Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
918 Historical And, Commercial Review.
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and fancy goods, at No. 106 South. Fifth street. This firm commeaced
business in 1865, and are quite extensive dealers.

Myers & Jones.

StephenMyers, and GeorgeJones, , under the firm name of Myers
& Jones , Nos. 801 and 803 Market street, are dealers in furniture and
queensware. This douse was started in 1864, by the present proprietors,
and their business has been progressive and encouraging.

Barr. Duncan & Co.

Messrs. Barb, Duncan & Co.company are wholesale and retail deal-
ers in foreign and domestic dry goods, Nos. 420 and 422 North Fourth
street. The members of the firm are JamesDuncan, and JosephFrank-, , of St. Louis, and Wm.Barr, , 454 Broadway, New York city. A
large house, and doing a large business.

J. A. Monks & Sons.

The wholesale liquor house of J. A. Monks & Sons , was estab-
lished in 1847, with a capital of $100,000. They are importers of
brandies, wines, gins, etc., and dealers in pure Bourbon county Ky.,
copper distilled whisky. Their place of business is at No. 711 North
Second street, between Green and Morgan.

McKay & Hood.

In the line of fruits and fancy groceries, Messrs. McKay &
Hood ate importers and wholesale dealers , at No, 601 North Second
street. The house was organized under unfavorable circumstances, with
a capital of only $500, but by means of economy and industry, have
built up a rapid and increasing trade. The present extent of their, cap-
ital is $200,000, and their annual sales $250,000, giving employment to
nine men. The members of the firm are J. B.McKay, and J. s.south Wood, .

Lewis, Nanson & Co

The firm of Lewis, Nanson & Co.company , commission merchants ,
No. 513 North Second street, stands deservedly high among business
men. T^ae house is represented by Messrs. w.west J.Lewis, , J. s.south Nanson,
and Wm. A.Ober, , all citizens of St. Louis, and western men. It was
started in January, 1866, and though comparatively young, takes rank
among older houses of like character in our city. Six clerks are em-
ployed in this establishment.

B. & J.F. Slevin & Co.

Another extensive fancy dry goods house is that of B, & J.F. Sle-
Vin & Co.company , composed of Messrs. BernardSlevin, , John F.Sleyin, ,
JosephCain, and Edward P.Slevin, . They are located at No. 318 Main