Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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January & Co.company , one of the Oldest Grocery Firms in St. Louis, 406 & 408 n.north 2d St

Hub Boring Machines, Cotton and Wool Cards, "w.west & B. Douglass " Pumps, A.F. Shapleigh & Co.company , 414 Main st.street

Piakos, Organs,
And Melodeons,
Sold At Factor? Prices,
M.H. Saxton & Co.company ,
cor.corner Fifth and Walnut Streets.

Naylor, William, tailor , Satchel, ! & Duouque, , bds.boards
605 St. Charles
Naylor, w.west A.bds.boards St. Clair hotel
Nayon, William, tailor , G.Hartry, , r.residence 10th, cor.corner
Nead, Catherine, wid.widow Matthew, , r.residence 723 n.north 19ta
Nend, William, sanitary police , r.residence 723 . 19th
Neagle, David, lab.laborer r.residence 1017 Buchanan
Neaele, John, but'her , bds.boards 3214 Broadway
Ncaele, John, lab.laborer 3517 n.north 2d
Neagle, Penie, marbleworker , Woodlock &
O'Cmmel , bd's.as. Springer, 21st
Neagle, Theodore, printer , r.residence 1332 n.north 9th
Neagles, Charles, lab.laborer r.residence 1339 n.north 7th
Neakemp, Henry, lab.laborer bds.boards rear 1319 Malinckrodt
Noil, G. w.west driver , Bellefontaine city railway, r.residence
2809 n.north 10th
Neal, James B.foreman , WilliamAiken, , 411
Washington av.avenue r.residence same
Neal, Jennie D.teacher , Missouri Institute for the
Education of the Blind , 1925 Morgan, r.residence same
Neale, Irwin (Sktuiier, Neale & Co.company ),bds.boards Planters
Nealon, F. C.upholsterer , Wilcox & Loughran ,
bds.boards Donovan house
Nealon, James, bds.boards Donovan house
Nealon, Patrick, lab.laborer r.residence Penrose, cor.corner Clav av.avenue
Neamier, Henry, lab.laborer r.residence Garibaldi, bet.between 16th and
Nearns, David, moulder , r.residence 1324 n.north 11th
Nearns, T. w.west lab.laborer Fulton iron works , r.residence 1332 n.north
Nearster, Anton, blacksmith , r.residence 1515 Menrad
Neary, n.north J.agt.agent RichardEdwards, , bds.boards 715 St.
Neary, Thomas, riverman , r.residence ss.south side Lucas, bet.between 14th
and 16th
Nebel, Philip, news carrier , r.residence 1008 Aan av.avenue
Nebgen, Charles, moulder , s.south r.residence Fox Mnfg.manufacturing Co.company r.residence
2114 Franklin av.avenue
Nebbutli, Balthasar, buttonmaker . r.residence 2214 Con-
Nekhnth, George, buttonmaker , r.residence 2214 Congress
Nebel, Louis, blacksmith , JacobScheut, , bds.boards
1503 Market
Neck, George A.stairbuilder , Frantz & Moder , r.residence
2lst. nr.near P.r.residence r.residence
Necker, John, shoemaker , r.residence 1234 s.south 3d
Neekmek, Ignatz, coiper , r,residence 1717 Rosatti
Nedderhof, Frederick w.west (J. Meyer & Co ), r.residence
1703 Franklin av.avenue
Nedderhof, John, barkeeper , r.residence ws.west side 2d Carondelet
av. bet Park av.avenue and Carroll
Nedderhut, Augustus, porkhouse, 309 and 311 s.south
Main, r.residence 942 Autumn
Nedderhut, William, gtocer , 2310 Chouteaa av.avenue r.residence
Nedderhut, William, jr.junior saloon, 2322 Choute av.avenue
r.residence 2310 Chouteau av.avenue
Neder, Charles, cigarmaker , r.residence 922 s.south 2d
Nederhoid, Henry, barkeeper , Frederick w.west
Weigand, , bds.boards 1101 n.north Matn
Nedley, Michael, foreman , city sewars , r.residence 1321
NeebMaggy, Miss.teacher , LouisSoldan, , r.residence es.east side
4th, bet.between Plum and Cedar
Needam, Arthur, music teacher , r.residence 1013 St.Charles
Needbam, James, r.residence ns.north side Waterworks, bet.between 17th
and 18th
Needham, John, lab.laborer r.residence 1205 n.north 8th
Neef, Christian T. saloon, 2d, sw.southwest cor.corner Pine r.residence
Neef, Frederin, sausagemaker , 932 n.north 8th, r.residence same
Neel, Williambookkeeper , Scott & Bro. r.residence 70
Neeland, Johann, lab.laborer r.residence 1624 Rosatti
Neely, David, teamster , r.residence 1804 Broadway
Nees, Martin, baker , 11th. ne.northwest cor.corner Oirr
Nees, Herman, barber , 2403 Franklin av.avenue r.residence saaj
Neff, Adam. stonemason , PeterLange, , r.residence 538
Neff, Alexander, joiner , bds.boards 1015 Carondelet av.avenue
Neff, Christoph, lab.laborer r.residence 832 Allen av.avenue
Neff, Christopher, cooper , r.residence 1501 Closey
Neff, C. A. Mrs.r.residence 623 Locust
Neff, John, saloon, 1305 s, 5th. r,residence same
Negel, Edward, teamster , r.residence 413 Lafayette
Negele, George, lab.laborer bds.boards 2111 Congress
Negen, Charles, moulder , s.south r.residence Fox Mnfg.manufacturing Co.company
Negus, George, river reporter ,.St. Louis Dispatch
r, Conroy's bldgs. 12th, sw.southwest cor.corner Pine
Negus, Jamesjr.junior (G.A. Vansyckel & Co.company ), bds.boards
Olive Street hotel
Nehl, Charles w.west Nehl, Borrenpohl & Engel-
man ), r.residence 1002 16th
Nchl, Bonenpohl & Engelman (Charles w.west Nehl, ,
John C.BorrenpnM, and George H.Engel-, ), painters , 706 Franklin av.avenue
Nehrlich, John F.lab.laborer r.residence rear 1015 Soulard
Nehseloff, Joseph, typecater , St. Loais Type
Foundry Co.company r.residence ss.south side State, bet.between Russell and
Ann avs.avenues
Neibert, John, butcher , Missoori &v.bet.between Park and
Choutesu av.avenue r.residence rear 2222 Chooteau av.avenue
Neihor, Frits, driver , r.residence 1407 Monroe
Neideinghaus, Frederick G.salesman , Excelsior
Mnfg.manufacturing Co.company r.residence 1012 n.north 10th
Neidenberger, George, tinner , FrederickSchlep-, , es.east side 3d, nr.near Chooteau av.avenue
Neiderhnser, Jacob, tailor , r.residence rear 918 Fraklin av.avenue
Neiderreuther, George. saloon 716 Green, r.residence same
Neidham, Louis, carpenter , r.residence 12 Moore
Neidhart, Herman, clerk , Goedde & Vogt , bds.boards
1300 s.south 7th
Neidmann, Frederick, actor , r.residence 321 Myrtle
Neidod, Peter, cabinetmaker . 4026 Broadway
Neighaos, John, butcher , bds.boards 15th, lie.cor.corner Des-
Neihnus, Henry, clerk , P. Berg & Bro. r.residence 339 Co-
Neil, James, foreman , liverystahle , bds.boards 14 n.north 8th
Ncilgeghne, William, blacksmith , r.residence 1424 North
NiMlich, Frank, watchmaker , r,residence 2244 Carondelet av.avenue
Neill, Henry, driver , Lewis & Spelurink , r.residence 1416
Franklin av.avenue
Neill, James B.foreman , Avenoe livery and sale-
Nelli, Jhn, plasterer , r.residence 1319 n.north 6th
Neilson, P:iul, earriogetnaker , r.residence 1105 n. 10th
Neilly, Dinah, wid.widow William, , r.residence rear, 1101 s.south 3d
Neiman, Fredrick, porter , r.residence 824 s, 2d
Neiman, Frederick C.cigaistore, 1421 n.north 7th
Neimann, Heiman H.cabinetmaker , John H.
Koppelman, , r.residence Benton, se.southeast cor.corner 14th
Neimann, Henry H.clerk , r.residence 1308 Herbert
Neimnhler, L.lab.laborer r.residence es, Jefferson av.avenue bet.between Miami
and Potomac
Nein, Phillip, lab.laborer r.residence 1012 Park av.avenue
Neinkemper, William, drayman , r.residence 439 s.south 13th
Neipert, Adam, riverraan . r.residence 2814 n.north 13th
Neisenbeeh, Augast D.clgarmaker , r.residence ss.south side Rappa-
hinnock, bet.between Nebraska and Oregon av.avenue
Neider, Hermann, lab.laborer r.residence 2619 n.north 14th
Neiser, Henry, lab.laborer r.residence 1424 Wright
Neisiki, Bdward. postman , r.residence 1516 a. 7th
Neider, Ignata, tailor , r.residence 1307 Geyer av.avenue
Nelwher, Josephlab.laborer r,residence 1814 Hamtramck
Nelcner, Albert, clerk , r.residence 525 Lami
Nelgner, Gotlieb, r.residence Marine av.avenue bet.between Carondelet
av.avenue and Cahokia
Nell, John w.west saloon and boardingbouse, 719 s.south
Main r.residence same

Plain and Barred Jaconets, A. J0Hns0N & Co.company 421 Main, corner Vine Street.