Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Lin 479 Lit
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Choice Yellow butter for Southern Trade, by D. Douglas, No. 210 Pine Street.

Link, George w.west drayman , r. 23 Morgan
Link, Henry, tailor , r.residence rear 306 (old No.) Pulton
Link, Jacob, lab.laborer r.residence ws. Missouri av. bet. Cherokee
and Potomac av.
Link, Jacob, watchman , r.residence rear 1108 s.south 2d
Link, John, tailor , 125 s.south 8th, r.residence same
Link, Julius, watches and jewelry, 710 Market, r.residence
Link, Peter, shoemaker , r.residence Levee, bet. Barry and
Link, Sebastian, moulder, L.P. Pries, r.residence 1316
Linke, Charles, cigarmaker , John Walter, bds. es.
7th, bet. Layeead and Soulard
Linke, Heinrich, whitewalsher, r.residence reaer 1706 s.south 7th
Linke, Minna, wid.widow Adolph, r.residence 1903 Fulton
Linkman, Charlessaddler , r.residence 1317 Warren
Linlsogel, Francis, clerk , Joseph Bokern, r.residence 921
Linkage) Joseph, cabinetmaker, 921 O'Oallen, r.residence
Liuley, J. n.north student , Bryant, Stratton &
Cakpbntkr'S College. Olive, cor. 5th
Linn, Henry, baggagemaster, r.residence 2621 Milt
Linn, Jacob, shoemaker , Frederick Wesch.r.residence 1018
Linnahan, John, currier, bds. 3d, se. cor. Green
Linueman, Elizabeth Miss, r. 122 Olive
Liniiemaii, l-'rank, carpenter , Joseph B.Goesse, , r.
es. 14th, bet. Wash and Carr
Linueman, Frank, salesman , Toomer & Co.company r.1114
n. 20th
Linneman, Henry J.salesman , Brown, Weber &
Graham, r.residence 1126 n.north 20th
Linnenborii, Rudolph, shoemaker , r.residence 823 Biddle
Linneiifelzer, Martin, lab.laborer r.residence ws. Caroudelet av,
bet. Lux and 2d Carondelet av.
Linnenfclxer, Mary Ann, wid.widow F. r ws. Caronde-
let av. bet. Lux and 2d Carondelet av.
Liuneukugel, Gertrude, wid.widow Joseph, r.residence al, bet.
Carondelet av. and Jackson, Lesperauee and
Linnert, Leonhard, lab.laborer r.residence 2229 Congress
Linne, James, carpenter , r.residence 225 Mullanphy
Linnewerth, Henry, clerk , MathiasStoltmann, ,
bds.boards same
Linmlmhn, Philip, lab.laborer Levi Aelibrook & Co.company r.residence
4036 2d
Lins, w.westcooper CharlesHorn,
Linsenman, Wiliambds.boards 928 n.north 6th
Linstochr, , blacksmith , 1810 Market, r.residence 1812
Liustroth, Henry, r.residence ws.west side 19th, bet.between Spruce and
Linstroth, William, miller , r.residence 1718 Wash
Linstrout, Henrj , lab.laborer r.residence 1722 Biddle
Lintner, Joliu,collarmaker ,Krayser, Hildenbrandt
& Scbrick , bds.boards al.alley bet.between Franklin av.avenue and
Wash, 21st and 22d
Linton, Benjamin, student , St. Louis university, r.residence
10th, se.southeast cor.corner Locust
Lintou, Frank, student , St, Loui3 university, r.residence
10th se.southeast cor.corner Locust
Lointon, M. L.physican , 312 n.north 10th, r.residence 924 Locust
Linton, n.north M.bds.boards St. Clair hotel
Linton, s.south s.south tailor , L. F.Rude,
Linton, s.south s.south physician , 606 n.north 5th,bds.boards ws.west side n.north 5th,
bet.between Locust and St. Charles
Lintondra, Theresa, wid.widow Nicholas, , r.residence 1111 Salts-
Linlz, Peter, barber , CharlesHeine, , r.residence 213 Green
Lintz, Peter, machinist , r.residence 1305 n.north 8th
Linz, Her,an, clerk . Block & Evers
Linz, Julius, carpenter , 808 Anu av.avenue r.residence same
Linz, Vermina, wid.widow Adam, , r.residence rear 916 n.north 12th
Linze, William(Linze & Schmidt) ; r.residence 1521 Frank-
lin av.avenue
Linze & Schmidt (WilliamLinze, and Rudolph
Schmidt, ), malthouse , 930 and 932 n.north Main
Linzel, Edward A.gunmaker , 318 Walnut.r.residence same
Linzmaser, Leopold, stonecutter , r.residence 826 Allen av.avenue

Edward, w.west Shands, Attorney ; Theodore
Papin, , Commiudoner of Deeds, & C.

Shands & Papin ,
Law , Collection & Conreyanciiig Offce ,
Will give their attention specially to
Conveyanging And Collection Of Claims.

Office, Southwest cor, 3d and Olive Sts.streets

Lion, Brewery, John M.Wyand, ,propr. 2840 Ca-
rondelel :iv. ne.northeast cor.corner Dorcas
Lionberger, John r.residence pres. Third National bank,
119 n.north 2d, and treas.treasurer People's city railway,
Mississippi av.avenue se.southeast cor.corner Park av.avenue r.residence 1601 Oliv
Linoberger, Philip, cooper . JohnBeam,
Lipc, C. J.student , Bryant, Stratt &
Carpkstkr'S College, Olive, cor.corner 5th
Lipka, Henry, carpenter , bds'. Bremen av.avenue bet.between
13th aim 14th
Lipke, Frederick, blacksmith , r.residence 404 Anna
Lipke, Henry, lab.laborer r.residence ws.west side Missouri av.avenue bet.between Park
and Chouteau avs.avenues
Liipman, Charles L.bookkeeper , r.residenceGuntersen, , r.residence
6 Grattan
Lipmann, Jacob, peddler , r.residence 1543 Jackson
Lipmann, Joseph, peddier .r.residence rear 1440 Carondetel
Lipman, Louis, clerk , bds.boards 1211 Grattan
Lippe, ! . carpenter , C. H. & J.w.west Peck
Lippelman, John H.(JohnH. Lippelman & Co.) ,
r.residence 10th. bet.between Penrose and Perry
Lippelman John H. A Co.company (John H.Lippelmai,
and CharlesCamp, ), whol.wholesale and ret. Hour and
feeddealera , 3626 n.north 10th
Lippelt, Henry(Mogge & Lippelt) ,r.residence 1546 Caron-
delet av.avenue
Lippert, Henry, brewer , r.residence 1106 Park av.avenue
Lippert, Henryfireman , ConstrainteSchnerr, , r.residence
1206 Park av.avenue
Lippert, John, machinist , r,residence ns.north side Biddle, bet.between 6th
and 7th
Lippen, Julius, barkeeper , John C.Albring, , bds,boards
1123 and 1125 n.north 10th
Lippet, Henry, bartender , r.residence n.north 14th, nr.near Penrose
LipphaadJ, Catherine, wid.widow JohnP., r.residence 2219 Roaatti
Lipphirdt, Frederick, cash. Pettes & Leathe , r.residence
Arrow, ne.northwest cor.corner Rosatti
Lipphardt, Henry, butcher , Central market, r,residence
Sidney, sw.southwest cor.corner Jackson
Lippincott, Samuel s.south sodawater and
sodawater machinery mnfr.manufacturer 801 St. Charles,
and propr. Olive Street skating park, Olive,
ne.northwest cor.corner Page av.avenue v. 1117 St. Charles
Lipping, - Ferdinand, lab , r.residence as. Davis, nr.near 22d
Lippip, Frederick, r.residence 919 Case avavenue ,
Djppman, Charles F.lab.laborer r.residence 823 Ann avavenue ,
Lipptnuii, Isaac, liquordealer , r.residence 1112 n,north 6th
Lippman, Morris J.(Graff, Bennett & Co.company hr.120S
Lippold, Frederick w.west lab.laborer r.residence 1318 North Market
Lipps, Anton, saddletree maker ,r.residence 4018 Broadway
Lips, Anton, carpenter , r.residence al.alley bet.between Fulton ami De-
catur, Soulard and Lafayette
Lips, Charles L, phvsiciau , 318 Myrtle, and drugs
and medicines", 300 s.south 2d, r.residence 318 Myrtle
Lipsius, Frederick, driver , bds. 2818 s.south 7th
LisUi, Jacob, porter , r.residence 1422 Hamtramck
Lischka, John, ruler , S.Levison, , r.residence 610 Barry
Lischka, Joseph, r.residence rear 1537 Columbus
Lise, Solomon, peddler , r, 2009 Franklin av.avenue
List, Frank, saloon , Carondelet av.avenue bet.between Gate and
Wall, r.residence same
Lister, John w.west carpenter , Bigelow & Griffin, r.residence 505
Summit av,
Liston, John, sexton , St. Lawrence O'Toole'
charch, r.residence 1414 O'Faiton
Listen, William, clerk , bds.boards 419 n.north 7th
Litchfield, Enos s.south carpenter , r.residence 509 ws.west side Summit
av.avenue bet.between Gamble av.avenue and Pacific
Litschgi, John, barkeeper , bds. 1800 Jackson
Littel, ! s.south J.wid.widow William, T.r.residence 19 s.south 13th

Union Savings, Association , n.north e.east cor.corner Main & Walnut. Interest allowed on time deposits. See adv'tbus.dept.department

Drills, Osnaburgs ad Docks , A. Johkson & Co.company , 421 Main, corner Vine Street.