Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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Office St. Louis Mutual Life Ins. Co.company
St. Louis, March 1, 1868.

To the Patrons of Edwards' Directory:

Knowing that you are interested in the success oft'this
Company, as well as in all other sound Western institutions, I
beg leave respectfully to submit to you the following statement
of the progress of its business during the last few .years:


In 1864, the Company issued.'.. 574

In 1845, " "........ 949

In 1866, " " 2,607

And last year it issued.. 4,475

You will notice that the increase of new business transacted
in 1865 was about sixty-four per cent, over 1864; in 1866, it
was about one hundred and sixty-four per cent, over 1865 ; and
in 1867, about sixty-eight per cent, over 1866.

The increase of the Company's assets during the same period
has been even more remarkable, as the following statement
will show:

Annas ratio of increase.

Assets Jan. 1st, 1864, $2,547 36..

" " 1865, 430,900 36..93 per ct.

" " 1866, 750,114 09..70 "

" " 1867, 1,395,168 19.85 "

" " 1868, 2,700,000 00.99 "

To show that the business of the Company ia still on the in-
crease, notwithstanding the scarcity of money which prevails
all. over the country, we may add. that the number of. policies
issued during the first two month's of the present year (1868),
shows an increase of fifty-seven per cent, on the corresponding
period of 1867, while the amount insured shows an increase of
forty-three per cent.

The unsurpassed success of this Western institution must be
Ratifying to every Western man, but more spirtieiklariy to the
policy-holders, to whom, in fact, as well as in theory, the Com-
pany belongs; and if evupy policy-holder would exercise a lit-
tle influence in its behalf—enough to secure one additional
member each—during the present year, I am confident that, by
the first day of January, 1869, the assets would exceed six
millions of dollars.

I am, with much respect

Your obedient servant,

Wm. n.north Benton, , Gen'lagt.agent

D. A.January, , President .

Wm. T.Selby, , Secretary .