Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
St. L 636 St. L
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D. A. January & Co.company , Grocers & Commission Merchants , 406 & 408 n.north 2d Street.

Shelton & Co.company " Tacks, Hardware, at Reduced Prices, A. F. Shapleigh & Co.company , 414 North Main Street.

Pianos, Organs,
And Melodeons,
Sold At Factory Prices,
M. H. Saxton & Co.company ,
cor.corner Fifth and Walnut Streets.

St. Louis Brick Co.company L. s.south Metcalf, , supt.superintendant 6th, se.southeast
cor.corner St. Charles
St. Louis Building and Ladder Co.company JamesStill, -
man. propr. Joseph H.Canfield, , architect
and supt.superintendant 613 Market
St. Lous Building and Savings' Association . Felix
Coste, , pres.president CharlesEnslin, , treas.treasurer 202 n.north
St. Louis Butchers' Association , office. Wedge
House bldg.building
St. LouisCathedral, , ns.north side Walnut, bet.between 2d and 3d
St. Louis Chemical and Quartz Works, Page &
Krausse , proprs. 408 and 410 Almond
St Louis Coal Oil Works , W. H.Cobb, , propr. Austin. nr.near s.south 14th, office. 414 3d
St. Louis Co-operative Building Association . e.east
G.Obear, , pres.president w.west L.C., , sec.secretary Nathan
Cole, , treas.treasurer 113 Olive
St. Louis Cotton Factory, Adolphus Meier & Co.company
proprs. 1703 s.south Menard
St. Louis Country Jail , 20 n.north 6th
St. Louis Dental College , 1009 Locust
St. Louis Directory Office ,
423 n.north 5th. sw.southwest cor.corner St. Charles
St. Louis Dispatch , daily. tri-weekly
and weekly, w.west H.Swift, , manager , 313 n.north 3d
St. Louis Eureka Tanning & Currying Co.company C. w.west
Ford, . pres.president CharlesDoty, , sec.secretary office, 229
Chesnut, tannery. Barton, sw.southwest cor,corner Eas-
St. Louis Fair Grounds .G. O.Kalb, , sec.secretary office,513
St Louis Fire Department , office, n.north 7th, bet.between Pine
and Olive
St. Louis Floating Dock And
Insurance Co.company William J.Fetter, ,
sec.secretary 6 s.south Main
St. Louis Fuel and Kindling Co.company Bohn & Brengle ,
proprs. 310 n.north 6th
St. Louis Gas Improving and Saving Co.company P. M.
Pinkard, . pres.president 219 n.north 6th
St. Louis Gas Light Co.company Oliver A.Hart, , pres.president w.west
A.Kingdon, , sec.secretary 215 Pine
St. Louis Gas Works , ThomasPratt, , supt.superintendant ss.south side
Convent., bet.between Main and 2d
St. Louis Glass Works, Bagot &
Cummings , Broadway, ne.northwest cor.corner Monroe
St. Louis Gold Store, s.south w.west Higgins & Co.company
proprs. 324 Olive
St. Louis Grain Elevator Co.company A. w.west Fagin, , pres.president
John P.Smith, , sec.secretary Levee, bet.between Biddle and
St. Louis Hall , 5th, cor.corner Biddle
St. Louis Hospital , Sister Mary AlexisRayhice, ,
supt.superintendant Spruce, se. cor 4th
St. Louis Hot Pressed Nut And
Bolt Manufacturing Co.company
William H.Stone, , pres.president A. w.west Duryee, .sec.secretary
office. 211 Biddle
St. Louis House , CasparSchaaff, , propr. 709 and
711 Spruce
St. Louis House , Herman Apel & Co.company proprs. Main
ne.northeast cor.corner Green
St. Louis Institute , 11th, sw.southwest cor.corner St. Charles
St. Louis Insurance Co.company George K.
McGunnegie, , pres.president ThomasWebster, , sec
Main. sw.southwest cor.corner Olive
St. Louis Journal Of Com-
Merce, r.residence M. Widmar & Co.company publishers ,
3d, nw. cor Walnut
St. Louis Law Library , s. wing Court House, up
St. Louis Lead And Oil. Co.company William
H.Pulsifer, , pres.president James s.south Waters, . sec.secretary office,and factory, 2d. se.southeast cor.corner Cass av.avenue
St. Louis Lumbermen And Me-
Chanic'S Insurance Co.company John
n.north Pritchard, , pres.president H. e.east Collins, . sec.secretary Main
sw.southwest cor.corner Pine
St. Louis Lunatic Asylum , Decatur . bet.between Marion
and Carroll
St. Louis Machine Shop , VincentKleindienst, ,
propr. 9th. ne.northwest cor.corner Cass av.avenue
St. Louis Malt House , JohnThompson, , propr. 16
s.south 12th
St. Lewis Marble Works , M. D.Heltzell, . pres.president D.
Heltzell, jr.junior sec.secretary 900 and 902 Washington av.avenue
St. Louis Market Reporter,
Griffin & O'Connor , publishers , room 1
Merchants' Exchange bldg.building
St. Louis Marine Charitable Institution , Merchants
Exchange bldg.building
St. Louis Medical College , Dr. John s.south Hodgsen, ,
dean. Myrtle ne.northeast cor.corner 7th
St. Louis Mercantile Library
Association , Locust, cor.corner 5th, en-
trance, 315 n.north 5th
St. Louis Mills, Deister & Ludewig , proprs. s.south
7th, ne cor. Carroll
St. Louis Mutual Fire and Marine Insurance Co.company
Market. ne.northeast cor.corner 2d
St. Louis Mutual House Building Co.company Ferd.Meyer, ,
pres.president r.residenceMackwitz, , sec.secretary 229 Chesnut
St. Louis Mutual Life Insurance Co.company 513 Olive
St. Louis National Bank . William e.east Burr, . pres.president
Robert A.Betts, , asst.assistant cash. 300 3d, ne.northeast cor.corner
St. Louis Novelty Works, West-
lake & Button , proprs. 1201 to 1217 n.north Main
St. Louis Nursery, Colman & Sanders , proprs. office, 612 n.north 5th
St. Louis Paper Collar Co.company Levine & Wanborg ,
107 n.north Main and Main, ne.northwest cor.corner Green
St. Louis Petrolene Fluid Co.company patent petrolene
fluid, lamps, etc.whol.wholesale 212 s.south Fourth
St. Louis Piano Manufacturing Co.company EdmundWuer-, pres.president John D.Torlina, , sec.secretary 101 s.south 5th,
cor.corner Walnut
St. Louis Price Current, Charles
G. Gonter & Co.company publishers , 108 Olive
St. Louis Planing Mill, Lesley
Garnett & Co.company proprs. 7th, cor.corner Mullanphy,
office, 124 Olive
St. Louis Printing Co.company e.east D.Jones, , pres.president Austin
George, , sec.secretary aud treas.treasurer Chancy r.residence Barnes, ,
supt.superintendant 212 n.north 3d
St. Louis Provident Association , Marion, , ne.northeast cor.corner
Decatur, northern depot, 1416 Chambers
St. Louis City Railway Co.company John F.Madison, ,
pres.president Broadway, ne.northeast cor.corner Salisbury; stables,
southern division, JohnPendergast, , foreman ,
ws.west side Carondelet av.avenue bet.between Wall and Gate
St. Louis Railway Supplies Manufacturing Co.company
e.east w.west Fox, . pres.president CharlesChouteau, , vice pres.president
DwightDurkee, , treas.treasurer e.eastHollidge, . cash. B.
r.residence Bonner, , sec.secretary M. M.Buck, , supt.superintendant Mnfg.manufacturing dept.department
110, 112 and 114 Washington av.avenue
St. Louis Relief Association , 912 Broadway
St. Louis Saw Mill, Liebke & Schrage , proprs.
Buchanan, ne.northeast cor.corner 2d
St. Louis Shot Tower Co.company Gideon
w.west Chadbourne, , pres.president TheodoreForster, , sec.secretary
1405 Lewis, office, 118 n.north commercial
St. Louis Skating Rink , Oliver B.Filley, , pres.president
Pine, se.southeast cor.corner 19th
St, Louis Steam Forge and Iron Works, A. Me-
Donald & Co.company proprs. Main, se.southeast cor.corner Cedar
St. Louis Steam Forge and Novelty Iron Works ,
William e.east Rainor, , propr. 404 and 405 s.south Levee
St. Louis Stoneware Co.company Stephen
Patridge, , pres.president Wm. w.west Stickney, , sec.secretary e.east T.
Merrick , treas.treasurer office, 223 n.north 3d, factory, 7th,
se.southeast cor.corner Russell av.avenue

Jeans, Tweeds and Satinets, A. Johnson & Co.company , 421 Main, corner Vine Sreet.