, porter , Cantwell & Shorb
Burke, Lawrence D.Grocer , Wash, ne.northeast cor.corner 7th
r.residence same
Burke, Margaret, wid.widow martin, , r.residence 1825 Christy av.avenue
Burke, martin, drayman , r.residence ns.north side Waterworks, bet.between
20th and 21st
Burke, Martin, lumber mer. r.residence 2614 n.north 11th
Burke, Mary, wid.widow Alex, r.residence ws.west side al.alley bet Biddle and
Burke, Mary, wid.widow r.residence nw.northwest 18th, bet.between Davis and
Cass av.avenue
Burke, michael, carpente ,rbds.boards 610 Washington
Burke, Michael, lab.laborer r.residence 2107 Division
Burke, michael, lab.laborer r.residence rear 222 Lombard
Burke, Michael, r.residence 1313 s.south 9th
Burke, Michael, teamster , r.residence Rurgers, se.southeast cor.corner 8th
Burke, Macheal, watchman , National bank, state
of Missouri, 3d, nw.northwest cor.corner Pine, r.residence 1313 s.south 9th
Burke, Miles, shoemaker , r.residence 1104 n.north 12th
Burke, Patrick, clerk , Chicago and St. Louis
Transfer Co , bds.boards Broadway hotel Burke Particl, lab.laborer r.residence rear 912 Franklin av
Burke, Patrick, r.residence 2243 O'Fallon
Burke, Partick, teamster , r.residence 1007 n.north 12th
Burke, P. T.sec.secretary and treas.treasurer Illionios & St. Louis
Railway and Coal Co.company office, Memphis packet
wharfboat, r.residence 1411 Poplar
Burke, Richard, cooper , r.residence rear, 1716 Cass av.avenue
Burke, Richard drive, St. Louis Transfer Co.
Burke, Richard L.student , academy of the
Christain Brothers
Burke, Rosa, wid.widow Owen, , r.residence 315 Biddle
Burke, Thomas, drayman , r.residence 2118 Spring
Burke, Thomas, driver , St. Louis Transfer Co.company
Burke, Thomas, driver , r.residence es.east side al.alley bet.between Biddle and
O'Fallon, 7th and 8th
Burke, Thomas, lab.laborer r.residence es.east side al.alley bet.between Biddle and
O'Fallon, 9th and 10th
Burke, Thomas, lab. r.residence 2714 n.north 16thj
Burke, Thomas, lab. r.residence 517 Duchouquette
Borke, Thomas, lab.laborer r.residence al.alley bet.between 6th and 7th, Frank-
lin av.avenue and Wash
Burke, Thomas, lab.laborer r.residence 123 Convent
Burke, Thomas, news stand, Olive Street hotel , r.residence
Burke, Thomas, produce mer. r.residence 2008 Clark av.avenue
Burke, Walter, r.residence 1315 s.south 9th
Burke, Wiolliam, lab.laborer r.residence 1405 n.north 18th
Burke, William, porter , More & Co.company bds.boards 1314 s.south
Burke, William D.tailor , D. D.Maguire, , r.residence 1012
Burkert, michael, lab.laborer r.residence 417 Marion
Burkey, Alfred, clerk , W. P.Cowperthwait, , bds.boards
Morgan, ne.northeast cor.corner 17th
Burkioink, William, lab. r.residence Grove, bet.between Bentzen
and Pleasant

Edward, W.Shands, Attorney; Theodore
Papin, Commissioner of Deed, &c.

Shands & Papin,
Law, Collection & Converyancing Office,
Will give their attention specially to
Conveyanging And Collection Of cAlaims.

Office, southwest conver Third and Olive Streets.

Burkhard, Gottlieb, lab.laborer bds.boards Ferry, nr.near river
Burkhard, Herman, cigarmaker , r.residence 2410 Caron-
delet av.avenue
Burkhardt, Charles, confectioner , r.residence 1620 Caron-
delet av.avenue
Burkhardt, Ferd, bookkeeper , Georgecollmar, , r.residence
1605 Caribdeket av.avenue
Bukhardt, Harris, r.residence 612 Morgan
Burkhardt, John H.boot and shoemaker , 417 s.south
2d, r.residence same
Burkhardt, Michael, riverman , bds.boards St. Lwrence
Burkhardt, M. Mrs.dressamaking , 521 Morgan, r.residence
ss.south side Morgan, bet.between 6th and 7th
Burkboff, Rudolph, bds.boards 914 n.north 10th
Burkle, Elizabeth, wid.widow J. r.residence ws., carondelet av.avenue
bet.between Cherokee and Potomac
Burklin, Charles, H.confectionery , 600 Myrtle, cor.corner
6th. r.residence same
Burklin, Lousia, wi.George, , r.residence 216 s.south 5th
Burks, George W.rivercaptain , bds.boards 8 s.south 11th
Burks, G. w.bds.boards St. Clair Hotel
Burlin, Hohn, bricklayer , r.residence 2818 n.north 16th
Burlingham, A.H.clergyman , r.residence 1502 Pine
Burrman, Andrew(Ss-mith & Burman) , r.residence 710 How-
Brumeister, Cal, Finisher , r,rear 1717 Decatur
Burmeister, henry, salesman , C. r.residence Stinde, , r.residence 511
Burmeister, Louis F.blacksmith , M.Kuntz, , bds.boards
1709 Gay
Burmester, Phillipina, wid.widow Louis, millinery, 707
n.north 3d, r.residence Butchertown
Burn, Thomas, ragpicker , r.residence ns.north side Division, bet.between
18th and 19th
Burnam, Julius A.bookkeeper , r.residence 2815
n.north 12th
Burnam, Sanford, patternmaker , bds.boards 2815 n.north 12th
Burne, William, lab.laborer r.residence Carondelet av.avenue nw.northwest cor.corner
Burnell, William, carpenter , r.residence 1307 n.north 7th
Burnell— clerm,r.residence 808 s.south 6th
Burnes, Calvin F.lawayer , 307 olive, r.residence 2728 olilve
Burnes, Daniel D.Student , St. Louis univeristy, r.residence
2728 Olive
Burnes, Garrett, drayman , r.residence 2915 Laclede av.avenue
Burnes, James, student , St. Louis university
Burnes, Kate Miss, millinery , 316 n.north 5th, r, same
Burnes, peterlab.laborer St. Louis city railway
Burnes, William, Plumber , r.residence 1612 n.north 2d
Burneson, John c.engineer , r.residence 1101 A;by
Burnett, Jamesriverman , r.residence 1321 n.north 7th
Burnett, James G.acting manager Varieties
theatre , r.residence 315 plum
Burnett, John H.actor , Varieties theatre
Burnett, Jhon M.butcher , 23 Lucas market, r.residence
Admas, nr.near Pratte av.avenue
Burnett, Thomas c.butcher , John T.Burnett, , r.residence
2644 Adams
Burnett, Mary J.Mrs.cigars and tobacco , 108 n.north
7th. r.residence 104 n.north 9th
Burnhyam, Cyrus B.(C.B. Burnham & Co. and
Greeley & Gale) . r.residence 1325 Lasalle
Burnham C.B. & Co. (Cyrns B. Burn-
ham, Carlos s.south Greeley, J.r.residence Holmes and
Daniel B. Gale) , whol.wholesale grocer,s and com.
mers. 317 and 319 n.north 2d

Union Savings' Association , n.north e.east cor.corner Main and Walnut. Interest allowed on time deposits. See adv't bus. dept.

Drills, Osnaburgs and Ducks, A. Johnson & Co., 421 Main, corner Vinu Street.