Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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Buy Butter And Cheese Of A Good Judge, D.Douglass, , 210 Pine Street.

Schaefer, HannahMrs.dressmaker , 16th. ne.northwest cor.corner
Chouteau av.avenue r.residence same
Schaefer, Henryblacksmith . bds.boards 1639 North
Schaefer, Johann r.residence carpenter , r.residence al.alley bet.between Fulton
and Decatur, Lafayette and Geyer av.avenue
Schaefer, John, cooper , Kall & Bro. bds.boards 1706 Ro-
Schaefer, John, mer. tailor , 1246 s.south 2d, r.residence same
Schaefer, Margarethe, wid.widow Friedrich, , r.residence 912 Rus-
sell av.avenue
Schaefer, Mathias, lab.laborer r.residence 1113 Lafayette
Schaefer, P.cooper , Chas. w.west Horn,
Schaefer, Thomasa L.upholsterer r.residence 2121 s.south 7th
Schaefer, Walter(Schaefer & Pfiefer) , r.residence 2215 Mor-
Schaefer, William(Schafer & Kropp) .r.residence 310 s.south 4th
Schaefer, William, clerk , bds.boards 1007 Pine
Schaefer, William, milk depot , 933 n.north 11th. r.residence same
Schaefer, William, r.residence 1225 n.north 10th
Schaefer & Kropp (WilliamSchaefer, and Henry
Kropp, ). boots and shoes , 310 s.south 4th
Scharfer & Pfiefer (WalterSchaefer, and Henry
Pflefer, ). provision dealers , 2222 Franklin avavenue
Schaefering, Ernest, carpenter , r.residence 1005 n.north 13th
Schaefering, Alfredchandler , r.residence 1927 St. Charles
Schaeffer, August. cabinetmaker . r.residence 2103 n 20th
Schaeffer, Charles, driver , St. Louis city railway
Schaeffer, Charleslab.laborer bds.boards 402 s.south 2d
Schaeffer, Charlesmachinist , r.residence 1212 Benton
Schaeffer, Christopher. saloon , 513 s.south 4th. r.residence same
Schaeffer, Ernst, bricklayer , r.residence 2612 Columbus
Schaeffer, George, cooper , r.residence 1806 Jackson
Schaeffer, George A.salesman , OakHall, , r.residence 2828
Eastern av.avenue
Schaffer, Henry, milkdealer , r.residence 1819 Columbus
Schaeffer, Julius, saloon and boardinghouse , 2317
Broadway, r.residence same
Schaeffer, Herman, lab.laborer r.residence 1213 Spruce
Schaeffer, Herman, machinist , Lafayette foundry
Schaeffer, Jacob, quarryman , r.residence ns.north side Lynch, nr.near
Schaeffer, John, barber , WillismZeil, , bds.boards 2115
Franklin av.avenue
Schaeffer, John, lab.laborer r.residence 1806 Jackson
Schaeffer, Joseph, foreman , NicholasSchaeffer, , r.residence
Christy av.avenue sw.southwest cor.corner 21st
Schaeffer, Joseph, painter , JosephMurphy, , r.residence
20th, cor.corner Mullanphy
Schaeffer, Joseph, soapmaker , r.residence 2108 Christy av.avenue
Schaeffer, Louisa, wid.widow Andrew, , r.residence 1927 St.
Schaeffer, Nicholas, mnfr.manufacturer soap,
candles lard oil and glycerine , Kosciusko,
cor.corner Barton, office and salesrooms, 112,114
and 116 Locust, r.residence 2030 Christy av.avenue
Schaeffer, Phillip, papercarrier , r.residence al, bet.between Jack-
son and Columbus, Lami and Duchou-
Schaeffer, John, cooper , r.residence 511 Lafayette
Schaeffer, Richard, woodsawer , r.residence al.alley bet.between Fulton
and Decatur, Lafayette and Geyer av.avenue
Schaeffer, Sereno, wid.widow Stanislaus, , r.residence 818 n.north 24th
Schaeffer, w.west T.printer , bds.boards Denver house
Schaeffer, August, china, glass and queensware ,
724 Franklin av.avenue r.residence same
Schaeffer, Charles, cigars and tobacco , 307 Market,
r.residence 210 Chesnut
Schaeffer, Elizabeth, wid.widow Louis, , r.residence 1113 Geyer av.avenue
Schaerff, Christian, machinist , r.residence 2221 Menard
Sehaerff, Wendell, artist , r.residence 2221 Menard
Schaerlein, Peter, carpenter , r.residence 917 n.north 24th
Schaf, Adolph, lab.laborer r.residence 1918 Decatur,
Schafenberger, Matthew, butcher , r.residence rear 2721
Schafer, August, carpenter , Kingslands & Fergu-
son, r.residence 20th, nr.near Waterworks
Schafer, August, lab.laborer bds.boards Bremen av.avenue cor.corner 21st
Schafer, Charles, carpenter , Kingslands & Fer-
guson , r.residence 1212 n.north 13th
Schafer, Christ, lab.laborer r.residence 1207 O'Fallon

Edward w.west Shands, , TheodorePapin, .
Shands & Papin ,
Conveyancers & Commissioners
Of Deeds .
For all the States and Territories.
Office, southwest cor.corner 3d and Olive Sts.streets , St Louis.

Schafer, Frederck. vegetable stall , Washington
market, r.residence Silver Creek
Schafer, Helen Miss, teacher , bds.boards 1621 Olive
Schafer, Henry, carpenter , r.residence 2101 n.north 16th
Schafer, Henry, cooper , 1639 Dodier, r.residence same
Schafer, Henry C.lab.laborer r.residence 2825 Walnut
Schafer, Jacob, dairyman , r.residence ws.west side Kansas av.avenue nr.near
Schafer, John, barber , JacobKlohr, . bds.boards 3617
Schafer, John, J.turner, , r.residence 4034 Broadway
Schafer, Louisa, wid.widow John, , r.residence 2643 Lucas av.avenue
Schafer, Mary, wid.widow Christian, , r.residence 513 Morgan
Schafer, Mathias, tinsmith , 1706 Market, r.residence same
Schafer, Peter, carpenter , r.residence ns.north side Orange, nr.near 24th
Schafer, Thomas, student , bds.boards 1203 Orange
Schafer, William, saloon , r.residence 514 Wash
Schafering, Caspar, lab.laborer r.residence 1209 Carr
Schafering, Henry, teamster , r.residence 1340 n.north 12th
Schaffarmann, Henry, plasterer , bds.boards 2033 Mor-
Schaffe, Herman, r.residence rear 1019 Franklin av.avenue
Schaffer, Adam, lab.laborer r.residence 1331 n.north 18th
Schaffer, August, salesman , r.residence 303 Myrtle
Schaffer, Charles(Roth & Schaffer) , r.residence 3324
Schaffer, Charles, carbuilder , bds.boards 1828 Park av.avenue
Schaffer, Charles P.finisher Excelsior mnfr.manufacturer Co.company
r.residence Main, ne.northwest cor.corner Howard
Schaffer, Fritz. lab.laborer r.residence ss.south side Gravois rd.road bet.between Chero-
kee and Utah
Schaffer, Gabriel, cigarmaker , r.residence rear 2016 Market
SchafferGeorge , A.salesman , r.residence 2828 Easton av.avenue
Schaffer, Gustavus A.huckster , r.residence 1118 n.north 13th
Schaffer, Henry, teamster , r.residence rear 3518 n.north llth
Schaffer, Herman. lab.laborer r.residence 1111 Soulard
Schaffer, Jacob, lab.laborer r.residence 1506 Buel
Schaffer, John D.car builder , r.residence 1323 Clark av.avenue
Schaffer, Julius, boardinghouse, 2317 Broadway,
r.residence same
Schaffer, Julius, carpenter , r.residence 2319 O'Fallon
Schaffer, William w.west carpenter , r.residence 1414 Madison
Schaffler, Christian, saloon , 113 Pine, and 710 n.north
5th, r.residence 517 Myrtle
Schaffner, Georje, clerk , r.residence 729 s.south 7th
Schaffner, Herman, cooper , r.residence 1418 Hebert
Schaffner, John, waiter , AnthonyBokern, , r.residence
Franklin av.avenue se.southeast cor.corner 24th
Schaffner, Marie, wid.widow M.r.residence u. Summer, bet.between Allen
and Russell avs
Schaffnit, Adam, bootmaker , Duncan B.McIntyre, ,
r.residence 313 Dock
Schaffait, George, harnessmaker , Peter J.Peters, ,
r.residence ws.west side 8th bet.between Soulard and Lafayette
Schaffuit, Leonherd, carpenter , bds.boards 313 Dock
Schaffuit, Peter, shoemaker , bds.boards 313 Dock
Schaffs, Henry, teamster , r.residence ns.north side Davis, bet.between 23d
and 24th
Schafnick, George, saddler , r.residence 1715 Fulton
Schafnith, John, baker , bds.boards 3214 Broadway
Schaid, Ferdinand, watchmaker , D. A.Winter, ,
bds.boards Wash, ne.northwest cor.corner 23d
Schaiper, Frederick, lab.laborer r.residence ws.west side Argyle av.avenue bet.between
Small and Clark av.avenue
Schalch, Jacob, machinist . r.residence rear 1012 n.north 12th
Schaleck, Mathias, lab.laborer r.residence 1719 Rosatti
Schalemback, Adam, carpenter , r.residence 1527 Menard
Schall, Car, cooper , 1832 Menard, r.residence same
Schall, John, boot and shoemaker , 116 Olive and
618 Morgan, r.residence 711 n.north 14th
Schall, Michaelquaryman , r.residence es.east side Missouri av.avenue bet.between
Utah and Cherokee

Union Savings' Association , n.north e.east cor.corner Main and Walnut Sts.streets Interest on time deposits compounded semi-annually.

Linings, Buttons and Bindings, A. Johnson & Co.company , 424 Main, cor.corner Vine Street.