Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
920 Historical And Commercial Review.
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10 North Main street, is one of the largest in the Western states. It
was established in 1832, by DavisfcSjamford, , with &:eapital of about
$500,000. Subsequently, s.south G.Davis, became sole proprietor , and then
the present firm came into existence. Twenty *ne men are required to
carry on the'r business. It is such house^as thia;which give cbaracter
to the business of our city.

A. B. Meekeb & Co.

A. B. Meeker & C0. are large dealers in anthracite and bitu-
minous coal, coke and pig iron. The firm was started in May, 1866,
and is composed of two members, Arthur B.Meeker, , of Chicago , and
Joseph P.Card, , of St. Louis. Their location is at No. 1140 Main street,
corner of Biddle. This firm has a reputation for fair and honest dealing,
and the quality of the articles sold is not ^surpassed in the St. Louis, or
any other market.

Henry C. Haarstick.

Mr. Haarstick, is the successor of A. e.east Fifton, , distiller of
Bourbon and rye whisky, and general dealer in liquors of all kinds.
His office is at No. 103 South Second street, and the distillery corner of
Barton and DeKalb streets.

L. L. Barrell & Co.

This firm are extensive importers of foreign wines and liquors, and
wholesale dealers in domestic liquors and cigars, No. 11 Market street.

Belcher'S Sugar Refinnig Company.

This company, of which CharlesBelcher, , Esq., is president , and Ed- Y.Ware, , Esq., secretary , has an office for the general transaction
of its business at the corner of O'Fallon and Lewis streets. Sugars,
Syrups- and molasses of all qualities are subject to the orders of pureha-
s fs.. Fair dealing and promptness are the prominent characteristics of
this company.

Moller & Ehlert.

The firm of Moller & Ehlert , wholesale and retail dealers in
native wines and liquors, is composed of C.Moller, and A.Ehlert, , doing
business at Nos. 114 and 116 North Third street, at the sign of the mon-
kies. This house is the depot of the celebrated Aromjitie Catarrh

William J. Lemp.

The Western Brewery of Wm. J.Lf,Mp, is on Cherokee, south-
west corner Second Carondelet avenue. The office is at Np. 112 South
Second street. The ale manufactured at this brewery is not excelled in
any part of the country.