Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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Good Butter and Cheese Pleases Customers; had at D.Douglass, ' 210 Pine st.street

Higgins s.south w.west & Co.company (Sylvester w.west Higgins, and
HenryBeeson, ), proprs. St.Louis gold pen
store, 324 Olive
Higgins, Thomas, blacksmith , Collins & Holiday ,
r.residence 2d, cor.corner Biddle
Higgins, Thomas, clerk , P.O.r.residence 1707 Morgan
Hieirins, Thomas, lab.laborer r.residence al.alley bet.between Smith and Bates,
Main ana Lewis
Higgins, 1 borons, lab.laborer bds.boards Biddle home
Higgins, Thomas, stonecutter , bds.boards 2807 Man-
chester rd.road
Higgins, William, salesman , Field Bros.
Higginson, Frederick, printrr , P. M.Pinckard, ,
bds.boards 319 s.south 4th
Higgs, William, grocer . Spring av.avenue ne.northeast cor.corner Conn-
ty rd.road r.residence same
High, John G.clerk , gen.general ticket office, Ind. & St.
L.r.residence r.residence r.residence 610 Pine
High, School, H. H.Morgan, , prin. 1425 Olive
Highland, Brdiget, wid.widow Daniel, , bds.boards Lafayette av.avenue
sw.southwest cor.corner Jefferson av.avenue
Highland, George, carpenter , r.residence Lafayette av.avenue sw.southwest
cor.corner Jefferson av.avenue
Highland, John. lab.laborer r.residence 1553 n.north Main
Highland Stage Office , Randle house, Broadway,
nr.near Wash
Hight, Rnmlv J.miner , r.residence 755 s.south 3d
Hight, Washington, riverpiiot , r.residence 2514 Carr
High, ! William, r.residence 755 s.south 3d
Higlil William, E,riverclerk , r.residence 2514 Carr
Hight, William P.pres.president Upper Mississippi pilot
association , r.residence 1011 n.north 9th, bet.between Wash and
Higley, John, bookkeeper , Ceo.P. Plant & Co.company r.residence
1707 Carr
Hihrschreld, August, cabinetmaker , bds.boards 2106
Franklin av.avenue
Hikle, Franklin, carpenter , r.residence Garibaldi, bet.between 18th
and 19th
Hilary, Peter M.student , scademy of the Chris-
tian Brothers
Hilbers, Paul, grocer , 331 Menard, r.residence same
Hilbert, A. Z.miller , bds.boards Mechanics' exchange
Hilbert, Jerome A.miller , r.residence n.north 1oth, sw.southwest cor.corner
Hilbig, August, cigarmaker , r.residence 1018 n.north 9th
Hile, Charles, butcher , r.residence 2924 Chouteau av.avenue
Hilev, John, stonecutter , bds.boards 101 s.south 10th
Hild, 'Joseph(Pale A Hild) . r.residence St. Lawrence hotel
Hildebrand, Adolph, butcher , r.residence Christy av.avenue sw.southwest
cor.corner 22d
Hildebrand, Gottlieb, watchman , r.residence 1206 n.north 7th
Hildebrand, Henry, butcher , 10 Lucas market, r.residence
Christy av.avenue se.southeast cor.corner n.north 22d
Hildebrand, Ignatz, lab.laborer r.residence 1729 Fulton
Hildebrand, Louis B.barber , PeterLoesch, , r.residence 1206
n.north 7th
Hildebrand, Victoria, wid.widow Joseph, , r.residence 809 s.south 3d
Hildehraudt, Auprust, cabinetmaker , r.residence 1334 n.north 15th
Htldebrandt, Christ, cabinetmaker , r.residence 1334 n.north 15th
Hildehrsndt, Godfred. carpenter , Vornbrock &
Eick , r.residence 1334 n.north 15th
Hildenbrand, Henry(Krayer, Hildenbrand &
Sohrik) , r.residence 104 Gratiot
Hildenbrand, Ignitz, grocer . 1938 Menard, r.residence same
Hildetibrandl, Ida. wid.widow August, , r.residence 1824 Menard
Hildenbrsndi, Theodore(Hildenbrandt & Kup-
fer) . r.residence 1825 . 7th
Hildenbrandt & Kupfer (TheodoreHildenbrandt,
and John F.Kupfer, , hats, caps, furs and
strawgoods, 203 n.north main
Hildreth, Albert K.engineer , Franklin, No. 1, r.residence
11th, bet.between Biddle end Carr
Hildreth, Christopher J.manager , s.southLevieon, , r.residence
2d nation, Carondelet
Hildreth, Edwart T.printer , s.southLevison, , r.residence 632 s.south
Hildreth, Hugh r.residence printer and stationer , 126 and
128 Olive
Hildreth, James, salesman , Hngh r.residence Hildreth, , r.residence
908 Brooklyn

Henry Papin & Co.company ,
Taxes Paid And Lands Bought
And Sold
In the City and County of St. Louis and
throughout the State of Missouri.

Also, throughout the Western and Southern
States. Office, s.south W. cor 3d and Olive Sts.streets

Hildwein, Charles, goldsmith , r.residence 1556 Jackson
Hilf, Christian, tab, r.residence 2129 Congress
Hilgard, Theodore C.physician , 11 and 13 s.south 4th,
r.residence same
Hilge, Ernst, cooper , T. rear 1911 Menard
Hilgedag, William, tailor , r.residence rear 1119 n.north 9th
Hilgemann, Ernest, woodsawer , r.residence 1232 . 12th, r.residence same
Hilgemann, Henry w.west grocer , 2419n.north 12th, r.residence same
Hilgemenn, Hermann, cooper , r.residence rear 2605 n.north 14th
Hilgendorff, Ernest, operator , fire alarm tele-
graph. City hall, r.residence same
Hilgeodorf, Frederick H.cigarmaker , r.residence 925n.north 13th
Hilger, Edward(e.east Hilger & Co.company ) , r.residence St. Charles,
Hilger e.east & Co.company (EdwardHilger, , Frederick w.west
Gatzweiler, and HenryBeneke, ), hardware
and cutlery , whol.wholesale 5 s.south Main
Hilger, George(G. Hilger & Co.company ) , r.residence Hickory, sw.southwest
cor.corner 9th
Hilger G. & Co.company (GeorgeHilger, and MaryMen-, ), grocers , Hickory, sw.southwest cor.corner 9th
Hilger, John, clerk , G. Hilger & Co.company r.residence 1213 8th
Hiiger, John, feedstore, r.residence 1122 n.north 13th
Hilger, John J.feedstore. 1212 Biddle, r.residence same
Hilger, Michael, clerk . B.Alrici, , bds.boards 502 s.south 2d
Hilgerloh, Franz, carpenter , r.residence 1123 Geyer av.avenue
Hilke, George, porter . C.B. Burnham & Co.company r.residence
10th, ne.northwest cor.corner Mallinckrodt
Hilker, Heinrlch, cabinetmaker , 3929 Kossuth
Hilker, Henry, teamster , r.residence ss.south side Hebert, nr.near 17th
Hill, Adoiph, cabinetmaker , r.residence 743 s.south 3d
Hill, Andrew/carpenter , r.residence 743 s.south 3d
Hill, Ann, wid.widow Andrew, , r.residence 1217 n.north 9th
Hill, A. C.driver , M.U.Ex.Co.company
Hill, A. G.bookkeeper , Jacob Straus & Co.company , bds.boards
Paschall house
Hill, Britton A.(Hill & Jewett) , r.residence Gay's bldg.building
Pine, sw.southwest cor.corner 2d
Hill, Charles, carriagemaker , e.eastBerech, , bds.boards 824
n.north 15th
Hill, Charles B.bonnetbleacher , s.south s.south Brewer, , r.residence
1102 Brooklyn
Hill, Conrad & Co.company (George w.west Hill, ,
William C.Conrad, and-), boot and shoe
mnfrs.manufacturers and whol.wholesale and ret. dealers , 312 n.north 4th,
under Everett house
Hill, David, porter , e.east G.Morse, , r.residence 714 n.north 7th
Hill, David B.r.residence es.east side Bnel, bet.between Sidney and Lynch
Hill, David H.engineer , r.residence 2104 Biddle
Hill, Edward, cabinetmaker , bds.boards 1615 Menard
Hill, Ewing, salesman , James A. Jackson & Co.company
bds.boards Paschall house
Hill, Ferdinand, barber , r,residence 809 Green
Hill, Ferdinand, carpenter , r.residence 724 Soulard
Hill, George, boxmaker , Page, Kilburn & Bro. r.residence
212 Mullairphy
Hill, George, hostler . St. Louis city railway
Hill, George w.west salesman , William H.Keevill, r.residence
al.alley bet.between Cass sv. and O'Fallon, 10th and 11th
Hill, George w.west (Hill, Conrad & Co.company ) , bds.boards Ever-
Grand av.avenue
Hill, James, riverman , r.residence 611 Spruce
Hill, James A.gen.general freight agt.agent O. & M.r.residence B. 206
s.south 4th, bds.boards Southern hotel
Hill, James B.(Hill, Lemmon A Co.company ) ,r.residence 1009 Pine
Hili, John, cabinetmaket , r.residence 1227 n.north 16th
Hill, John, cabinetmaker , r.residence 243 s.south 3d
Hill, John, chief clerk , headquarters Mil.Div.Mo.Missouri
r.residence 610 n.north 4th

Excelsior Insurance Company , Fire And Marine, n.north e.east cor.corner Main and Walnut Streets. See adv'tbus.dept.department

American and ForetgnCassinterei, k.Johhsoif & Co.company , Matn, cornerYine Street.