Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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Buy Butter And Cheese Of A Good Judge, D.Douglass, , 210 Pine Street.

Van, Bergen Nancy Mrs.r.residence 1418 Olive
Van, Blsreom Brant(Van Blarcoro & Feloh) , r.residence
111 n.north 12th
Van Blareom, Jacob Craig, salesman , Peterson,
Hanthorn & Co.company r.residence 111 n.north 12th
Van Blsreom, w.west D.salesman , J. O. Ford & Co.company
r.residence 111 n.north 12th
Van Blsreom & Feloh (BrantVan Btarcom, and
William H.RFelch, ), saddles and harness
mnfrs.manufacturers 608 Washington av.avenue
Vanbright, Gottlieb, cabinetmaker , r.residence 1111 Angel-
Vance, B.strident . Bryant, Stratton &
Carpenter'S College, Olive. cor.corner 5th
Vanclair, Charles J.confectioner , Spilker & Sides ,
bds.boards Spruce, bet.between 15th and 16th
Van Coort, Benjamin P.realestate agt.agent r.residence Eliza-
beth.se.southeast cor.corner Toney
Van, Court B.P. Miss, teacher , Benton school, r.residence
Summit, nr.near Chouteau av.avenue
Vancourt Co-operative Coal Mining Co.company P. D.
Saye, , agt.agent office , 310 n.north 3d
Van Dam, Anthony, cleilf , U. s.United States Ex.Co.company r.residence 2136
Van Deile, Isaac, tailor , H.Kinderrnanu, , r.residence ws.west side
6th, bet.between Hickory and Rutgers
Vandellon, William, ma hitiist, r.residence 923 Cass av.avenue
Van De Mnnrtel, Theopiiile, asst.assistant prof. St. Louis
university, r.residence same
Vandenweingaerd, Frank, cigarmaker , bds.boards 809
n.north 4th
Vanderheck, Charles, lab.laborer r.residence 2402 Cnrondelct av.avenue
Vanderbern, Catherine, wid.widow Enge^bert, , r.residence rear
1018 n.north 9th
Vandeiborg, Antbon, clerk , bds.boards 4221 Broadway
Vanderbnrn, Peter, moulder . Excelsior Mnfg.manufacturing Co.company
r.residence ns, Biddle, bet.between 10th and 11th
Van Deiin, D.B.actor , DeBar's Opera house,
bds.boards 201 9. 4th
Van, Derm D.B. Mrs.actress , DeBar's Opera
Vanderlinden, Matties, tailor , r.residence 1023 Geyer avavenue
Vanderlip, A.Maitl.md, cash. Plant Bros., Pratt
& Co.company r.residence 216 Centre
Vanderliim, A.pastor , German Presbyterian
church, Autumn, ne.northeast cor.corner South, r.residence 1008 Au-
Vanderpool, Margaret, wid.widow Anton, , r.residence 1116 n.north 17th
Van, Desveldt Maria, widwidow Bernard, , r.residence 1143 a, 7th
Vandervoet, Cornelius, bookbinder , Wiasmann &
Finck . r.residence ss.south side Benton, bet.between 16th and 17th
Vandervoort, McClelland &
Co. (William L.Vandervoort, , Matthew V.
L.McClelland, . RichardM., and Justus A.
Scruggs, , Charles e.east Barney, and William r.residence
Pye, ). drygoods, whol.wholesale and ret. 423 and 425
n.north 4th
Vandervoort, William L.(Vandervoort, McClel-
land & Co.) . r.residence New York
Vandervoort, Peter, U. s.United States inspector steamers, 3d,
se.southeast cor.corner Olive, r.residence 918 Spring
Vandervuet, Marcus, carpenter , n.north M.r.residence r.residence car
shop, r.residence 1620 Benton
Vanderzee, Albert s.south monlder , Excelsior Mnfg.manufacturing
Co. r.residence 90l Mound
Vanderzee, Hannah Miss, clerk , Wheeler & Wil-
son's s.south M.Co.company Sth, nr.near St. Charles, r.residence 900
Vandeven, Jacob, painter , r.residence 1706 Biddle
Vandeventer, Nathaniel, blacksmith , JohnGood-, r.residence 1021 n.north 5th
Van Deventer, Nelson, boardlnghouse, 1031 n.north 5th
Van Reverter, Watson s.south riverman , bds.boards 1021 n.north
Vandewater, John A.clerk , L. H.Vandewater, , r.residence
823 Brooklyn
Vandewater, L. H.lotteryofflce , 417 Pine, r.residence 823
Van Diever, David, actor , bds.boards 201 s.south 4th
Van Dilven, Charles, engineer , Belcher's Sugar
Refining Co.company r.residence ns.north side Cass av.avenue bet.between 9th and 10th

Henry Papin & Co.company ,
Central Tax Paying
And Land Agency ,
Southwest cor.corner Third And Olive Sts.streets ,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Vandine, Lucinda (col'd), wid.widow George, , r.residence ws.west side 6th,
net. Hickory and Rutgers
Vandrehlen, Bernhard, lab.laborer r.residence 1319 Emmet
Van Duim, Hermann, lah. r.residence 1315 Carroll
Vandnsen, Charlotte, wid.widow John, . r.residence 921 Cass av.avenue
Van Dyke, Warren, signpaioter , George Peiach &
Van Eecbauter, Frank G.carpenter and jobber ,
506 s.south 7th. r.residence same
Vanger, Frank, hostler . Llndell city railway, bds.boards
ns.north side Chouteau av.avenue bet.between Coote and Jefferson av.avenue
Van Gieson, Albert A.sec.secretary Southern Hope Ins.
Co. 410| Market
Van Grafheiiand, Cornelius, brickmakar , r.residence 1810
Van Hardenburg, Peter, peddler , r.residence SfilS Broad-
Van Haren, Francis, clerk , w.west H.Haggerty, , r.residence
615 s.south 5th
Van Haren, Frank, confectioner , 615 s.south 5th, r.residence same
Vanhee, Everest, painter , George Peisch & Bro. r.residence
1421 n.north 14th
Vanhelder, Louia, pianomaker , r.residence 22 s.south Monre
Vanhorn, Eliza, wid.widow Charles, , r.residence ns.north side Keokuk, nr.near
Jefferson av.avenue
Van Horn, George, engineer , r.residence rear 1234 Sprnce
Van, Houten D.w.west (Buchanan, Fabian & Co. and
R. Snffiirt & Co ) , bds.boards Everett house
Van Hulst, Adriw F.pastor , St. Louis university,
r.residence same
Vau Kamers, Gerherdt, carpenter , r.residence 2102 n.north 16th
Van Luik, Timothy, policeman , 3d district, r.residence 905
n.north 24th
Van Meter, John, coaldealer , r.residence 516 s.south 3d
Van Meter, William, cattledealer , r.residence 700 O'Falton
Vanmetre, Robert T.peddler , r.residence 14 b. 11th
Van Mooreleghen, Peter, lab.laborer r.residence 814 Kussell av.avenue
Van Mourick, Christian, gardener , r.residence Rappahan-
nock, ne.northeast cor.corner Grand av.avenue
Van Name, George(Van Name & Co.) , r.residence 2932
Vau Name & Co.company {GeorgeVan Name, and –, ),
agt.agent Ctiion washing machines, 421 n.north 6th
VunnefS, Franklin, blacksmith , Mississippi iron
works, r.residence 912 Hickory
VanNostrand, Jacob(Stringer, Allen & Co.) , r.residence
811 Alby
Van, Nostr nd JosephH., clerk , Loeffler &
Stearns , bds.boards 8 Morgan
Van, Pelt A.G.pilot. Upper Mississippi Pilot's
benevolent association , 13 Olive, r.residence 1331
Vnnpelt, Eliza A.wid.widow John, , r.residence 1404 n.north 11th
Van Reed, Levi, carpenter and builder , 813 Web-
ster, r.residence 2003 Broadway
Vansant, Robert, conductor , bds.boards 1828 Park av.avenue
Van Schleuson, Herman, clerk , Louis Schellham-
mer, bds.boards 1626 Broadway
Van Schnadel, Constnntine, cigarmaker , r.residence al.alley bet.between
Decatur and Buel, Soulard and Lafayette
Vanscoy, Charles, brakeman , P.r.residence B.bda. 501 s.south
Vanstan, David e.east policeman , r.residence 614 Gratiot
Vanstan, Edward, policeman , r.residence 614 Gratiot
Van Studdiford, Henry, physician , 304 Vine, r.residence
1623 Olive
Van Staddiford, Thomas, r.residence 1623 Olive
Vausyckel, Albeit(A. Vaosyckel & Co.) , r.residence 212
n.north 13th
Vansyckel A. & Co.company (AlbertVao-, and Philip M,Lockwond, ), provision
and com. mers.commission merchant 416 and 418 n.north 2d

Excelsior Insurance Company , Fire And Marine , n.north e.east cor.corner Main and Walnut Sts.streets See adv't bus. dept.

Black Cloths and Doeskins , A. Johnson & Co.company , No. 421 Main, corner Vine Street.