Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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Choice Butter And Cheese On Hand, by D.Douglass, , No. 210 Pine Street.

Union Brewery. J. Winkelmeyer & Co . proprs.
1714 Market
Union Car Spring Mote. Co.company of New York, F.
Wm.Raedr, , agt 316 Locust
Union Car Wheel Co.company Ceo. P.King, , supt.superintendant 2242
Union Car Wotks and Railway Foundry Co.company H.
Woodward, , tieas. office, 217n.north 3d, foun-
dry, 1421 n.north Main
Onion, Cooperage, JuliusVogt, , propr. 4205 n.north
Union Dock Co.company office, 917 n.north Levee, docks. Levee,
cor.corner Miler
Union Hotel. Ktrkpatnck & Servoss , proprs. 4th,
ne.northeast cor.corner Myrtle
Union Insurance Co.company of St. Louis,
John Da.C.Taylor, , Bee. Main se, cor. Wal-
Union Iron Works, Kingstond &
Clark , proprs. 2d. ne.northeast cor.corner Carr
Union Merchants' Exchange , George H,Morgan, ,
sec.secretary 10 s.south Main
Union Methodist Episcopal Church , 11th, ne.northwest
cor.corner Locust
Union Muttiul Life Insurance Co.company . of Boston, Chid-
ester & Weed , gen.general agtsagents , 108 Locust
Union National Bank , Henry s.south Turner, , pres.president
JohnMatthews, jr.junior cash. 212 Olive
Union Pacific Ex. Freight Line, 7th. eor. Poplnr
Union Pacific Railroad Co.company
(Platte Valley tioote), JosephMeEutire, , gen.general
agt.agent 312 n.north Commercial
Union Pacific Railway , Eastern Division, general
office, 119 s.south 5th
Union, Park, HerrmannBachmann, , propr. 2001
Union Railroad Co.company B. Grate, Brown, pres.president Yoder
Brown, , sec.secretary 2812 n.north 16th, stables, Grande av.avenue
sw.southwest cor.corner 16th
Union Railway Foundry , G. B.King, , supt.superintendant 333
Union Roiling Mill , William H.Stone, , pres.president Hen-Vnetkner, , sec 12th, sw. cor. Cass av.
Union Savings Association , of St.
Louis, T. s.south Hutuerfurd, , pres.president Main, ne.northeast cor.corner
Union Steam Engine Co.company No. 2,2227 Franklin av.avenue
Union Steam Fitting and Brass Works , A. Ste-
phenson & Co.company proprs. 7 Market
Union Steam Mill Co.company Walter C.
Carr., pres.president Charles F.Orthwein, , vice pres.president L.
Faez, , treas.treasurer L.Wetteroth, , see. Levee, foot of
United Fire and Marine Ids. Co.company of Ky., M.
Bedding, jr.junior gen.general agt.agent 417 Chesnut
United Hebrew Congregational Cemetery , Pratte
av.avenue sw.southwest cor.corner Pacific r.residence r.residence
United Presbyterian Church, 5th, ne.northeast cor.corner Loeust
United States Arsenal, bvt. brig.gen.general F. D.
Callender, , U. s.south A. in charge , Carondelet
av.avenue bet.between Arsenal and Government av.avenue
United States Assessor's Office , TheopbilePapin, ,
U. s.United States assessor, 210 n.north 3d
United states asst.assistant Assessor's Office , 2d div. 1st.
dist.distributor 1341 Carondelet av.avenue
United States Asst. Assessor's Office , 9th div.
DanielO'Madigan, , asst.assistant assessor , 1204 Broad-
United states Casualty Ins.Co.company of New York,
Parsons & Stark , agts.agents 104 n.north 4th
United States Circuit Court , Custom House bldg.building
3d, se.southeast cor.corner Olive
United States Collector's Office , BartonAble, , col-
lector , 212 n.north 3d
United States Custom House , 3d, se.southeast cor.corner Olive
United States Express Co.company
Charles w.west Ford, , agt.agent 500 n.north 4th, cor.corner St.
Charles, stables, 1632 n.north 9th
United States Life Ins.Co.company of
St Louis, John J.Roe, , pres.president Harry I.Bod-, , sec.secretary 224 n.north Main, Be.eor. Olive

Edward, w.west Shands,, Attorney ; Theodore
Papin, , Cammissioner of Deeds and Notary.

Collection and Conveyancers' Office.

Shands & Pawn ,
Commissioners of Deeds for all the States.
Collections made throughout the Southwest.
pace, 804 Olive Street. Southwest corner Third.

United States Internal Revenue Wai ehouse, Miles
Sells, propr. 919 and 921 n.north Main
United States Life Ins.Co.company of
n.north Y., C. C.Bwiley, , gen.general agt.agent 305 Olive
United States Local Board of Inspectors of Steam-
ers , Custom House Wdg. 3d. se.southeast cor.corner Olive
United States Marine Hospital , Ellsworth F.
Smith, , surgeon , Marine av.avenue bet.between Carondelet
av.avenue and Canokia
United States Marshal's Office , Custom House
bldg.building 3d, se.southeast oor. Olive
United States Medical Storekeeper's Office , 925
n.north Main
United States Military Headquarters, div. of Mo.Missouri
Lient.gen.general w.west T.Sherman, , commanding ,
4th, ne.northeast cor.corner Washington av.avenue
United States Cavalry Recrnitiog Office , capt.captain
PhilipDwyer, .622 Market
United Slates Mills , EldridgeGoddard, , propr.
Colnmbus, se, cor. Bntgers
United States Q.M.dept.department Warehouse , 210 and
212 Washington av.avenue
United States Savings Insti-
Tution , C. H.Teienmann, , pres.president A.Ben-, , cash. Market, ne.northeast cor.corner 2d
Universal Life Ins. Co.company of n.north Y., Avery & DeFor-
est , gen.general agts.agents 314 Olive
Uroia, Jacob, traveling agt. r.residence 1132 a. 7th
Unna, Sarah Mrs.r.residence 1604 Morgan
Unsell, e.east J.storekeeper , Northern Line Packet
Unterberger, Emma, wid.widow Carl, , r.residence rear 1838 De-
Unverdorben, Louis, carpenter , r.residence 528 Duchon-
Upan, Eliza, wid.widow Charles, , r.residence 1117 n.north 12th
Updike, Bain & Co.company (George w.west Updike, and
GeorgeBain, ), com.rrers. 27 s.south Main
Updike, George w.west (Updike, Bain & Co.) , bds.boards
Laclede hotel
Upmeyer, Edward, r.residence rear 1414 n.north 14th
Upmeyer, Henry C.teller , Pranklin Swings insti-
tution, r.residence 919 Winter
Upper MiBissippi Pilot's Benevolent Association ,
William, P.Hight, pres.president CharlesMulford, , sec.secretary
13 Olive
Upperman, John, gardener , r.residence ss, Gravois rd.road bet.between
Cherokee and Grand av.avenue
Upperman, William, gardener , r.residence bs. Gravois rd.road
bet.between Cherokee und Grand av.avenue
Upton, Charles, boardinghouae, 814 Washington
av.avenue r.residence same
Urban, Caroline, wid.widow Angost, , r.residence 1904 Summer
Urban, Catherine, wid.widow Andreas, , r.residence 2517 DeKalb
Urban, Frank, woodsawer , r.residence rear 816 Russell av.avenue
Urban, John(Hoffmann & Urban) , r.residence 708 Wash
Urban, Joseph, bookbinder , A. Wiebusch & Son ,
r.residence 1626 8. 13th
Urban, Joseph, grocer , 2600 n.north 9th
Urban, Joseph, mason , r.residence 1626 Hamtrsmck
Ure, Alexander, janitor , Philharmonic hall, r.residence
Ure, John s.south tailor and repairer , 313 Green, r.residence 1226
n.north 17th
Ure, Margaret, wid.widow William, , r.residence 1226 n.north 17th
Uifer, Frederick s.south saloon , 614 s.south 2d. r,residence same
Urfer, Ulrieh. saloon and boardinghonse , 609 s.south
2d, r.residence same
Urie, Arthur T.photographer , 2 n.north 4th, r.residence 416
Tayon av.avenue
Urlg, Theodore, blacksmith , r.residence 11th, ne.northwest cor.corner

Union Savings' Association , n.north e.east cor.corner Mainut Sts.streets Interest on time deposits compounded semi-annually.

Plain and Barred Jaconets , A. Johnson & Co.company , 421 Main, corner Vine Street.