Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Hac 355 Haf
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Cheese And Butter Of All Qualities, By D.Douglass, , 210 Pine Street.

Hach, Nicholas, lab.laborer bds.boards 402 s.south 2d
Hacen, Frank, conductor , bds.boards 1832 Market
Hactel, Charles e.east butycher , r.residence 2114 n.north 15th
Hack, adolph.bricklayer , r.residence 2009 State
Hack, Anton, finisher , Eagle iron works, r.residence 1414
Franklin av.avenue
Hack, John, buckster , r.residence 628 s.south 7th
Hack, Nicholas, cooper , r.residence 3714 n.north 9th
Hackal, Christopher, bookbinder , 909 Barlow, bet.between
Gratior nd Choutean av.avenue r.residence same
Hacke, John, teamster , vds, 2347 Chouteau av.avenue
Hackel, Richard, gasfitter , bds.boards 700 Broadway
Hackemeier, Ernst(M. Behrman & Co.) , r.residence 1225
n.north 12th
Hackenvider, John, watchman , r.residence 213 Monroe
Hacker, George, butrcher , ConradSchunur, , r.residence
Hacker, John, cooper , Good win, Behr & Co.company r.residence 1604
Hacker, —, buckster , r.residence 2406 Biddle
Hackett, Anna, wid.widow Josephr., 1625 s.south 7th
Hackett, James, carpenter , r.residence reze 1113 Carr
Hackett, James, drayman , r.residence 2117 Gamble av.avenue
Hackett, r.residencegasfitter , Hj. Wharton & Co.company bds.boards
Green, cor.corner 3d
Hackett, Thomas M.Contractor , r.residence 3700 n.north 9th
Hackey, Michael, lab.laborer bds.boards 2801 nm. 2d
Hacking, Robert, cler , r.residence 702 Summit v.se.southeast cor.corner
Hackkenkamp, Anton, lab.laborer 1311 Mallinckrodt
Hackman, Barney, wagobnmmaker , r.residence 1529 n.north 9th
Hackman, Frederick (Hackmsn 7Luking, ), r.residence
1531 n.north 17th
Hackman, George J.lab.laborer bds.boards 1830 Market
Hackman, henry, teamster , St. aAngel corral, r.residence
St. Age av.avenue se.southeast cor.corner Hickory
Hackman, John F.(Hackman & Schmertman) , r.residence
219 Plum
Hackman & Luking (FrederickHackman, and
FrederickLuking, ), wagoufactory, 1523
Hackman & Schmertman (John F.Hackman, and
George H.Schmertman, ), grocers, whol.wholesale and
ret. 220 s.south Main
Hackmann, Charles, lb. r.residence 2320 Cozens
Hackmann, Frederick, cabinetmake , r.residence 1700 Ben-
Hackmann, Henry, blacksmith , acobKern, r.residence
815 s.south 3d
Hackmann, Henry, cabinetmeaker r.residence 183 North
Hackmann, John F.saddle and harnessmaker ,
1007 n.north 5th. r.residence same
Hackmann, Joseph.driver. Meyrer & Schulte, bds.boards
ns.north side Carr, bet.between 11th and 15th
Hackmann, Joseph(Spaunhorst & Hackmann) , r.residence
1423 Carr
Hackmann, William, carpenter , r.residence 1011 Frenklin
Hackmann, William,, saloon , 3133 Carondelet av.avenue
r.residence same
Hackstein, John(Hackstein & Schleier) , r.residence ws.west side
Decatur, bet.between Ann and Russell avs.avenues
Hackstein & Schleier (JohnHackstein, and Adol-Schleier, ), grocers , 1546 Carondelet av.avenue
Haddock, Charles, engineer , bds.boards 700 Broapway
Hade, Thomas, blacksmith , MichaelReadt, , r.residence es.east side
11th, betbetween , Clark av.avenue and Market
Haden, James, carman , R & w.west Mitchell , r.residence 1805
Franklin av.avenue
Haderien, Henry, bootmaker , Fred.Ritschy, , r.residence
Carlisle, Ill.
Haderlin, George, lab.laborer r.residence rear 1225 s.south 3d
Hadidaty, Alfred, bakery and confectionery, 300
s.south 7th, r.residence 619 Elm
Hadix, Jeston.lab.laborer bds.boards 1830 Market
Hadley, James H.salesman , Garrett, Gass & Co.company
r.residence 2915 s.south 7th
Hadrell, a. H.steaward , Laclede hotel, bdes. same
Hadsell, James P.engineer , H.L. Parker & Co.company
bds.boards Chambers, ne. cor 9th

Edward w.west Shands, , TheodorePapin.,

Shands & Papin.
Conveyancers & Commissioners
Of Deeds.

For all the States and Territories.

Office, southwest cor. 3d and Olive sts., St. Louis,

Haeberie, Christian, lab.laborer r.residence reae 192 Fulton
Haeberie, Louis, pastor , r.residence 1316 Madison'
Haeberlin, A,. tezcher , Rohrer;'s commercial col-
Haeckei, Christoph, bookbinder , 631 s.south 4th, r.residence 909
Haefuer, Anton, saloon , Levee, foot of Miller, r.residence
Haefner, Charles, cabinetmaker , r.residence 1231 Spruce
Haefy, Thomas.lab.laborer bdsboards , Bremen av.avenue cot. 15th
Haegerhaber, Ma, clerk , Westliche post, r.residence 1422
s.south 7th
Hachner, Charles F.butcher , 3 Mound market, r.residence
s.south . Dock, bet.between Broadway and 9th
Hackel, henry F.carpenter , r.residence 915 Buchanan
Hack, Andrew, police captain , 4th dist. station
house, Mound. ne.northeast cor.corner 10th
Hacknius, Fritz, lab.laborer Robert H.Kingsley, , r.residence rear
potomac, bet.between Indiana ad Missouri avs.avenues
Hael, conrad.lab.laborer r.residence 1235 s.south 7th
Haeline, Louis, saloon , r.residence 906 10th
Haelsig, Ferdinard, newspaper carrier , r.residence 809
Haemaeni, Adam, beltmaker , g, & w.west Todd &
C. r.residence 1114 n.north 9th
Haemagrner, Max, cooper , Union Cooperage. r.residence
4205 n.north 2d
Haen, Joseph(Haen &Furre) , r.residence ws.west side Kanss v.
nr.near Potomac
Haen, honrad, lab.laborer r.residence ws.west side Kansas av.avenue nr.near Cherokee
Haen, William, lab.laborer r.residence ws.west side Kansas av.avenue nr.near Chero-
Haen & Furre (HjosephHaen, and JosephFurre, ),
dairymen , ws.west side Kansas v.hr. potomc
Haenschen, Henry, peddier , r.residence 754 s.south 4th
Haeneke, Francis.lb. r.residence 1562 Carondelet av.avenue
Haenesch, Daniel, barber , 1245 s.south 7th, r.residence same
Haenichen, Benjamin(B. & F. Haenichen) , r.residence 604
Haenichen, Ferdinand(B. & F. Haenichen) . r.residence
604 Barry
Haenichen B. 7 F. (Benjamin and Ferdinand
Haenichen) , furniture, 1501 Carondelt av.avenue
Haenisch, William, butcher , GeraldShepman, ,
bds.boards 2308 Chouteau av.avenue
Haenschen, Gustave (Haenschen 7Orthwein, ), r.residence
Union park
Haenschen, John D.porter. F. Haenschen 7 Orth-
wein. r.residence 1305 s.south 7th
Haenschen & Orthwein (Gustave
T.Haenschen, and Charies F.Orthwein, ),
com. mers.commission merchant 248 Commercial
Haentges, John B.painter , ws.west side Salem, nr.near pesta-
lozzi, r.residence sme
Haeppner, Wilhelm, tailor. r.residence 1920 Summer
Haering, Barbara, wid.widow r.residence 1402 Jackson'
Haering, John.teamster , r.residence 705 Soniard
Haering, Joseph, baker , r.residence 1916 Randolph
Haesch, Bernard, grocer , 1345 n.north 10th, r.residence same
Haesske, Fred.lab.laborer r.residence rear 1213 Jefferson
Hwaeusel, Nicholas, lab.laborer r.residence 808 An av.avenue
Haeussler, Ferdinaand, physician. 1221 s.south 8th, r.residence
Hacussler, Herman A.lawyer , 3d, ne.northwest cor.corner Pine,
r.residence 1219 s.south 8th
Haeutte, Augu t.plasterer , r.residence 1832 Decatur
Hafele, Joseph, lab.laborer r.residence ss.south side Arsena, bet.between Gravois
rd.road and Kansas av.avenue
Hafer, Christian w.west Cooper , n.northHatch, , r.residence 1200 Sal-

Union Savings' Association , n.north E. Cor, Main and Walnut Sts. Interest on time deposits compounded semi-annually.

American and ForeignCassimeres, A. Johnson & Co.company , Main, corner Vine Street.