Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Tur 724 Uhl
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D. A. January & Co.company , Sugar, Coffee, Teas, Spices, Dyes, & c. , 406 & 408 n.north 2d st.street

''Shelton & Co.company , '' Tacks, Hardware, at Reduced Prices , A. F. Shapleigh & Co.company , 414 North Main Street.

Saxton'S Piano Warerooms
Underthe Southern Hotel,
cor.corner Fifth and Walnut Streets,
The Largest Stock Of Plainos
In The West.

Torunsing, Henry, beltmaker , G. & w.west Todd & Co.company
r.residence 15th, cor.corner Madison
Tan, Rudolph, bartender , H.Raw,
Torton, r.residencemeolianic. Industrial Plow Mnfg.manufacturing Co.company
Lemp ht.cor.corner Utah
Tflrtou, William, steamboat capt . r.residence 710 s.south 5tb
Turvui, John, hostler .South St. Louis lirerystable,
r,residence 709 Soulard
Turky, August, lab.laborer bds. 403 s.south 2d
Tusky, Peter, lab.laborer bds.boards 402 s.south 2d
Tusley, Michael, shoemaker , J.Mohan, , bds.boards 809
St. Charles
Tstenge, Catherine, widwidow , John, . r.residence 1229 n.north 10th
Tntmann, Charles, lab.laborer r.residence rear 1010 a. 2d
Tutmann, Lnuls, lab.laborer r.residence 419 Montaona
Tutt, Dent G.(Tutt & Baker) . r.residence Montana
Tutt G& Baker (Dent G.Tutt, and JohnF.
Baker, ), grocers ,413 d. 2d
Tultenbach, Gottlieb, lab.laborer r.residence rear 3120 n 11th
Tattle, Adelbert H.(e.east G. Tuttle X Co.) . r.residence 1119
Washington av.avenue
Tattle, Charles U.salesman , r.residence 1119 Washington
Tattle, Chsuncey, reporter , Missouri Democrat,
r,residence 802 n.north 9th
Tuttle, Ktijah G.(e.east G.Tuttle & Co.) . r.residence New York
Tattle, Elijih G.whol.wholesale millinery , r.residence 1119 Wash-
ington ar.
Tattle, Ellaa w.west wid.widow AlexanderT., r.residence 1008 Wash-
button t.
Tutttle. e.east G. & Co.company (Elijah G.Tuttle,
William w.west Fisher, aod Adelbert H.Tattle, ),
white gonds, notions sad millinery goods,
who1 .S02n.north 4th
Tattle, Wilbur F.bookkeeper , E. a. Tattle & Co.company
r.residence 1100 . 13th
Tattoo, Harriet A, wid.widow Aneximander, B.r.residence 914
Tweed, Benjamin F.prof. Washington university,
r.residence 1807 Gratiot
Twelbrck, George, teamster , r.residence rear 1707 Biddle
Tweaten, Henry, basketmaker , 807 Franklin t.r,residence
1311 n.north llth
Twietmineyer, Frederick, groceries and provi-
sions , Wash.as.cor.corner 13th. r.residence same
Twlgg, Margaret, wid.widow Timothy, , r.residence 13S9 n.north Sth
Twlllman, Henry, lab.laborer r.residence 16.27 Lucas
Twlnnlg, Ch.rlei w.west clerk , Meyer Bros. & Co.company r.residence
a. of city limits
Twining, Wifllam, special agt.agent Mutual Benefit Life
Ins.Co.company r.residence Carondelet rd.road
Twllcheli, n.north Haalng, .aaleemao . H. B. Graham &
Twohy, T. Hbds.boards St. Clair hotel
Tyia, loaboa. wearer , St. Lonh Woolen Mnfg.manufacturing Co,
bds.boards ws.west side 9th, bet,between Wright and Palm
Tyler, A. M.bds.boards St. Clair hotel
Tyler, Bell Miss, lttl Christy av.avenue
Tyler, Benjamin r.residence physician , Elleardville, r.residence same
Tyler, Benonl, contractor , r.residence 1725 n.north llth
Tyler, C. H. (col'd), saloon , 806 Morgan, r.residence 811 n.north
Tyler, George, shippingclerk , D. A. January & Co
r.residence ns.north side Chesnut, bet.between 7th and 8th
Tyler, Gostavns, clerk , bds.boards 917 n.north 20th
Tyler, G. J. (col'd) barber , HenryClamorgan, ,
r.residence al.alley bet.between 6th and 7th, Pine and Olive
Tyler, John s.billierdaaloon . r.residence al.alley bet.between Morgan
and Franklin sr. llth and 12th
Tyler, Mary e.east Miss, teacher , r.residence May, sw. cor.
Park av.
Tyler, Monroe, clerk , r.residence 2621 Morgan
Tyler, n.north e.east (n.north E> Tyler & Co.) , r.residence 921 St. Charles
Tyler n.north e.east & Co.company (N. e.east Tyler, and
-, ), proprs. Commercial Review, 319 Ches-
Tyler, Stephen H.carpenter , r.residence 1460 Collins
Trier, William s.south livery and sale stable , 407
Sprace. bds.boards 408 Myrtle
Tyner, Thomas, r.residence 214 n.north 12th
Tynln, Dennis, lab.laborer r.residence 1129 n.north 12th
Tyrrell, James, waiter , Laclede hotel, bds.boards same
Tynell, John, tinner , W. Schneider & Co.company r.residence Dl-
vsion bet.between 23d and 24th
Tyrrell, Micheal, quarryman , bds.boards ws.west side Carondelet
ar.bet.between Cherokee and Potomao
Uhiel, Xavier, stonecutter , bds.boards Jacob Ebel, ws.west side
Carondelet ar.bet.between Cherokee and Potomac
Uchlrnann, Berohard,shuemaker .Chrlstian Rurmm-
ler, r.residence 1718 Biddle
Uda, Charles, saddler , 1903 Rosattl. r.residence same
Ude, F. w.west grocer , 1724 a. 7th. r.residence ssme
Udell, Clinton, clerk , r.residence 1428 O'Falton
Udell, M. Ragt. Northwestern ladder factory,
311 Market, ns.north side ns.north side Riddle, bet.between 5th end 6th
Udell, s.south r.residence salesman , P. B.Chamberlain, , r.residence 1425
Ulder, John, tinner , r.residence nt. Arsenal, 2d door e.east Of
Udlng, Auaust. lab.laborer r.residence 1330 Spring
Uebal, Henry, Wfireliouscrnnn and porter . Custom
House, r.residence 1537 Carondeletav.
Uebel, Caroline, wid.widow George, , r.residence 2518 Dekalb
Uabel, Jacob, lab.laborer r.residence 1807 Uecatnr
Uebelhsek, George, cooper , C.Wnnderllch, , r,residence
1319 n.north 1.5th
Uebelback, John, painter , Conrades ALogemaa, ,
r.residence 1319 n.north 15th
Uebelhurd, Henry, lah. r.residence 914 s.south 2d
Uehelbird, Joseph, lab.laborer r.residence 914 a. 2d
Uebeimeyer, Jo'a, Uilor . r.residence 1514 Jackson
Uerich, Rud 4pb, npholsterer , bds.boards 507 . 2d
Uest, Gottlieb, cabinetmaker , Jacob Koenlg &
Ufan, Rudolph, porter , Berthold AThompson, , r.residence
2129 i. 7th
Urmsn, Arnold e.east bookkeeper . Excelsior Mnfg.manufacturing
Co. r.residence Jefferson, sw.southwest cor.corner 13th
Ufftnan, Peter H.porter . Excelsior Mnfg.manufacturing Co.company bds.boards
1316 Benton
Uffmann, Herman, machinist , r.residence 2121 a. 13th
Ugrtff, John, baker , Grarola rd.road nr.near Grand ar.r.residence
Uhde, John Rteamster , r.residence 1405 n.north 12th
UliI, Frederick, tab. r.residence 2201 Menard
Ubl, F.cooper , Chan. w.west Horn,
Uhl, Joseph, cooper , r,residence 912 Biddle
Uhl, Michael, hammersmith , Helmbscher Steam
Forge Co.company
Uhl, Michalellab.laborer r.residence 1804 DeKalb
Uhl, William, printer , Wasttiche Post. r.residence 728 s, 2d.
Uhl, William J.traveling agt bds.boards 201 a. 4th
Uhland, John, pastor , St. Vincent r.residence C. church,
r.residence 1425 Decatur
Uhlemeytr, Henry, potter , r.residence as. Grarois rd.road bet.between
Cherokee and Utah
Uhlerueyer, Henry A.pbyslciao , 1311 Beaton,
bda. 13th. ne.northeast cor.corner Jefferson
Uhiendorf, Heinrich, newspapercarrter , r.residence 1942
Uhlenhuth, Julius, bookkeeper , J. e.east Kalme &
Bro. r.residence 1908 Randolph
Ublerich, Leon hard, lab.laborer r,residence 5 Lesperaace
Uhtich, Angost, tanner , r.residence al.alley bei Colombot and
Jackson, Sidney and Anna
Ublioh, Frederick A.druggist , 1107 Pranklin av.avenue
r.residence same
Uhlig, Angost, bootmaker , John P.Hast, , r,residence ss.
Wash, betbetween 5th and 9th

Brown and Bleached Towelings , A. Johnson & Co.company , 421 Main, cor.corner Vine Street.