Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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The Best Butter And Cheese Is The Cheapest, D. Douglass, 210 Pine St.

Robinson, B. n.north gen.general baggagemaster , P.r.residence r.residence r.m
1208 Randolph
Robinson, Emilywid.widow Norton, , r.residence 1208 Randolph
Robinson, EmilyMrs.boardinghouse , 1212 Olive,
r.residence same
Robinson, EvaMrs.r.residence 1515 s.south 7th
Rabinson, Francis (col'd), barber , r.residence 1210 Ran-
Rabinson, George, butcher , John, Robinson, r.residence Gra-
vois rd.road
Robison, George, clerk , Robert, Tobin, bds.boards 1620
Robinson, George, painter , G. G.Matthews,
Robinson, George r.residence com.mer.merchants and agt.agent Liverpool
and London and Globe Life and Fire Ins.Co.company
303 n.north Levee and 304 n.north Commercial, r.residence La-
ciede Station.P.r.residence r.residence
Robinson, George r.residence moulder , r.residence 2321 Cozens
Robinson, George w.west riverman , r.residence 706 Carr
Robinson, Gifford s.south teacher. Washington universi-
ty, r.residence 915 . 16th
Robinson, Gordon, r.residence 1423 n.north 7th
Robinson, G. n.north riverman , bds.boards 515 Market
Robinson, Henry (col'd), porter , Allen, Copp &
Robinson, Jacob G.shoemaker , John, Baner,
r.residence 202 O'Fallon
Robinson, James (col'd). barber , Walter West, r.residence
16th, ne.northeast cor.corner Morgan
Robinson, James A.salesman , J.G. Green & Co.company
r.residence 1212 Olive
Robinson, James C.carpenter. Z.T. Knott.bds.boards
9 s.south 16th
Robinson, James e.east drayman , City Tobacco ware-
house, bds.boards 21 Centre
Robinson, James P.carpenter , 1505 Morgan, r.residence
2816 Olive
Robinson, James w.west shoemaker , r.residence 202 O'Fallon
Robinson, James Y.machinist , r.residence ws.west side Valley av.avenue
bet.between Manchester rd.road and Laclede av.avenue
Robinson, Jeremiah B.boardinghouse , r.residence 3220
Robinson, John, butcher , r.residence Gravois rd, nr. Grand
Robinson, John, clerk , bds.boards 60S Washington av.avenue
Robinson, John, foreman , Lafayette Foundry
Robinson, John, hostler , bds.boards 3612 Broadway
Robinson, John, miller , bds.boards 1320 Broadway
Robinson, John H.plasterer , r.residence 1027 n.north 11th
Robinson, John w.west sup. City Tobacco warehouse.
11th, bet.between Market and Chesnut, r.residence 21 Centre
Robinson, Joseph, clerk , Mississippi Valley Trans.
Co.company r.residence Summit, nr.near High
Robinson, Joseph D.messenger , Missouri Benevo-
lent and Loan association , r.residence 412 s.south 14th
Robinson, Lucius, salesman , bds.boards Mound City
Robinson, L. M.Mrs.r.residence 1511 Pine
Robinson, Margaret M.wid.widow Robert , r.residence 910 Mont-
Robinson, Mary AnnMrs.r.residence al.alley bet.between 9th and 10th,
Market and Chesnut
Robinson, Mary J.Mrs.(Mrs. Anna Beattie &
Robinson) , r, 816 Pine
Robinson, Nancy Miss, saloon , 700 Morgan, r.residence
Robinson, Philip, moulder , Lafsyette Foundry
Robinson, P. C.physician , 800 Locust
Robinson, Richard, tobacconist , r.residence 1332 n.north 13th
Robinson, Robert, clerk , r.residence 1327 Pine
Robinson, Robert, machinist , bds.boards 519 st.street Charles
Robinson, Robert P.collector , Keokuk Packet Co
Robinson, Thomas, clerk , r.residence 1227 Olive
Robinson, Thomas, shoemaker , William, Anderson,
r.residence 20th. cor.corner Franklin av.avenue
Robinson, William, cooper , as, Rutgers, bet.between Co-
lumbus and Mam , r.residence same
Robinson, Williams, mer. tailor , 119 Walnut, bdsboards ,
1345 n.north 17th
Robinson, William, phrenologist , 215 Olive, r.residence 702
n.north 7th

Henry Papin & Co
Taxes Paid ,
Lands Bought And Sold in all the
Southern and Western States.
Agents and correspondents in every county in all the
Western and Southern States. Letters of inquirey
answered without charge.
Office, Southwest cor.corner 3d and Olive streets.

Robinson, William, salesman , r.residence 816 Pine
Robinson, William, salesman , Channcey, I.Filley,
r.residence ws.west side 6th. betbetween Olive and Pine
Robinson, William A.mer. tailor , 119 Walnut, r.residence
1349 17th
Robinson, William J.pressman , r.residence 423 Green
Robinson, William s.south gas and steam fitting , 2505
Broadway.r.residence 2505 n.north 10th
Robinson, William T.clerk , bd. 21 Centre
Robinaon, Wlllwro w.west salesman , Sipple, Crow &
Co.company bds.boards Olive Street hotel
Robinson, w.westconductor , Bellefontaine city rail-
way, r.residence Montgomery, betbetween , 9th and 10th
Robinson, w.west w.west broker , 310 Olive, bds.boards Everett
Robinson & Parsons (B.H.Robinson, and H.H.
Parsons, ), chiropodist. 215 n.north 4th
Robirde, George w.west sec, Western Boatman's Bene-
volent association , Walnut, sw.southwest cor.corner 2d, r.residence 1004
Robirds, G. w.west pilot , Western Boatman's benevo-
lent association , Chestnut, sw.southwest cor.corner 2d.
Robirds, Newman, r.residence 1524 Wash
Robirds, Oby.engineer , r.residence 1219 Franklin av.avenue
Robirds, William, r.residence 1219 Franklin av.avenue
Robirds, William A.conductor , People's city rail-
way r.residence 1506 Singleton
Robirds, William C.pilot , r.residence 1524 Wash
Robinson, AliceMrs.r.residence 739 s.south Main
Robinson, Benjamin, moulder , bds.boards 2030 Franklin
Robison, Benjamin F.r.residence al.alley ne.northwest cor.corner Chambers, bet.between
13th and 14th
Robison, Catherine M.wid.widow William, G.r.residence 1015 n.north
Robinson, James P.(Robinson & McClaren) , r.residence 2816
Robison, William, lab.laborer r.residence 807 s.south Main
Robison, William s.south bookkeeper , Robison &
McClaren , r.residence 2816 Olive
Robison & McClaren (James, P.Robison and
James, H.McClaren), architects , 410 Olive
Robitzsch, Charles, tanner , r.residence 2423 DeKalb
Robling, Nicholas M.bartender. Schiller & Kruger ,
bds.boards 606 s.south 4th
Roblins, Edward w.west conductor , st.street Louis city
railway, r.residence 3611 Broadway
Robson, Thomas, clerk , Randle house, bds.boards same
Robust, Casper, teamster , r.residence es.east side 17th, bet.between Salis-
bury and Davis
Roby, Jennie, teacher. Lafayette school, r.residence 1315
n.north Market
Robyn, Ernest, clerk , H. Gildebaus & Co.company r.residence 1021
Robyn, John H.musieteacher , r1021 Alby
Robyn, Robert, collector , Traders bank, r.residence 1021
Robyn, William, musicteacher. r.residence 1618 Clark av.avenue
Rocco, Alexander, student , st.street Louis university
Roche, Boyce & McCabe (William
C.F.Roche, , Joseph, Boyee and Henry, McCabe), whol.wholesale dealers in tobacco, whisky and
cigars , 503 n.north 2d
Roche, George, upholsterer , r.residence and W.Mitchell, ,
r.residence es.east side 16th, bet.between Biddle and Carr
Roche, Henrv, carpenter , r.residence 1403 O'Fallon
Roche, Jane, wid.widow James, , r.residence 1122 n.north 16th
Roche, Jennie, asst.assistant cash. Pettes & Leathe , r.residence
1213 Pine
Roche, Louis, lab.laborer Walter, Riehl, r.residence 2001 Frank-
lin av.avenue
Roche, Michael.lab.laborer r.residence rear 1222 n.north 14th

ExCelsior Insurance Company , Fire And Marine , n.north e.east cor.corner Main and Walnut Sts. See adv'tbus.dept.department

Plain and Figured Swisses, A. Johnson & Co.company , 421 Main, corner Vine Street.