Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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January & Co.company , one of the Oldest Grocery Firms in St. Louis , 406 & 408 n.north 2d st.street

Well Buckets And Meal Sieves, A.F. Shapleigh & Co.company , No. 414 North Main st.street , st.street Louis, Mo.Missouri

Saxton'S Piano Warerooms
Under The Southern Hotel ,
cor.corner Fifth and Walnut Streets.
The Largest Stock Of Pianos
In The West.

Kersteiven, Robert, clerk , bds.boards 613 n.north 8th
Kersten, Jacob, r.residence 417 Soulard
Kert, Peter, lab.laborer r.residence ws.west side John, bet.between Pestalozzi and
Kerth, Frederick, clerk , J.ChristianFreund, , bds.boards
201 n.north 5th
Kertzinger, Francis, saloon , Easton av.avenue ne.northeast cor.corner
Grand av.avenue r.residence same
Kerwick, William, drayman , r.residence 2622 Gamble av.avenue
Kerwin, Daniel, blacksmith, and mnfr.manufacturer
bridge and car bolts, 806 n, Levee, r.residence 231
Kerwin, George, moulder , bds.boards 206 Ashley
Kerwin, James, blacksmith. Union Car Works and
Railway Foundry Co.company r.residence 210 Biddle
Kerwin, John, lab.laborer r.residence 19 Smith
Kerwin, Michael, prof. Academy Of The
Christian Brothers
Kerwin, Thomas G.(T.G. Kerwin & Co.company ) , r.residence 1425
Kerwin T.G. & Co.company (Thomas, G.Kerwin and
Conrad, Andreas), locksmiths and bellbang-
ers , 301 Locust
Kerwin, William, porter , Am.Ex.Co.company
Kery, Catharine, wid.widow Mathew, , r.residence 1836 Decatur
Kerzinger, Francis, saloon , Grand av.avenue cor.corner Easton
av.avenue r.residence same
Kerzinger, Nelson, clerk , C.F.Herman, , r.residence 2628
Kesbohl, August s.south blacksmith , r.residence 1625 Warren
Keser, Jacob, carpenter , r.residence 1724 Decatur
Keshan, Thomas, drayman , r.residence 3041 Cass av.avenue
Kesl, William J.salesman. Hamburger & Holmes ,
r.residence ws.west side Decatur, nr.near Soulard
Kesphol, Frederick, blacksmith , r.residence 2004 n.north 14th
Kessel, Anna, wid.widow r.residence 1906 s.south 7th
Kesseler, Mathias, saloon , 1432 Columbus, r.residence same
Kesselbart, John, cabinetmaker , 2708 Manchester
rd.road r.residence 2706 Manchester rd.road
Kessell, Charles, printer , Volkzeitung, , r.residence Caron-
delet rd.road bet.between Merrimac and Chippewa
Kessell, Gustave, wsgonmaker , r.residence Gravois rd.road bet.between
Cecile and Buena Vista
Kessell, Philip J.printer , Volkszeitung, , r.residence 2117 s.south
Kessen, Bernhard, tailor , r.residence 1022 Marion
Kessens, Christian, lab.laborer r.residence 1211 Carr
Kessler, Albert, carpenter , r.residence rear 1729 Decatur
Kessler, Anthony, tanner and currier , 3211 Broad
way, r.residence 3217 Broadway
Kessler, Charles, lab.laborer r.residence 2610 DeKalb
Kessler, Edward, cooper , r.residence 1542 Jackson
Kessler, Edward A.traveling agt.agent Warren , Wa-
terman & Co.company
Kessler, Gostave, wheelwright , st.street Ange corral, r.residence
St, Ange av.avenue se.southeast cor.corner Hickory
Kessler, Henry, barkeeper , T.r.residenceHoward,
Kessler, Johann, stonecutter , r.residence 830 Allen av.avenue
Kessler, Jonathan s.south teamster , r.residence 908 Buchanan
Kessler, John s.south teamster , James, M.Patterson, r.residence
908 Buchanan
Kessler, Julius, police sergeant , 4th ward station
house, r.residence al.alley bet.between Jackson and Columbus, Tru-
deau and Duchouquette
Kessling, Friederich, lab.laborer r.residence 2127 Jackson
Kessnich, John L.barkeeper , r.residence 620 Cerre
Kesten, Daniel, cabinetmaker , r, 2108 Columbus
Kesten, William, shoemaker , r.residence 410 s.south 7th
Kester, Frank, teamster , St. Ange corral, r.residence st.street
Ange av.avenue se.southeast cor.corner Hickory
Kester, William, lab.laborer r.residence Victor, bet.between Gravois rd.road
and McNair avavenue
Keszler, Edward, blacksmith , H.Bollwork, , r.residence Ca-
roudelet av.avenue cor.corner Arsenal
Keszner, MargaretMrs.milk depot. 12 n.north 6th
Ketchson, I. M.student , Bryant, Stratton
& Carpenter'S College. Olive, cor.corner 5th
Ketchum, Charles D.collector , 3d National bank,
bds.boards 1217 Franklin av.avenue
Ketchum, Ewing C.(Wilgus & Ketchum) , r.residence 1118
Ketechum, Joseph H.policeman , r.residence 1117 Farrar
Ketchum, Sol.lab , bds.boards Collier house
Ketchum, Solomon P.r.residence 2626 Mill
Ketchum, Volney s.south foreman , Wilgus & Ketchum,
r.residence 2123 Morgan
Ketel, Peter, flourinspector , r.residence 1116 n.north 14th
Keth, Henry, sausagemaker , r.residence rear 1115 n.north 12th
Kettel, Joseph, painter , r.residence 1821 Rosatti
Kettel, William, painter , George Peisch & Bro.
Kettelman, John, peddler , r.residence 2008 Carondelet av.avenue
Kettemeiner, Casper, gardener , r.residence Park av.avenue ne.northwest
cor.corner Compton av.avenue
Kettenreiner, John, gardener , r.residence Park av.avenue ne.northwest cor.corner
Compton av.avenue
Ketterer, Bernard, butcher , 1620 Market, r.residence same
Ketterer, Charles F.brewer. Liberty brewery,
bds.boards ns.north side University, bet.between 20th and 21st
Ketterer, Samuel, blacksmith , 1805 Menard, r.residence
Kettke, Andreas, huckster , Broadway market, r.residence
rear 1719 s.south 7th
Kettlekamp, Henry, clerk , r.residence Carondelet av.avenue ne.northwest
cor.corner Capitol av.avenue
Kettlekamp, Henry e.east carpenter , r.residence Carondelet
av.avenue sw.southwest cor.corner Capitol av.avenue
Kettlekamp, Rudolph, grocer , r.residence Carondelet av.avenue
ne.northwest cor.corner Capitol av.avenue
Kettler, Frank(F. Kettler & Co.company ) , r.residence 527 s.south 14th
Kettler, Frederick, boardinghouse , 1214 n.north Levee
Kettler F. & Co.company (Frank, Kettler and
Charles, Ehlich), wood and coal , 315 s, 14th
Kettlman, Hermann, millinery , 1513 North Mar-
ket, r.residence same
Kettman, Henry, tailor , Geo.Matthews, , r.residence 13th,
bet.between Franklin av.avenue and Wash
Kettmann, Bernard, icedepot , as. Mallinckrodt,
bet.between 12th and 13th. r.residence same
Ketz, Ferdinand, r.residence es.east side Bellefontaine rd.road nr.near Bryan
Ketzel, William, mechanic , r.residence 416 Sidney
Keumann, Christopher, lab.laborer r.residence 1514 Montgomery
Keune, Charles(Frey & Kenne) , r.residence rear 1810
Kenne, Christian, shoemaker , 1749 n.north 9th. r.residence same
Keune, Frederick, lab.laborer r.residence rear, 1535 Columbus
Keusuhel, Charles, bookbinder , r.residence & T.A. Ennis,
r.residence ss.south side Warren, bet.between 15th and 16th
Keutnor, Jobn A.engineer , r.residence 3611 n.north 9th
Keutzer, M.wagonmaker , r.residence 1506 s.south 7th
Revere, Elizabeth, wid.widow John, , bds.boards 910 Locust
Kevetz, Albert, clerk , r.residence 1114 n, 13th
Kevetz., Maria, wid.widow Peter, , r.residence 1114 n.north 13th
Kevil, Frank, saddletreemaker , bds.boards 12th, ne.northwest
cor.corner Carr
Kevin, Thomas, blacksmith. Darniel, Shehon, r.residence 1026
Kevitts, Albert, salesman , O.J. Lewis & Co.company r.residence n.north
13th, bet.between Biddle and Carr
Kevney, Martin, bookkeeper , Michael, Madden, r.residence
503½ n.north 3d
Kevstring, Edward, clerk , r.residence 1326 n.north 16th
Kew, Hugh H.steamboat steward , r.residence 2807 Mor-
Kewe, Ludolph, painter , r.residence 1610 n.north 14th
Key, James, blacksmith , r.residence 1110 n.north 10th
Keyes, Henry P, r.residence 2926 Franklin av.avenue
Keyes, Joseph, lab.laborer bds.boards 101 s.south 10th
Keyee, Lizzie, asst.assistant teacher , Jefferson Branch
school, r.residence 906 Morgan
Keyes, Thomas, r.residence 904 Morgan
Keyes, William, teamster , Ferguson & Hodgman,
r.residence 9th, bet.between Buchanan and Dock

Black and Fancy Italians, A. Johnson & Co.company , No. 421 Main, corner Vine Street.