Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
Historical And Commercial Review. 919
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street, between -Locust and Olive, and are1 laflge importers and wholesale
dealers . This house was 'organised1 in/5843, by F. & B. Slevin , and on
the 1st Of July, 1858, the name of the firm was changed to that of B: &
J. F. Slevin & Co.company , by whom it! has since been conducted. One of the
oldest'houses in Our city; it is likewise :one of themost substantial, and
prosperous, having its reputation established for integrity, 6apacity and
liberal dealing.

Langsdorf 4 Rosenstein.

Among the dealers in fancy dress goods, notionSj hosiery and gents'
furnishing goods, the firm of Langsdoef & Bosenstein stands
conspicuous. The house was established by Messrs. L. & r.residence , and in 1865
received the accession of F.Baedeker, and H.Hessel, . Their place of
business is at No. 209 North-Main street. The business of this firm re-
quires the services of ten clerks, and the sales are large and continually
on the increase. Strict business integrity and honorable dealing com-
bine to render the house of Messrs. L. & B. among the first in St. Louis.

Henderson, Ridgely & Co.

Henderson, Bidgely & C0. are large jobbers in staple and
fancy dry goods and notions. Their store is at No. Ws North Main
street. They give employment to seven clerks.

Butler, Ferguson & Co.

The firm of Butler, Ferguson & Co.company , wholesale dealers in
boots and shoes, No. 518 North Main street, is composed of Messrs,
James C.Butler, Jobn M.Ferguson, and w.west D.Parrish, . Their business
was started in 1859 by the present company, and is in a prosperous con-
dition. Eight men, including the firm, are employed.

Gustavus Hoeber.

Mr. GustavusHoeber, is an extensive importer of wipes and
cognacs, and wholesale dealer in domestic liquors. His place of business
is at No. 509 North Second'street.

John F. Grandy.

Another wholesale and retail dealer in furniture, bedding, and house-
keeping goods in genera^ is Mr. John F.Grandy, , southwest corner
Sixth street and Franklin avenue. This establishment was started by
Mr. G. in 1851, with no capital, but now Mr. G. has a capital of $25,000,
and sells annually about $25,000 of goods. Two salesmen and five
hands are employed.

Samuel C. Davis & Co.

The wholesale house of Samuel C. Davis & Co.company , dealers in
staple and fancy dry goods, boots and shoes, groceries, etc., Nos. 8 and