Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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D.A. January & Co.company , Grocers & Commission Merchants , 406 & 408 North 2d St.

Horse Shoes And Miners' Picks, A.F. Shapleigh & Co.company , No. 414 North Main |St., St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Steck'S Pianos,
Raven & Bacon'S Pianos ,
J.w.west Vose'S Pianos,Mason & Hamlin'S Cabinet Organs.

New York Organ Co'S Organs,
At M.H. Saxton & Co ,
cor.corner Fifth and Walnut Streets.

Heath, Nathaniel P.Rev.Reverend pastor , 2d Union M.e.east
church, r.residence 3517 9th, bet.between Mallinckrodt and
Heath, William H.county auditor , office, Court
House. r.residence 115 s.south 14th
Hestherroan, Dennis, stonemason. r.residence 508 Dorcas
Heaton, John Wmoney clerk , Am.Ex.Co.company bds.boards
Everett house
Heaton, n.north A.clerk , bds.boards 414 st.street Charles
Heavy, Patrick, lab.laborer r.residence al.alley bet.between Smith and Bates,
Lewis and Main
Hebbard, Frederick, nurse. City hospital, r.residence same
Hebbert, Antoine A.bartender. r.residence 116 Plum
Hebderle, Frank, gardener , r.residence ws.west side Sanguenot av.avenue
nr.near Chippewa
Heber, Jacob, tobacco and cigarmaker , bds.boards 413
st.street Charles
Hebert, Michael, student , st.street Louis university
Hebrang, Conrad, stonecutter , r.residence 2618 Carondelet
Hebrock, Gottlieb, lab.laborer Belcher's Sugar Refining
Co.company r.residence 1019 O'Fallon
Hebron, Henry, carpenter , r.residence al.alley bet.between Columbus
and DeKalb, Picotte and Lesperance
Henchelle, Jacob, carriagemaker , r.residence 1018 Park av.avenue
Hechinger, Ignaz, lab.laborer r.residence Levee, , bet.between Duchou-
quette and Lami
Hechinger, Ludwig, sawer , r.residence es.east side 2d, bet.between Guth-
rie and Cahokia
Hechler, Fred.(George Hechler & Son) , r.residence 118
Hechler, George(George Hechler & Son) , r.residence Keo-
Hechler, George, student , bds.boards 823 Market
Hechler George & Son (George, and Fred., Hech-), boot and shoemaker. 118 Walnut
Hechler, Jocob, teamster , r.residence 2009 Kosciusko
Hechtel, Joseph, lab.laborer r.residence 115 Biddle
Hechtel, Margaret, wid.widow George, , r.residence rear 1208 n.north
Heck, Andrew, cigarmaker , r.residence ss.south side Rappahannock,
bet.between Nebraska and Oregon av.avenue
Heck, Charles, gasfitter , r.residence 806 n.north 6th
Heck, Christian, tailor , r.residence 1623 Columbus
Heck, Philipp, miller , bds.boards 1111 s.south 3d
Heck, William, tailor , r.residence ws.west side al.alley bet.between Rutgers and
Park av.avenue 7th and 8th
HeckelBarbara, Miss, r.residence rear 1208 n.north 12th
Heckel, Charles, ropemaker , r.residence Natural Bridge
plank rd.road bet.between Spring and Grand av.avenue
Heckel, Christophbookbinder , r.residence 909 s.south qoth
Heckel, Jacob, butcher , r.residence 4124 Broadway
Heckel, Mary Miss, r.residence rear 12048 n.north 12th
Heckenlauer, Cyreacus, furniturestore , 1127 n.north
13th, r.residence same
Heckenlauer, Martin, barkeeper , H., Langenter,
r.residence 115 Market
Hecker, Adolphus C.clerk , bds.boards 1448 Broadway
Hecker, Christopher F.boardinghouse and saloon,
1448 Broadway
Hecker, cornelius, peddler , r.residence rear Chippewa, bet.between
Indiana and Jefferson avs.avenues
Hecker, Frederick.painter , r.residence 2205 Carondelet av.avenue
Hecker, Gustavus F.clerk , bds.boards 1448 Broadway
Hecker, Joseph, stonemason , r.residence rear 1907 Menard
Heckerman, Frederick, cabinetmaker , Prange &
Bros. r.residence 3521 n.north 9th
Heckermann, William, Bremen av.avenue bet.between 20th and
Heckh, Charles, lab.laborer r.residence rear 1215 Mallinckrodt
Heckhardt, Edward, ropemaker , r.residence Dorcas, se.southeast cor.corner
Heckle, John, saddler , St. Louis city railway
Heckle, Louis, conductor , r.residence 1811 Columbus
Heckman, Caspar, blacksmith , bds.boards 3121 Caronde-
let av.avenue
Heckman, John, drygoods , r.residence 3100 Morgan
Heckmann, John H.grocer , Bremen av.avenue bet.between 13th
and 14th. r.residence same
Heckmann, Joseph.whol.wholesale gorcer , r.residence 1423 n.north 14th
Heckmann, Louis.mason. r.residence al.alley bet.between Fulton and
Decatur. Soulard and Lafayette
Hecksteden, John e.east (Hecksteden & Schleyer). r.residence
2115 Decatur
Hecksteden & Schleyer (John, e.east Hecksteden and
Adoplh, Schleyer), grocers , 1546 Carondelet
Heckwofl, Ferdinand, carpenter , r.residence 929 Soulard
Heddinger, John, tailor. r.residence 924 Market
Hedenberg, Mary n.north wid.widow Stephen, A.r.residence 709 Ches-
Heder, William, clerk , r.residence al.alley bet.between Menard and Ro-
satti, Ohio and Martha
Hedge, Mary, wid.widow James, , r.residence es.east side al.alley bet.between Biddle
and O'Fallon, 7th and 8th
Hedges, Isaac A.salesman , Barnum & Bro. bds.boards
316 s.south 14th
Hedges, Samuel P.conductor , Peoples' city rail-
way, bds.boards 1832 Park av.avenue
Hedkamp, J.pianomaker , r.residence 2430 Columbus
Hedley, James, clerk , Warne, , Cheever & Co.company r.residence
3107 Easton av.avenue
Hedson, John, clerk , r.residence 1114 Stoddard av.avenue
Heeb, Adam, porter , Mestemacher & Bro. r.residence 1256
s.south 3d
Heeb, John(Ellerbeck & Heeb) , r.residence 1252 s.south 3d
Heeb, Richard.lab.laborer Collier, White Lead and Oil
Co.company bds.boards 304 Anna
Heeb, Thomas D.salesman , Dodd, Brown & Co.company
bds.boards Barnum's hotel
Heede, John, mer. tailor , 220 Locust, r.residence same
Heede, William, clerk , L.Koch'sbrewery, , bds.boards
Sidney, se.southeast cor.corner Buell
Heelan, Patrick B.(Heelan & Lynch) , r.residence 1725 s.south 7th
Heelan & Lynch (Patrick, B.Heelan and daniel,
Lynch), drygoods , 715 n.north 3d
Heels, Margaret, wid.widow Edward, , r.residence 1823 Biddle
Heeley, —Mrs.r.residence 1306 Franklin av.avenue
Heeman, Frederick, gunsmith , r.residence 1411 n.north 13th
Heeman, John, clerk , r.residence 1411 n.north 13th
Heeman, Margaret, wid.widow Frederick, , r.residence 1411 n.north 13th
Heeman, Theodore, r.residence 1411 n.north 13th
Heemann, Albert w.west manager , Volkszeithung, r.residence
821 Market
Heemann e.east w.west & Co.company (Ernst, w.west
Heemann and —, ), publishers , Volkszei-
tung, 313 Market
Heemann, Frederick, cigarstore , 611 Wash, r.residence 609
Heenan, James, lab.laborer bds.boards 1119 n.north 6th
Heenan, Thomas F.commercial news dept. w.west U.
Tel. office, bds.boards Olive Street hotel
Heer, Henry, student , St. Louis university
Heer, John, salesman , William, B.Haseltine, r.residence es.east side
14th, bet.between Chambers and Howard
Heerbit, Lawrence, amchinist , r.residence 308 O'Fallon
Heerich, George.painter. Henry, Doellner, r.residence es.east side
13th, bet.between Wash and Carr
Heermans, Philip w.west (w.west L. Ewing & Co.company ) , r.residence 1827
Washington av.avenue
Heet, Garhardt.cabinetmaker , William, Oamkas,
bds. 1920 Broadway
Heet, John B.lab.laborer r.residence 1209 n.north 12th
Heetveld, Arras J.tailor , r.residence 804 Wash
Heetveld, John, salesman , James F.How, , r.residence 3019
Franklin av.avenue
Hefeler, Lawrence, teamster , r.residence ws.west side Indiana av.avenue
bet.between Potomac and Miami

Brown Sheetings and Shirtings, A. Johnson & Co.company , 421 Main, cor.corner Vine Street.