Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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D.A. January &Co.company , Dealers in Staple and Fancy Groceries , 406 & 408 n.north 2d St

Whipple File Manufacturing Company Files and Rasps, A.F. Shapleigh & Co.company , No. 414 North Main st.street , St. Louis.

Steck'S Pianos,
Raven & Bacon'S Pianos,
J. w.west Vose'S Pianos,
Mason & Hamlin'S Cabinet Organs,
New York Organ Co.'S Organs,
At M.H. Saxion & Co.company
cor.corner Fifth and Walunt Streets.

Hill, John, clerk , r.residence 615 Wash
Hill, John A.lab.laborer r.residence rear 1014 s.south 2d
Hill, John G.pass.agt.agent Bellefontaine city railway,
106 n.north 4th, bds.boards Barnum's hotel
Hill, John G.conductor , People's city railway,
bds.boards 208 n.north 7th
Hill, John M.salesman , Ziock & Lenz , 13 n.north Main
Hill, John T.cabinetmaker , MartinLammert, , r.residence
1227 n.north 16th
Hill, John w.west bricklayer , r.residence 1719 Franklin av.avenue
Hill, Joseph C.L.printer , r.residence es.east side Buel, bet.between Sidney
and Lynch
Hill, Joseph K.salesman , J. Green & Co, bds.boards
St, Nicholas hotel
Hill, Lemmon & Co.company (James B.Hill, , Andrew
Lemmon, and Robert B,Clark, ), proprs, Mis-
souri saw mills, 2d, bet.between Bremen av.avenue and An-
gelica, office, 4wi Washington av.avenue
Hill, Luke, lab.laborer r.residence 2314 Franklin av.avenue
Hill, L. w.west freightelerk , M.U.Ex.Co.company r.residence 816 Pine
Hill, Return M.steamboat capt.captain r.residence 1831 Christy av.avenue
Hill, . Richard, millwright , bds.boards Mechanics ex-
Hill, Robert, carpenter , r.residence 2420 n.north 9th
Hill, Robert J.physician , 418 Washington av.avenue r.residence
Hill, s.southstudent , Bryant. Stratton & Car-
Penter'S College, Olive, cor.corner 5th
Hill, Thomas B.riverman , r.residence 1015 n.north 15th
Hill, Thomas K.engineer , bds.boards 923 Wash
Hill, William, blacksmith , r.residence 1631 North Market
Hill, William, machinist , r.residence rear 1827 North Mar-
Hill, William, student , St. Lonis university
Hill, William C.clerk , gen.general ticket office, Ind. & St.
L.r,residence r.residence bds.boards Planters' hotel
Hill, William C.(Sippte, Crow & Co.) , r.residence 7th, se.southeast
cor.corner Locust
Hill, William G.plumber and hydraulic engineer ,
214 Locust, r.residence Rock Spring
Hill, William G.printer , Griffin & O'Connor , r.residence
11 th, nr.near Morgan
Hill, William H.carpenter , r.residence ss. al, bet, La-
beaame and w.west Brooklyn, 9th and 10th
Hill, William K.shipearpenter . r.residence 2824 Easton av.avenue
Hill & Jewett (Britton A.Hill, and Daniel T.Jew-, ), lawyers , Gay's bldg.building Pine, sw.southwest cor.corner 2d
Hill, –, expressdriver , r.residence 1317 n.north 7th
Hill, John, driver , Landvogt & Polzin , bds.boards 3712
n. 9th
Hillebrand, William, clerk , John H.Middendorf, ,
bds.boards 1302 North Market
Hiilebrenner, Anton(Cook & Co.company ) , bds.boards Carr, ne.northwest
cor.corner 9th
Hillegeist, Albert F.physician , 903 Salisbury, r.residence
3701 n.north 9th
Hillenkoetter, William, moulder , Escelsior Mnfg.manufacturing
Co.company r.residence 14th, ne.northwest cor.corner Jefferson
Hillenkoetter, William F.moulder , Excelsior
Mnfg.manufacturing Co.company bds.boards Collins, sw.southwest cor.corner Florida
Hillerman, John, lab.laborer r.residence 1310 n.north 13th
Hilliard, George w.west student , Bryant, Strat-
Ton & Carpenter'S College, Olive,
cor.corner 5th
Hilliard, Joseph L.engineer , r.residence 3423 n,north 10th
Hilliard, Mary. wid.widow William, , r.residence 924 n.north 14th
Hilliard, William, waiter , Everett house, bds.boards same
Hilliker, Charles, painter , r.residence Harney, bet.between 2d and
Hilliker, Thomas, painter , r.residence Harney, bet.between 2d and
Hillin, James C.lab.laborer r.residence 2510 Broadway
Hillman, Anna, wid.widow Richard , r.residence 1215 s.south 3d
Hillman, Bro. & Sons (Daniel , Tho-T., Charles e.east and John H.Hillman, ),
iron and steelmers.merchants and dealers in springs,
axles, horseshoes, smiths' tools, etc. 104 and
105 n.north levee
Hillman, Charles e.east (Hiltman, Bro & Sons) , r.residence
Nashville. Tenn.Tennessee
Hillman, Daniel(Hillman, Bro. & Sons,) , r.residence Nash-
ville, Tenn.Tennessee
Hillman, Henry B.clerk , Hillman, Bro. & Sons.
r.residence 1224 Pine
Hillman, Jobn H.(Hillman, Bro.&Sons) , r.residence Tenn.Tennessee
iron works, Ky.
Hillman, Thomas T.(Hillman, Bro. & Sons) , r.residence
Empire iron works, Ky.
Hillman, Warren T.teacher , Washington univer-
sity, r.residence 725 St. Charles
Hillman, Zachariah, teacher , Washington uni-
versity, 1900 Wash
Hillman, Frank, clerk , F.Wiehard, , r.residence Morgan, se.southeast
cor.corner 12th
Hilmann, George, eigarraaker .r.residence ss.south side O'Fallon, bet.between
18th and 19th
Hills, Charles, lab.laborer r.residence Lux, cor.corner Carondelet av.avenue
Hills, Charles s.south (Perley, Hills & Pearce) , r.residence 2123
Clark av.avenue
Hills, David, miller , r.residence 718 Marion
Hills, Jacob, shoemaker , r.residence Lux, cor. Carondelet
Hills, William, clerk , Perley, Hills & Pearce , bds.boards
2123 Clark av.avenue
Hillsdorf, Henry, contractor , r.residence 1820 Carondelet
Hillside, James, lab, r.residence wa. 2d, bet. Government
av.avenue and Harney
Hilmer, Charles, drayman , r.residence 1304 Monroe
Hiiruer, Henry, tobacconist , r.residence 1638 North Market
Hilmer, John H.grocer , Pratte av.avenue se.southeast cor.corner Conde,
r.residence same
Hilmer, William, drayman , r,residence 1024 Benton
Hils, Andrew, finisher , FrancisGuerdan, , r.residence 709
Hitt, Michael, tinner , bds.boards 2928 Choutean av.avenue
Hilt, William, butcher , bds.boards 2222 Chouteau av.avenue
Hilter, August, lab.laborer r.residence 2227 n.north 9th
Hilton, Abram, welldigiier , r.residence 826 Buchanan
Hilton, George, engineer , r.residence 2613 Pacific
Hilton, Henry A.priuter , Missouri Democrat , r.residence
1204 Ornage
Hilton, Joseph, printer , P. M,Pinckard, , r.residence 722 Lo-
Hilton, Manetho, asst.assistant U. s.United States district attorney , 3d.
se.southeast cor.corner 'Olive, r.residence 405 s.south 5th
Hilton, Margaret, cashier , Hilton & Co.company r.residence 119 n.north
Hilton, Robert(Hilton & Co.company ) , r.residence 119 n.north 3d
Hilton, Thomas J.carpenter and builder , 218 Lo-
cust, r.residence 1004 Washington av.avenue
Hilton, William, printer , bds.boards 6th, ne.northwest cor.corner Ches-
Hilton, w.westlawyer , r.residence 403 s.south 5th
Hilton & Co.company (RobertHilton, and JohnFarrell, ),
restanrant, 119 n.north 3d
Hiltwein, Charles, jeweler . e.east & L. Mueller , r.residence
Carroll, ae.cor.corner Jackson
Hilz, Henry, saloon and boardinghouse, 1022 s.south
4th, r.residence same
Hilzerman, Frank, shoemaker , JohnBockwinkel, ,
bds.boards 1102 Salisbury
Hilzman, John, tailor , r.residence 522 Picotte
Himach, Frederick, blacksmith , r.residence ss.south side Joab, bet.between
Caroline and Sarah
Himberger, George, tailor , r.residence rear 1419 Columbus
Himer, John, clerk , bds.boards 4115 Broadway
Himmel, Philip., lab.laborer bds.boards 749 s.south 2d
Himmier, John, woodsawer , r.residence rear 1716 Biddle
Himpsen, Henry, bitterstore, 108 n.north 6th, r.residence 806
Himstedt, Conrad, cabinetmaker , 1415 Madison,
bds.boards Chambers, ne.northwest cor.corner 16th

Hosiery and Furnishing Goods, A. Joeksok & Co.company , m. Sain, corner Yine Street.