Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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D. A. January & Co.company , Grocers Since 1832, Nos. 406 and 408 North 2d Street.

Full Assortment Of Hardware, A. F. Shapeleigh & Co.company , No. 414 North Main st.street , St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Second hand Pianos
Melodeons And Organs
M.H. Saxton & Co.company ,
cor.corner Fifth and Walnut Streets.

Missouri Stove Foundry , BenjaminHorton, ,propr.
Main, ne.northeast cor.corner Palm salesroom, 706 and 707
n.north Main
Missouri Stove Foundry , CharlesGage, , propr,
2d, ne.northeast cor.corner Palm, salesroom, 615 n.north Main
Missouri Street Railway Co.company ErastusWells, . pres.
Alfred w.west Henry, , vice pres.president office, 1828 Mar-
Mist, Bernard, blacksmith , Herman & Holtman .
bds.boards 1007 O'Fallon
Mttchael, Williaro, fancygoods. 1418 Carondelet
av.avenue r.residence same
Mitchel, James, salesman , St. Lonis Book & News
Co.company r,residence 705 n.north 15th
Mitchel, Jefferson, carpenter , r.residence 515 Picotte
Mitchel, Jobtr, msrblecntter , bds.boards 11th, ne.northeast eor.
Mitchell, Ackbal 0.(Mitohell & Mitchell) , r.residence Ban-
del house
Mitchell, Alex . J.salesman , G. F.Tower, , bds.boards
Everett hoase
Mitchell, Andrew w.west (J.B. Carson, Bro. & Co).
r.residence 317 Leffingwell av.avenue
Mitchell, August, saddler , Jacob Straus & Co.company
Mitcbfll, Ben. painter , r.residence 1212 n.north 12th
Mitchell, Charles F.porter , bde. 1320 Broadway
Mitchell, David, hds. Randle house
Mitohell, David, r.residence 1424 Hehert
Mitohell, Don C.cider mnfr.manufacturer r.residence 1429 Market
Mitchell, D. A.bde. Randle house
Mitchell, Edward J.office, 4th, ne.northeast cor.corner Olive, r.residence
1508 Pine.
Mitchell, EvS. wld.Isaac w.west r.residence 2325 Olive
Mitchell, Francis H.clerk . John F.Milchelt, . r.residence
Mitchell, Frank(F. Mitchell & Bros.) , r.residence 1014
Mitchell F. & Bros. (Frank . Solomon,
C. and Thomas H.Mitchell, ), whol.wholesale grocers
and com.mere. 2d, se.southeast cor.corner Chesnut
Mitchell, George T.pilot , Upper Misssippi Pilots'
benevolent association , 13 Olive, r.residence Quincy,
Mitchell, H. B.cehk , bds.boards 410 n.north 7th
Mitchell, Jumes s.south trroceries aud provisions , 2901
Cooper. r.residence same
Mltchell, John, nurse , City hospital, r.residence same
Mitchell, John, waiter , Laclede hotel, bds.boards same
Mitohell, John F.architect and snpt. 515 Olive.
r.residence Kirkwood
Mitchell, John J.(Mitchell, Milteuberger & Tan-
ey) , r.residence Alton, Ill.
Mitchell, Joseph T.engineer , r.residence 300 Cedar
Mitchell, Joseph w.west lawyer , room 1, 4th, ne.northwest cor.corner
Walnut, r.residence 1110 Locust
Mitchell, J. H.bds.boards St. Clair hotel
Mitchell, Leonard F.eneiueer , r.residence 1714 Wash
Mitchell, Louis, milier , Charles L.Tucker,
Mitchell, Louis F.engineer , r.residence 300 Cedar
Mitchell, Mary, wid.widow John, . r.residence 705 n.north 15th
Mitchell, Mary, wid.widow John, , r1521 n.north 7th
Mitchell. Miltenberger & Tansey (John J.Mitch-, . J.OliverMiltenberger, and Robert P.Tan-, ). trans, gts. prod, and com. mers.commission merchant Carr,
cor.corner n.north Levee
Mitohell, Robert(r.residence & w.west Mitchell) , r.residence Cincinnati
Mitchell r.residence & w.west (Robert, and WilliamMitchell, ).
furniture and carpets, 609,611 and 613 n.north 4th
Mitchell, Sam.jr.junior salesman , Hudson Bros. r.residence
Leffingwell av.avenue sw.southwest cor.corner Locnst
Mitchell, Samuel J.lightningrod mnfr.manufacturer 918n.north 21st,
r.residence 2037 Wash
Mitchell, Solomon C.(Femithcell & Bros.) , r.residence 1014
Mitchell, Susie A.teacher , Jackson school, bds.boards
1112 Madison
Mitchell, Thomas Fengineer r1408 n.north 16th
Mitchell, Thomas H.(F Mitchell & Bros,) ,r.residence 1014
Mitchell, William, blacksmith , r.residence 2903 Cooper
Mitchell, Williamboileimaker r.residence 2903 Cooper
Mitchell, William(r.residence & w.west Mitchell) r.residence 816 Locust
Mitchell, William B.painter bde 579 st. Charles
Mitchell, William Hframemoanter Pettes &
Leathe r1411 Warren
Mitchell, William J.bricklayer , r.residence 1321 Spring
Mitchell, William L.clerk St Angecorral, , r.residence St.
Ange. sc.cor.corner LaSalle
Mitchell, Zenas M.(Mitchell M. Mitchell) , r.residence Randell
Mitchell & Mitchell (Zenas M.Mitchell, and Ack- O.Mitchell, ). proprs. Randle house, ne.northwest
cor Broadway and Wash
Mitchell, —, r.residence 1112 Olive
Mitchell, William, painter , r.residence 310 s.south 4th
Mitsch, Michael, teamster , r.residence ss.south side Duchouquette,
bet.between Dekalb and Kosiusko
Mitschell, Gustav, saddler , r.residence 2500 Jackson
Mittzner, Frank, cooper , r.residence 2018 Kosciusko
Mitze, Louis, lab.laborer r.residence ws.west side Mai, bet.between Howard and
Mleaecks, William, machinist Fultoripron ,worka ,
r.residence 9th. cor.corner Biddle
Moahn, Timothyteamster Mc urray & Smith ,
bds.boards al.alley bet.between chesnut and Market, 9th and 10th
Moakley, Michael, carpenter , r,residence 1425 Collins
Moaler, Charles, cabinetmaker , r.residence 21st. nr.near Bre-
men av.avenue
Moats, Henry, carriagemaker , r.residence 1425 Christy av.avenue
Moberly, James B.bookkeeper , J. F.Schiefer, ,
bds.boards 709 Pine
Moberly, William e.east (Logan Mobeny & Co.company and
J. F. Havens & Co.company ) , r.residence Alton Ill.
Mobus, Henrycabinetmaker BennardWalter, ,
bds.boards 2617 Franklin av.avenue
Mochel, Phillip, riverman , bds.boards St. Louis house
Mock, Allbert. lab.laborer r.residence 1126 Geyer av.avenue
Mock, Henry, lab.laborer bds.boards 408 s.south Levee
Mock, Johnhaker bda 2203 Franklin av.avenue
Mock, Johnbutcher Charleskenpicr, r.residence Jackson,
bet.between Duchouquette and Lami
Mock, Levi, engineer , r.residence 1025 w.west Brookly
Mockhoupt, Peter, tailor , r.residence 8th, bet.between Berry and
Mockler, Margaret, wid.widow John, , r1809 Orange
Mockler, Michael, engineer , r.residence 1809 Orange
Mockler, Richard, saloon . Easton av.avenue op.opposite Alby,
r.residence same
Mockler, Thomas, bricklayer , r.residence 1523 Morgan
Mockler, Thomaslab r1841 Biddle
Mocklin, Patrickengineer r.residence n.north 12th ne.northeast cor.corner Davis
Mocklin, Henrycellarman . Brinckwirth &
Griesediek , r.residence Cass av.avenue se.southeast cor.corner 19th
Mocler, Michael, carpenter , r.residence ns.north side Mullanphy, nr.near
Moctor, Henry, brewer , r.residence rear 1707 Biddle
Mocus, James H.lab.laborer Pierce & Dwight , r.residence Clark
av.avenue nr.near 15th
Moddo, Joseph, r.residence Carondelet av.avenue sw.southwest cor.corner Miami
Moddo, Louis, salesman , r.residence Carondelet av.avenue sw.southwest cor.corner
Moder, charles(Frantz & Moder) , r.residence 1822 Ran-
Moder, Edward, bookkeeper , George M.Harding, ,
r.residence 804 Ann av.avenue
Moder, Ferdinand, gilder . George M.Harding, , r.residence
1410 Madison
Moder, Jacob, apprentice , G. P.Liebig, jr.junior bds.boards
205 s.south 4th
Moder, Theresa, wid.widow Joseph, , r.residence 1829 Rosatti
Moder, John, locksmith and bellhanger , 114 n.north
12th, r.residence same
Moe, Gustave e.east tobacconist , r.residence 4224 Broadway

Black and Fancy Velvet Vestings, A, Johnson & Co.company , 421 Main, corner Vine st.street