Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Joh 417 Joh
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Choice Butter Canned For Mountain Trade, By D.Douglass, , 210 Pine st.street

John, Jacob, dairyman , ns.north side Virginia, bet.between Teney
and Joab. r.residence same
John, Jacob, lab.laborer r.residence 310 Sidney
John, Michael, engineer , r.residence ws.west side Indiana av.avenue bet.between
Miami and Potomac
John, william, reporter , r.residence 804 s.south 3d
John, Augustus, paiter , Vcitor, , bet.between McNair av.avenue
and Gravois rd.road r.residence same
Johns, D. T. (Johns & Co.company ), bds.boards Everett house
Johns, Frank L.clerk , Johns & Co.company bds.boards Everett
Johns, John (Johns & Co.company ), bds.boards Everett house
Johns, Lafayette, prof. Academy Of The
Christian Brothers
Johns M.bds.boards st.street Clair hotel
Jonas, Nelson Wprinter , Commercial Review, r.residence
929 n.north 7th
Johns, P. M.printer , Missouri Republican, bds.boards
Chesnut. se.southeast cor.corner 2d
Johns, T, B. (Johns & Co.company ), r.residence Terre Haute, Ind.
Johns & Co.company (T. B.Johns, and D. T.Johns, ), com.
mere. 8 city bldgs.
Johnson, Abel M.bookkeeper , A. Johnson & Co.company
r.residence 2208 Carr
Johnson, Ada Miss, tescher , Gravois school, bds.boards
Iowa av.avenue nr.near Wyoming
Johnson, Adamantine (A. Johnson & Co.company ), r.residence 2625
Johnson, Albert, r.residence es.east side Lynch, bet.between Ohio av.avenue and
Johnson, Albert, student , r.residence sa. Lynch, bet.between Ohio
av.avenue and Clara
Johnson, Albert (col'd), bartender , r.residence 1009 Green
Johnson, Alfred H.inspector , water rates, r.residence 522
Johnson, Andrew (Johnson & Sawyer ), r,residence 1120
Johnson, Ann, wid.widow Ashton, , r.residence 1422 Washington
Johnson, Ann A.wid.widow Mason , r.residence 9 n.north 6th
Juhneon, Anna, wid.widow Robert, , r.residence 511 Lafayette
Johnson, August, mechanic . Industrial Plow
Mnfg.manufacturing Co.company Lemp av.avenue cor.corner Utah
Johnson, Austin F. (Frank Field & Co.company ), bds.boards st.street
Clair hotel
Johnson, A.bds.boards Planters' house
Johnson, A.Garrett, salesman , McLaren, Baxton
& Williams , r.residence ns.north side Washington av.avenue bet.between 12th
and 13th
Johnson, A. s.south bds.boards st.street Clair hotel
Johnson A. & Co.company (Adamantine, and
James, M.Johnson), whol.wholesale drygoods , 421 n.north
Main and 106 and 108 Vine
Johnson, Ben. (Julius H. Smith & Co.company ), and pres.president
Great Republic Ins.Co.company Market, sw.southwest cor.corner 2d,
r.residence 208 n.north 8th
Johnson, Benjamin, agt.agent r.residence 907 n.north 24th
Johnson, Benjamin, cauvassiog ins agt. r.residence 925 n.north
Jobnsjn, Benjamin, steamboat captain , r.residence 511
Johnson, Bernard, lab, r.residence 16th, cor.corner Chambers
Johnson, Bernard, waiter , Laclede hotel, bds.boards
Johnson, Carsten B.grocer , 2236 Carondslet av.avenue
r.residence same
Johnson, Catharine, wid.widow Alexander, , r.residence Factory
row, Austin
Johnson, Catharine, wid.widow William, , r.residence rear 1109 n.north
Johnson, Charles, blacksmith , Industrial Plow
Mnfg Co. r.residence Utah. ne.northeast cor.corner Missouri av.avenue
Johnson, Charles, bricklayer , bds.boards 1309 s.south 7th
Johnson, Charles, lab.laborer bds.boards 1011 Market
Johnson, Charles, lab.laborer r,residence 1242 s.south 2d
Johnson, Charles, mate, r.residence 810 Benton
Johnson, Cliarles, nurse , city hospital, r.residence same
Johnson, Charles, porter , Ebbert & True , r.residence rear
1621 North Market, bet.between 16th and 17th
Johnson, Charles P.lawyer , Churchill's bldg.building
Chesiml, ne.northeast cor.corner 5th, r.residence 1507 Chesnut

Henry Papin & Co.company ,
Contract Tax Paying Agents .
Taxes Paid On Lands In
Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin,
Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, and
all the Southern States.
Office, Southwest cor.corner Third and Olvie Streets.

Johnson, Charles w.west printer , s.south Lauis Times, r.residence
516 Poplar
Johnson, Christina, wid.widow Benjamin, , r.residence 1st, ne.northwest cor.corner
Johnson, Clemens (eol'd), lab.laborer r.residence 1829 Columbus
Johnson, Dennis (col'd), janitor , r.residence Cozens, ne.northwest
cor.corner Pratte av.avenue
Johnson, Dennis M.engineer , r.residence 2606 Cooper
Johnson, D.moulder , Lafayette foundry
Johnson, Edward, carpenter , Industrial How
Mnfg.manufacturing Co.company Lemp av.avenue cor.corner Utah.r.residence es.east side Missouri
av.avenue bet.between Miami and Potomac
Johnson, Edward, clerk , bds.boards 3528 Broadway
Johnson, Edward B.entryclerk , a.F. Shapleigh
& Co.company r.residence 706 Pine
Johnson, Edward C.clerk , A. Johnson & Co.company bds.boards
2625 Pine
Johnson, Edward P.lawyer, and register In bank-
ruptcy, 318 Chesnut, bds.boards 29 s.south 15th
Johnson, Elizabeth Miss, dressmaker , 110 n.north 12th,
r.residence same
Johnson, Elizabeth, seamstress , r.residence es.east side 9th, betbetween
Chambers and Webster
Jobasoc, Elizabeth, wid.widow John, , r.residence ws.west side al.alley bet.between Pine
and Olive. 7th and 8th
Johnson, Eva Mrs.r.residence 1129 Locmrt
Johnson , G. C.wid,widow Johnw.west, r.residence 1904 Morgan
Johnson, Prank, lab.laborer r.residence 600 s.south 3d
Johnson, Fred, driver , bds,boards 1832 Market,
Johnson, Frits, hoteeehoer , John M.Gomes, , bds.boards
1313 Market
Johnson, F. (Crouch & Johnson ), r.residence 2102 Broad-
Johnson, Garrett, clerk , bds.boards 1211 Washington av.avenue
Johnson, George, collamaker , r.residence Factory row,
Johnson, George, lab.laborer Mg. 2347 Chootefto av.avenue
Johnson, George, physician , 1127 Locust, r.residence same
Johnson, George F.bookkeeper , Johnson & Saw-
yer , r.residence 1120 Locust
Johnson, George T.blacksmith , bds.boards Randle house
Johnson, Gerhard, milkman , r,residence ss.south side Davis, betbetween 21st
and 22d
Johnson, Henry, barkeeper , T. B.Howard, , r.residence Carr,
cor.corner 10th
Johnson, Henry, cigar mnfr.manufacturer bds.boards ns.north side Hebert, bet.between
22d and 23d
Johnson, Henry, clerk , bds.boards 1213 Grattan
Johnson, Henry, fancygoods , 807 n.north 3d, r.residence same
Johnson, Henry, lab, r.residence 1221 n.north 11th
Johnson, Henry, tailor , 505 Washington av.avenue bds.boards
6th, bet.between Chesnut and Pine
Johnson, Herman L.pliysician , 1207 Madison, r.residence
Johnson, Hermann, tailor , r.residence rear 1727 Fulton
Johnson, Horace s.south conductor , People's city rail-
way, r.residence rear 1562 Carondelet av.avenue
Johnson, Isadore, pilot , r.residence 1719 Carr
Johnson, Jacob, framemaker , Pettes & Leathe , r.residence
rear 1006 n.north 6th
Johnson, James, clerk , st.street Louis Book and News
Co.company r.residence 1004 n.north 2d
Johnson, James, fireman , Belcher's Sugar Refin-
ing Co.company r.residence 111 Bates
Johnson, James, lab.laborer bds.boards 111 Bates
Johnson, James e.east (James e.east Johnson & Co.company ), r.residence
4th, ne.northeast eor. Cbesnut
Johnson James e.east & Co, (James e.east Johnson, and
John P.Brisben, ), realestate brokess , 4th, ne.northeast
cor.corner Chesnut
Johnson, James F.physician , 409 Myrtle, r.residence

Excelsior Insurance Company , Fire And Marine, n.north E. Cor, Main and Walnut Streets. See adv'tbus.dept.department

Plain and Figured Swisses, A. Johnson & Co.company , 421 Main, corner Vine Street.