Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Mat 516 Mau
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D.A. January & Co.company , Grocers & Commission Merchants , 406 & 408 North 2d st.street

Cut Nails And Spikes, Grind Stones, A.F. Shapleigh & Co.company , 414 North Main St., St. Louis, Missouri.

Saxton'S Piano Warerooms
Under The Southern Hotel,
cor.corner Fifth and Walnut Streets.
The Largest Stock Of Pianos
In The West.

Matt, Jacob, mason , r.residence rear 1719 Columbus
Matt, Leopold, carriagepainter , r.residence 1815 Market
Matt, Willibald, clerk , Charles Zimmer & Bro. r.residence
815 Market
Matt, William, paperhanger , r.residence 1815 Market
Matter, Jacob, barkeeper , Hy.Hiemens, , r.residence 1302
s.south 5th
Matter, Jacob, bricklayer , r.residence al.alley bet.between Decatur and
Buel, Soulard and Lafayette
Matter, Nicolas, huckster , r.residence 1534 Jackson
Matter, Samuelporter , Jacob Straus & Co.company r.residence 402
(old No.) s.south 7th, bet.between Barry and Marion
Mattern, Magdelen, wid.widow w.west r.residence Victor, bet.between Gravois
rd.road and McNair av.avenue
Mattes, James, lab.laborer r.residence Levee, bet.between Barry and Ma-
Mattes, John, riverman , r.residence 1523 n.north 8th
Mattfeld, August D.stoves and tinware , 203 s.south
Main, r.residence same
Mattfeid, Louis, drugstore , 1538 Carondelet av.avenue r.residence
Matthai, John L., Jefferson av.avenue cor.corner Keokuk, r.residence
Matthew, Charles L.mail agt.agent n.north M.r.residence r.residence r.residence 1435
s.south 7th
Matthews, Abram D.lawyer , 318 Chesnut, r.residence 101
s.south 15th
Matthews, Bridget, wid.widow Peter , r.residence 1811 Orange
Matthews, Edward, baker , r.residence 616 Wash
Matthews, George, dyer and scourer , 312 Olive,
r.residence Orange, bet.between 12th and 14th
Matthews, Esther w.west wid.widow Stephen H.teacher , r.residence
1806 n,north 11th
Matthews, F. w.west druggist , r.residence 1322 Spruce
Matthews, George, dyer and scourer , 312 Olive
and 309 Green, r.residence Orange, bet.between 12th and 13th
Matthews, George, plumber , William Simpson &
Co.company bds.boards ns.north side st.street Charles, bet.between 7th and 8th
Matthews, George Q.shipcarpenter , r.residence 2616 Gam-
ble av.avenue
Matthews, James, bds.boards 1832 Market
Matthews, John, repairer , w.west U.Tel.Co.company r.residence 208
Matthews, John, student , bds.boards 14 n.north 11th
Matthews, Johnjr.junior cash. Union National bank , 212
Olive, r.residence Webster station
Matthews, Joseph I.shippingclerk , St. Louis Shot
Tower Co.company r.residence 908 n.north 19th
Matthews, Joseph r.residence com.mer.merchants 202 s.south Main, r.residence st.street
Louis county
Matthews, L. L.watchman , r.residence 318 Biddle
Matthews, Martha s.south Mrs.teacher , Adams school
(col'd), 2405 Morgan
Matthews, Mary A.wid.widow Daniel, , r.residence es, 9th, bet.between
Chambers and Webster
Matthews, Owen, furniture man , Paschall house
Matthews, Robert, tailor , r.residence 823 n.north 19th
Matthews, Robert D., clerk , ThomasRyan, , bds.boards
ns.north side Chesnut, bet.between 13th and 14th
Matthews, Thomas A,student , academy of the
Christian Brothers
Matthews, Thomas J.moulder , Excelsior Mnfg.manufacturing
Co.company r.residence es.east side 2d, bet.between Howard and Mullanphy
Matthews, William, tailor , 411 Green, r.residence 1113
Matthews, William, watchman , Memphis & St.
Louis Packet Co.company r.residence 1220 n.north 16th
Matthews, William B.lab.laborer r.residence es.east side 9th, bet.between Cham-
bers and Webster
Matthews, William T.apothecary , City dispensa-
ry, r.residence 1322 Spruce
Matthews, see also Mathews,
Matthisen, William, carriagemaker , r.residence 713 Marion
Matthysse, Matthys, lab.laborer r.residence 808 Russell av.avenue
Mattice, HenryRev.Reverend gen.general agt.agent Young Men's Chris-
tian association , r.residence 1716 s.south 5th
Mattick, Henry, clerk , P. G.Anton,
Mattison, Germain(M.L. Pottle & Co.company ) , r.residence 616
Mattson, Axel G.n.north woodcarver , AlbertPries, , r.residence
503 Myrtle
Maturin, Thomas, butcher , r.residence ns.north side Boston, nr.near Bal-
Matnscheck, Franz, flourbarrel dealer , r.residence 1813 Ro-
Matuscheck, Joseph, lab.laborer r.residence 1207 Emmet
Man, Henry, barkeeper , Frederick w.west Henze, ,
bds.boards 12th, ne.northwest cor.corner Biddle
Man, Jacob, cigarmaker , r.residence 1117 Biddle
Manbach, Wilheim, lab.laborer r.residence 2017 State
Manbehr, Joseph, cutter , Niedringhans Bros. r.residence
2024 Franklin av.avenue
Mauch, Augustus, watchmaker , 1436 Carondelet
av.avenue r.residence same
Mauch, Charles, wagonmaker , 1424 North Market
Mauch, Henry, watchmaker and repairer , 921 n.north
4th, r.residence 3201 s.south 7th
Mauch, John, tailor , MartinBonifer, , r.residence al.alley bet.between
Carondelet av.avenue and Jackson, Emmet and Les-
Manch, Joseph, lab.laborer r.residence 922 s.south 3d
Mauchenheimer, Adolph, r.residence 1214 s.south 7th
Mauchenheimer, Frederick, painter , 1214 s.south 7th.
r.residence same
Maude, James L.(Collins & Maude) , r.residence 703 Garri-
son av.avenue
Maude, John B.(Appleton, Noyes & Co.company ) , bds.boards
703 Garrison av.avenue
Mauene, August, grocer , r.residence 1003 n.north 13th
Mauer, Elizabeth, wid.widow George, , r.residence 1000 Park av.avenue
Mauer, John, wood and coalyard , 201 s.south 7th, r.residence
Mauer, Louis, shoemaker , r.residence 3617 Broadway
Mauer, Max. painter , r.residence 1222 n.north 17th
Mauer, Michael, coffee , r.residence 712 Marion
Mauerer, John, lab.laborer r.residence 1022 Park av.avenue
Maugh, Charles, blacksmith , 1422 North Market
Maughs, G. M.B. physician , 1013 Chesnu, r.residence same
Maul, John H.shoemaker , r,residence es.east side Lucky, nr.near Grand
Maule, e.east M.student , Bryant, Stratton &
Carpenter'S College. Olive, cor.corner 5th
Maule, George P.conductor , P.r.residence r.residence r.residence 1327
Chouteau av.avenue
Mauleal, Mathias, finisher , JacobFeller, , bds.boards Mul-
berry, cor.corner Levee
Mauley, Thomas, bds.boards st.street Clair hotel
Mauldiegel, Joseph, mechanic , bds.boards 730 s.south Levee
Maull, Charles, hostler , Mallett & Guelberth , bds.boards
1013 n.north 5th
Mault, Thaddeus, civilengineer , r.residence Amelia av.avenue
Mauman, William, lab.laborer bds.boards 1511 O'Fallon
Maunder, William, carpenter , r.residence 1118 n.north 24th
Maune, Frederick, cigars and tobacco , 1319 Frank-
lin av.avenue r.residence same
Mauntel, Bernard, student , st.street Louis university
Mauntel, John F.(Mauntel, Bulte & Co.company ) , r.residence String-
tow rd.road
Mauntel, John J.salesman , Mauntel, Bulte & Co.company
r.residence Stringtown rd.road
Mauntel, Bulte & Co.company (John F.Mauntel, , Henry
Bulte, and MathiasBacker, ), whol.wholesale grooers
and com. mers.commission merchant 112 and 114 s.south Main
Maupin, Z. H.Mrs.r.residence 707 Pine
Maurer, August, druggist , 1310 Biddle, r.residence 1216 n.north
Maurer, Gregor, cooper , r.residence State, se.southeast cor.corner Ohio
Maurer, Ignace, lab.laborer r.residence es.east side James, bet.between Lynch and
Maurer, Jacob, lab.laborer r.residence 710 s.south 2d
Maurer, Jacob, lab.laborer r.residence 1217 s.south 2d
Maurer, John, porter , G. C.Kimbrough, , r.residence 1802 s.south

American and Foreign Dress Goods, A. Johnson & Co.company , 421 Main, cor.corner Vine st.street